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sand dollars per annum-payable on bills of particulars certified by the adjutant general and approved by the gov

ernor. Salary of ad- To the adjutant general, the sum of two thousand dollars jutant general.

per annum. To the clerk in charge of ordnance and ord. nance stores, at the state arsenal, the sum of eight hundred dollars per annum-payable quarterly on the order of the

adjutant general. Masonic :Ifall Nineteenth.To the Masonic Hall Stock Company of Stock Company for rent. the city of Springfield, for rent of rooms occupied by the

geological survey, at the rate of seven hundred dollars per annum-payable quarterly during such time as said rooms

may be occupied by said survey, and no longer. Auditor

§ 2. The auditor of public accounts is hereby directed draw warrant.

to draw his warrant on the state treasurer for the sums

herein specified, upon presentation of the proper vouchers ; Treasurer to and the state treasurer shall pay the same out of any mon

eys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated.

§ 3. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

APPROVED March 11, 1869.



In force Jan. 11,


AN ACT to provide for the postage of the present general assemb y.

Mode of pay


SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of

Minois, represented in the General Assembly, That the sum For postage. of eight thousand three hundred and twenty-five dollars

($8,325), or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated, to be paid out of any funds in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the purpose of paying the postage of the present general assembly.

$ 2. On the certificate of the secretary of state showing the amount of postage used by this general assembly, not exceeding the said sum of eight thousand three hundred and twenty-five dollars ($8,325), the auditor of public accounts shall draw his warrant on the treasury in favor of the postmaster of the city of Springfield, for the sum so

certified by the secretary of state. Postage stamps.

$ 3. That the postage stainps ordered by this general assembly be furnished by the secretary of state to the speaker and members of the senate and house of represen

tatives, upon their written order. Members lim- § 4. The secretary of state is hereby directed not to ited to pro rata allow any member or officer of the senate or house of rep

resentatives to draw more than his pro rata of the whole amount of postage provided for by this act,

$ 5.

This act shall be in force from and after its passage.

APPROVED January 11, 1869.

AN ACT to locate, erect and carry on an asylum for the insane. In force April

16, 1869. SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Peuple of the State of Nlinois, represented in the General Assembly, That upon the passage of this act the governor shall nominate, and by Commissioners and with the advice and consent of the senate appoint four appointed. citizens, who, with the lieutenant governor, shall constitute a boarů of five, to be designated the commissioners of the insane asylum.

§ 2. Said commissioners shall meet at Springfield, Meeting, orwithin one month after the adjournment of the general ganization, etc. assembly, and the lieutenant governor shall be the president of the board, and they shall further organize by electing one of their number secretary and another treasurer, who shall give bond to the people of the state of Illinois, in a sum to be fixed by the board, conditioned for the faithful discharge of his duties as treasurer, and that he will fally and fairly account for and pay over all money that may come into his hands, with at least three sureties; and the board sball require an additional bond, or a new bond, in any sum they may deem sufficient, whenever the same shall be proper or necessary to secure the state.

§ 3. Said commissioners shall have the powers and exe. cate the duties hereinafter provided, and shall be charged with the duty of erecting an asylum for the insane.

§ 4. The commissioners shall, as soon as practicable, Location. select and purchase or otherwise secure a lot or lots of land adjoining, and in some compact and convenient form, not less than one hundred and sixty nor more than six hundred and forty acres in quantity, on which to place the necessary buildings and make the necessary improvements for the uses of said asylum.

$ 5. The land shall be selected where, in the judgment Selection of the commissioners, the best interests of the state will be site, subserved, taking in consideration the value of all lands and other property that may be donated by the citizens of such locality, and having a neverfailing supply of water passing through or so near it as to be conveniently and constantly available for all uses of said asylum, and also conveniently situated for necessary supplies of fuel, provisions, and for railroad transportation to and from the same.


Powers duties.


Approval of goverror.


$ 6. Said commissioners shall first submit the selection of a site, with the price to be paid for the land and the amount and value of all land and other property proposed to be donated by the citizens of such locality, to the governor, and if approved by him in writing, shall procure a good and sufficient conveyance for such land in fee simple to the state, under perfect title, and obtain possession of

all personal property so donated. Plans, etc., to § 7. Upon the selection and securing of the site aforegovernor, etc." said, said commissioners shall procure plans and specifica

tions for a first-class asylum, and submit the same to the governor for his examination, together with the estimates of the cost of construction; and if approved by the governor, in writing, said commissioners shall for sixty days advertise for sealed proposals to furnish the labor and materials suitable for the construction of said asylum, according to the plans and specifications approved as aforesaid, and sball award the contract for the whole or any part thereof to the lowest responsible bidder, from whom they shall require satisfactory security for the performance of the

contract. Superinten- S 8. The board shall appoint an honest and competent dent of build

superintendent of buildings and improvements aforesaid, whose duty it shall be to be always present during the progress of the work, and see that every stone, brick, and piece of timber used is sound and properly placed, and whose right it shall be to require contractors and their employees to conform to his directions in executing their contracts : Provided, however, that the buildings aforesaid may be erected and the improvements made under the direction of the board and its superintendent, without letting the same to

contractors, if no acceptable bid shall be received. Capacity $9 The main building shall be constructed upon the building, etc.

