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treasury not otherwise appropriated, upon the warrant of the anditor of public accounts of the state of Illinois.

3. This act to be a public act, and to take effect from its passage.

APPROVED March 10, 1869.

AN ACT making appropriations for the benefit and completion of the Illinois In force March Industrial University.

27, 1869,

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Minois, represented in the General Assembly, That the sum of sixty thousand dollars be and the same is hereby Appropria

tions, how apappropriated to the Illinois Industrial University, located portioned. at Urbana, Champaign county, Illinois, in amounts and for the purposes hereinafter set forth, viz:

To the agricultural department, including the erect on of barns and other out-buildings for the experimental and stock farm, houses for farmer and farm laborers, fencing, drainage, wells, teams, tools, seeds, roads, bridges, frnit and forest trees, and stock of several breeds and varieties, twelve thousand five hundred dollars per annum, for two years.

To the horticultural department, including horticultural buildings and structures, house for gardener, barn and tool house, horticultural implements, fencing, underdrainage, roads, forest and fruit trees, shrubs, plants, etc., ten thousand dollars per annum, for two years.

To the chemical department, the sum of five thousand dollars. To be used for other apparatus and for books, by direction of trustees, ten thousand dollars.

$ 2. The auditor of public accounts is hereby authorized and required to draw his warrant upon the treasurer of the payment. state of Illinois for the said sums of money, upon orders of the board of trustees of said university, signed by the regent and attested by the secretary of said board, with the seal of said institution affixed thereto. And it shall be the duty of said treasurer, and he is hereby authorized, to pay the same out of moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated : Provided, that said orders of said trustees shall not be given except as, in their judgment, the necessity arises for the expenditure of the moneys so appropriated for the specific purposes herein provided.

§ 3. This act shall be deemed a public act, and shall be in force from and after its passage.


of Limitation on

§ 4. The board of trustees shall not create any indebtincurring liabile edness aor incur any liabilities beyond the provisions of

this act.

APPROVED March 27, 1869.

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In force March AN ACT supplemental to an act making appropriations for services ren24, 1869.

dered, and materials furnished, remaining unpaid, and not otherwise provided for.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of

Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That there is Miscellaneous hereby appropriated to Howlett and Adair, for manuals

furnished the twenty-sixth general assembly, the sum of tifteen hundred and seventy-five dollars and fifty cents.

To the mail carriers of the senate and house of representatives, each, the sum of two dollars per day extra; the number of days to be certified to by the speakers of the respective houses.

To the chairman of the senate and house committees on enrolled and engrossed bills, the sum of eight collars per day, each, for five days' services during the recess, provided for in the joint resolution.

To the speakers of the senate and house of representatives, the sum of eight dollars per day, each, for five days' service, during the recess, signing the bills passed.

To Ely, Burnham and Bartlett, the sum of fifteen dollars per day, for each of their reporters, for four extra daye, during the recess, as provided for in the joint resolution.

The suins hereby appropriated to be paid out of any moneys not otherwise appropriated, and the auditor of public accounts is hereby authorized to draw his warrant on the treasurer for the same.

§ 2. This act to take effect and be in furce from and after its passage.

APPROVED March 24, 1869.

In force March AN ACT to establish and maintain the Southern Illinois Normal Uni9, 1869.


Section 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That a body politic and corporate is hereby created, by the name of the Southern Illinois Normal University, to have perpetual


succession, with power to contract and be contracted with,
to sue and be sued, to plead ard be impleaded, to receive,
by any legal mode of transfer or conveyance, property of
any description, and to have, hold and enjoy the same, with
the rents and profits thereof, and to sell and convey the
same; also, to inake and use a corporate seal, with power General powers
to break or change the same, and to adopt by-laws, rules and
regulations for the government of its members, officers,
agents and employees: Provided, such by-laws shall not
conflict with the constitution of the United States or of this

$ %. The objects of the said Southern Illinois Normal objects.
University shall be to qualify teachers for the common
schools of this state by imparting instruction in the art of
teaching in all branches of study which pertain to a com-
mon school education, in the elements of the natural
sciences, including agricultural chemistry, animal and vege-
table physiology, in the fundamental laws of the United
States, and of the state of Illinois, in regard to the rights
and duties of citizens, and such other studies as the board
of education may, from time to time, prescribe.

$ 3. The powers of the said corporation shall be vested Powers vested in and its duties performed by a board of trustees, not ex

in trustees. ceeding five in number, to be appointed as hereinafter provided.

§ 4. Upon the passage of this act the governor shall Term of office. nominate and, by and with the advice of the senate, appoint five citizens of the state as trustees of said insti. tution, two of whom shall serve for two years, and three for four years, and until their successors are appointed and euter on duty, and successors in each class shall be appointed in like manner for four years: Provided, that in case of a vacancy by death or otherwise, the governor shall appoint a successor for the remainder of the term vacated: Provided, that not more than two members of said board shall be residents of any one county.

