By-laws, and Rules and Regulations of Company 6, Seventh Regiment, National Guard, N.Y.S.M.: With the Roll of the Company


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Página 5 - Each subaltern officer will be charged with a squad for the supervision of its order and cleanliness; and captains will require their lieutenants to assist them in the performance of all company duties.
Página 17 - ... of riot, tumult, breach of the peace, resistance to process, invasion, insurrection, or imminent danger thereof, or whenever called upon in aid of the civil authorities, shall be taken care of and provided for at the expense of the state...
Página 46 - June 12, 1915, at 10 o'clock am, "to show cause, if any he has, why he should not be adjudged guilty of contempt", and further ordering that said children be delivered to the custody of the sheriff for delivery to Mrs.
Página 6 - It is enjoined upon all officers to be cautious in reproving non-commissioned officers in the presence or hearing of privates, lest their authority be weakened ; and non-commissioned officers are not to be sent to the guard-room and mixed with privates during confinement, but be considered as placed in arrest, except in aggravated cases, where escape may be apprehended.
Página 22 - ... shall in any way or manner interrupt or molest the orderly discharge of duty by those under arms, or shall disturb or prevent the passage of troops going to or returning from any duty.
Página 32 - An Act for the Incorporation of Benevolent, Charitable, Scientific and Missionary Societies," passed April 12, 1848, and the several acts extending and amending said act.
Página 17 - ... provided for, shall be liable to a fine of not less than twenty-five nor more than one hundred dollars, and imprisonment in the county jail for a period not...
Página 13 - The militia of this State shall be composed of all able-bodied white male citizens, between the ages of eighteen and forty-five years, except such as are, or may hereafter be exempt by the laws of the United States, or of this State, and shall be armed, equipped, and trained as the General Assembly may provide by law.
Página 52 - The previous question shall be put in this form: "Shall the
Página 52 - After a motion is stated by the Chairman, or read by the Secretary, it shall be considered as in the possession of the Board, but may be withdrawn by the member making the motion, by leave of the Board, before decision.

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