P. F. Collier & Son, 1909 - 432 páginas
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Página 162 - Oppress'd with numbers in th' unequal field, His men discourag'd, and himself expell'd, Let him for succor sue from place to place, Torn from his subjects, and his son's embrace. First, let him see his friends in battle slain, And their untimely fate lament in vain ; And when, at length, the cruel war shall cease, On hard conditions may he buy his peace: Nor let him then enjoy supreme command; But fall, untimely, by some hostile hand, And lie...
Página 164 - She said, and struck : deep entered in her side The piercing steel, with reeking purple dyed. Clogged in the wound the cruel weapon stands ; The spouting blood came streaming on her hands. Her sad attendants saw the deadly stroke, And with loud cries the sounding palace shook.
Página 28 - Love has nothing of his own ; he borrows all from a greater master in his own profession, and, which is worse, improves nothing which he finds. Nature fails him, and being forced to his old shift, he has recourse to witticism. This passes indeed with his soft admirers, and gives him the preference to Virgil in their esteem.
Página 144 - The queen, ^Eneas, and the Tyrian court, Shall to the shady woods, for sylvan game, resort. There, while the huntsmen pitch their toils around, And cheerful horns, from side to side, resound, A pitchy cloud shall cover all the plain...
Página 157 - Instructed from above, My lover I shall gain, or lose my love. Nigh rising Atlas, next the falling sun, Long tracts of Ethiopian climates run: There a Massylian priestess I have found, Honor'd for age, for magic arts renown'd: Th' Hesperian temple was her trusted care; Twas she supplied the wakeful dragon's fare.
Página 204 - Obscure they went thro' dreary shades, that led Along the waste dominions of the dead. Thus wander travelers in woods by night, By the moon's doubtful and malignant light, When Jove in dusky clouds involves the skies, And the faint crescent shoots by fits before their eyes.
Página 73 - Within a long recess there lies a bay: An island shades it from the rolling sea, And forms a port secure for ships to ride: Broke by the jutting land, on either side, In double streams the briny waters glide...
Página 235 - Despite not then, that in our hands we bear These holy boughs, and sue with words of pray'r. Fate and the gods, by their supreme command, Have doom'd our ships to seek the Latian land. To these abodes our fleet Apollo sends; Here Dardanus was born, and hither tends; Where Tuscan Tiber rolls with rapid force, And where Numicus opes his holy source.
Página 74 - What greater ills hereafter can you bear? Resume your courage and dismiss your care, An hour will come, with pleasure to relate Your sorrows past, as benefits of Fate.
Página 46 - ... verum ubi plura nitent in carmine, non ego paucis offendar maculis, quas aut incuria fudit aut humana parum cavit natura.

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