$ 5. The said trustees shall hold their first meeting at Meeting Centralia, within one month after the passage of this act, at

board. which meeting they shall elect one of their body as president and another as secretary; and cause a regular record to be made and kept of all their proceedings. The said board shall also, whenever his services shall be reqnired, appoint a treasurer, not a member of the board, who shall give bonds to the people of the state of Illinois in double the amount of the largest sum likely to come into his hands, the penalty to be fixed by the board, conditioned for the faithful discharge of his duties as treasurer, with two or more securities; the treasurer may also be required to execute bonds from time to time as the board may direct.

$ 6. The treasurer shall keep an accurate account of all Duty of treas moneys received and paid out; the account for articles and crer.

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Not to be interested in contracts.





supplies of every kind purchased shall be kept and reported, so as to show the kind, quantity and cost thereof.

& 7. No member, officer, agent or employee of the board shall be a party to or interested in any contract for materiale, supplies or services other than such as pertain to their

positions and duties. Trustees report $ 8. Accounts of this institution shall be stated and

settled annually with the auditor of public accounts, or with such person or persons as may he designated by law for that purpose. And the trustees shall, ten days previous to each regular session of the general assembly, submit to the governor a report of all their actions and proceedings in the execution of their trust, with a statement of all accounts connected therewith, to be by the governor laid

before the general assembly. Meeting § 9. The said board shall meet quarterly at such places

or place as may be agreed on, and, until the buildings are completed, as much oftener as may be necessary; and there after the meetings shall be at the university.

$ 10. The trustees shall, as soon as practicable, adverwhere located. tise for proposals from localities desiring to secure the loca

tion of said normal university, and shall receive, for not less than three months from the date of their first advertisement, proposals from points situated as hereinafter mentioned, to donate lands, buildings, bonds, moneys, or other valuable consideration, to the state in aid of the foundation and support of said university; and shall, at a time previously fixed by advertisement, open and examine such proposals, and locate the institution at such point as shall, all things considered, offer the most advantageons conditions. The land shall be selected south of the railroad, or within six miles north of said road, passing from St. Louis to Terre llaute, known as the Alton and Terre Haute railroad, with a view of obtaining a good supply of

water and other conveniencies for the use of the institution. Building, how § 11. Upon the selection and securing of the land afore

said, the trustees shall proceed to contract for the erection of buildings in which to furnish educational facilities for such number of students as hereinafter provided for, together with the out-houses required for use, also for the improvement of the land so as to make it available for the use of the institution. The buildings shall not be more than two stories in hight, and be constructed upon the most approved plan for nse, shall front to the east, and shall be of sufficient capacity to accommodate not exceeding three hundred students, with the officers and necessary attendants. Tho outside walls to be of hewn stone or brick, partition walls of brick, roofs of slate, and the whole buildings made fireproof, and so constructed as to be warmed in the most healthy and economical manner, with ample ventilation in all its parts. The ont-houses shall be so placed and constructed


as to avoid all danger to the main buildings from fire originating in any one of them. The board shall appoint an honest, competent superintendent of the buildings and improvements aforesaid, whose duty it shall be to be always present during the progress of the work, and see that every stone, brick, and piece of timber used is sound and properly placed, and whose right it shall be to require contractors and their employees to conform to liis directions in executing their contracts: Provided, however, that said board of trustees may appoint any one of their number such superintendent: And provided, further, that the buildings aforesaid may be erected and improvements made under the direction of the board and its superintendent, withont letting the same to contractors.

$ 12. The said board of trustees shall appoint instruc- Text-books. tors and instructresses, together with such other officers as may be required in the said normal university, tix their respective salaries and prescribe their several duties. They shall also have power to remove any of them for proper cause, after having given ten days' notice of any charge which may be duly presented, and reasonable opportunity of defense. They shall also prescribe the text-books, apparatus and furniture to be used in the university and provide the same, and small make all regulations necessary for its luanagement.

$ 13. All the counties shall be entitled to gratuitous Mode instruction for two pupils for each county in suid normal selecting pupils university, and each representative district shall be entitled to gratuitous instruction for a number of pupils equal to the number of representatives in said district, to be chosen in the following manner: the superintendent of schools in Gratuitous in

strutt'on. each county shall receive and register the names of all applicants for admission in said normal university, and shall present the same to the county court, or, in counties acting under township organization, to the board of supervisors, which said connty court or board of supervisors, as the case may be, shall, together with the superintendent of schools, examine all applicants so presented, in such manner as the board of trustees may direct; and from the Reqnisite number of such as shall be found to possess the requisite gupils.

qualifications of qualifications such pupils shall be selected by lot, and in representative districts composed of more than one county, the superintendent of schools and county judge, or the superintendent of schools and chairman of the board of supervisors in counties acting under township organization, as the case may be, of the several counties composing such representative district, shall meet at the clerk's Office of the county court of the oldest county, and from the applicants 80 presented to the county court or board of supervisors of the several counties represented, and found to possess the


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