most approved plan for use, and shall be of sufficient capacity to accommodate at least three hundred inmates, with

fficers and necessary attendants, and so planned that wings may be added. The outside walls shall be of stone or brick, the partition walls of brick, the roof of slate, and the whole building made as near tire proof as practicable for such building, and so constructed as to be warmed in the most healthy and economical manner, with ample ventilation in all its parts. Provisions shall also be made for the confinement of insane persons denominated suicidal or homicidal. The out-houses shall be so placed and constructed as to avoid all danger of fire, to the main buildings,

originating in any of them. Treasurer, du- $ 10. The treasurer of the board shall keep an accurate

account of all moneys received and paid out. The account for articles and supplies of every kind shall be kept and reported, so as to show the kind, quantity and cost thereof.


ties of

Accountstrustees report.

§ 11. No officer, agent or employee of the board shall No officers to be a party to or interested in any contract for materials, contracts. supplies, or services, other than such as pertain to their positions and duties.

$ 12. The accounts of this institution shall be stated and settled annually with the auditor of public accounts, or with such person or persons as may be designated by the laws for that purpose. And the trustees shali, fifteen days previous to each regular session of the general assembly, submit to the governor a report of all their actions and proceedings in the execution of their trust, with a statement of all the accounts connected therewith, to be by the governor laid before the general assembly. § 13. The board shall meet quarterly at such place or Board to meet

quarterly. places as may be agreed on, and until the buildings are completed as much oftener as may be necessary; and thereafter the meetings shall be at the asylum. $ 14. The said board shall, as soon as his services may


dent of asylum. be required, appoint a superintendent of said asylum, who shall be a physician and shall reside in the asylum. He shall have charge of the patients placed therein, and the entire control and direction of all the assistants, employees and inmates ; his term of appointment shall be two years, subject to removal only for infidelity to his trust or incompetency; his salary shall be fixed by the board, and shall not be reduced during the period of his appointment.

$15. The said board shall also appoint all necessary assistant physicians, and a steward to take charge of the stewards. boarding department, and to employ or authorize the employment of attendants and all other persons whose services may be necessary in the management of the asylum, and prescribe and regulate the duties of all persons so appoint. ed and employed, and provide for the medical treatment of all inmates.

$ 16. Insane and distracted persons residing in the Who admitted state may be committed to and provided for in said asylum,

to asylum. when there shall be sufficient room for their accommodation, in such order and under such restrictions as said board may adopt and as shall be provided by law.

S 17. Insane persons, whose estates are sufficient, shall Transportation be required to pay for their transportation to and from said and boarding. asyluin, and a reasonable compensation for care and board.

$ 18. Counties shall provide for the board, clothing and Duty of countles transportation of insane persons to and from the asylum; and no pauper shall be received from any county without an order of the county court or board of supervisors, authorizing his or her commitment to the institution, and assuming to pay the expenses and charges aforesaid.


Appropriation. $ 19. To enable the commissioners to procure the land

and erect the buildings, and make the improvements preparatory to the reception of insane persons in said institution, and to supply the necessary furniture for the same, the eum of one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, payable on the orders of said board, and approved by the governor, required for use in sums of not exceeding ten thousand dollars per month — the first payment to be made on the first of June next, and subsequent payments monthly thereafter; but each snccessive order for subsequent payments shall be accompanied by an account, sustained by vouchers, showing to the satisfaction of the governor the proper expenditure of the previous

payment. Charges. § 20. The commissioners shall regulate the charges of

persons admitted. Expenses. $ 21. If the buildings and improvements herein pro

vided for shall be ready for the reception and care of patients before the next regular session of the general assembly, the governor is authorized to make orders on the auditor directing him to issue warrants, at the end of each quarter of the fiscal year, for amounts sufficient to pay said expenses, and the auditor shall issue warrants accordingly, which shall be paid by the state treasurer out oť said ap

propriation. Compensation $* 22. Said commissioners shall receive the same comof cominission

pensation allowed the commissioners engaged in erecting the new state house.

§ 23. As soon as said asylum shall be so far completed proclamation as to receive insane persons, the governor shall make

procla nation thereof, and direct that such patients that then may be at the hospital for the insane at Jacksonville, and deemed incurable, be removed to said asylum.

$24. After the said proclamation of the governor the

office of said commsisioners shall cease, and they shall appointment of thereafterwards, until the meeting of the next session of

the general assembly, be denominated trustees of the insane asylum, and manage the affairs thereof as such and without other pay than their necessary expenses in so doing. And thereafter the governor shall nominate and appoint the same number of trustees, to serve for the same terin and in the same manner as now provided by law for the hospital

for the insane at Jacksonville. Laws and reg

$ 25. The laws regulating the reception, care and treatment of patients in the Illinois State Hospital for the Insane shall govern the trustees and others in this institution, so far as applicable, except as herein otherwise provided.

$ 26. This shall be deemed a public act, and be in force froin and after its passage.

APPROVED April 16, 1869.



Commissioners to come trustees



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