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the same manner, at the places fixed for holding general electione, and by the electors qualified to vote for members of the general assembly, in the same districts that chose the members of the house of representatives of the present

general assembly. of g 2. The election of members of said convention shall

be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight handred and sixty-nine; and such election shall be conducted in conformity to the laws in force respecting the election of members of the house of representatives of the general assembly of this state, including any and all laws then in force providing for the registry of voters, and the prevention of fraudulent and illegal voting; and the clerks, or other officers, whose duty it shall then be to give notices of elections for members of the house of representatives of the general assembly, shall give notices in the same manner of said election for members of said convention, and the said election shall be held at the places fixed for the holding of general elections, and shall be conducted by the same judges and clerks who conduct the general elections fixed by law.

§ 3. The several judges shall return the votes given at the said election, and the votes shall be canvassed in the same manner as shall then be provided by law for the can. vass and return of votes in elections for members of the general assembly, and certificates of election shall be given to persons entitled thereto by the same officers and in the same manner as members of the general assembly shall be entitled to receive the same. And in case of contested elections to the convention, the contesting candidates shall pursue the same course and be governed by the same rules as shall then be provided by law in contested elections for members of the general assembly of this state.

The members chosen to said convention shall meet in the hall of the house of representatives, in the capitol, at the city of Springfield, at the time above designated for the meeting of said convention; and before entering upon their duties as members of said convention, shall each take an oath to support the constitution of the United States and of this state and to faithfully discharge his duties as a member of said convention. The said members shall be the judges of their own privileges and elections, and shall be entitled to the same privileges to which members of the general assembly are entitled. They shall elect one of their number president, and may appoint one or more secretaries, and such door-keepers and messengers as their convenience shall require. And such members of the convention, and their secretaries and door-keepers, shall be

Membora, duties, etc.

§ 4.

entitled to receive, as compensation for their services, six dollars per day, and the same mileage now allowed by law to members of the general assembly; and the messengers and subordinate officers shall receive such compensation as the convention shall, by resolution, direct. The amount due each person shall be certified by the president of the convention to the auditor of public accounts, who shall issue warrants upon the treasurer of the state, and the same shall be paid by the treasurer in the same manner as other warrants are paid. It shall be the duty of the secretary of state to attend said convention at the opening thereof, and he and all public officers shall furnish such convention with all such statements, papers, books and other public documents in their possession, as the said convention shall order or require; and it shall be the duty of the secretary of state to furnish the members with all such stationery as is asual for the legislature while in session, and to cause such printing to be done as the convention from time to time requires. § 5. The proceedings of said convention shall be filed Proceedings,

amondments. in the office of the secretary of state, and the amendments, revision or alterations to the constitution agreed to by the said convention, shall be recorded in his office. The said amendments, revisions or alterations shall be submitted by the convention to the people, for their adoption or rejection, at an election to be called by said convention; and every person entitled to vote, by the constitution and laws, in force at the time fixed for said election, may vote on the question of adopting or rejecting said alterations, revisions or amendments; but each voter shall vote only in the election precinct or district in which he shall, at the time, reside, and be entitled to vote there, and not elsewhere. And said amendments, revisions or alterations shall not take effect unless adopted by a majority of the legal voters voting at such election. The amendments shall be so prepared and distinguished, by numbers or otherwise, that they can be voted upon separately, unless the convention chall be of opinion that it is impracticable. In either case, the convention shall prescribe the form or manner of voting, the publication of the alterations, revisions or amendments, and the notice to be given of the election. At the election mentioned in this section, the judges of election shall receive the votes in the form to be prescribed by said convention; and all the provisions of the laws of this state, then in force, in relation to election of officers at a general election, shall apply to the voting upon said amendments or alterations, so far as the same can be made applicable thereto; and the votes given upon said alterations or amendments shall be given and canvassed, and all proceedings shall be had in regard to them, as nearly as practicable in

False swearing.

the manner prescribed by the laws then in force in respect to votes given for governor: Provided, said convention may fix upon any other manner of canvassing the votes for or against said amended constitution, and shall provide the way or manner for its taking effect after it shall have been adopted by the people.

$ 6. All willful and corrupt false swearing, in taking any of the oaths prescribed by this act, or by the laws of this state made applicable to this act, or any other mode or form in carrying into effect this act, shall be deemed perjury, and shall be punished in the manner now prescribed by law for willful and corrupt perjury:

$ 7. The secretary of state is hereby authorized to publish ten thousand copies of this act-five thousand to be distributed to the members of this general assembly, and five thousand shall be distributed by him eqnally among the county clerks of the several counties of this state.

APPROVED February 25, 1869.

No. of copies.


AN ACT to amend an act therein named.

In force March

27, 1869.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That an act entitled "An act concerning the remedy npon the class of contracts therein referred to," approved February 28, 1867, shall not be construed to apply to any suit pending at the time of its passage.

$ 2. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

APPROVED March 27, 1869,


AN ACT to allow convicts in the penitentiary a credit for good conduct in In force April diminution of their term of imprisonment.

16, 1869.


SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the convicts in the Illinois penitentiary at Joliet, against whom Convicts there shall be found no record of the infraction of the rules with good beor laws of the prison or of the state, and shall demean him or havior con term herself orderly and peaceably, evall be deemed to have ment. earned a credit for good conduct of the number of days and in the ratio as hereinafter set forth, and shall have the same deducted from his or her term of iniprisonment, and shall be discharged accordingly; that is to say, for the

First month, 1 day-credit, 1 day.
Second month, 2 days—credit, 3 days.
Third month, 2 days—credit, 5 days.
Fourth month, 2 days-credit, 7 days.
Fifth month, 2 days—credit, 9 days.
Sixth month, 2 days---credit, 11 days,
Seventh month, 3 days -credit, 14 days.
Eighth month, 3 days—credit, 17 days.
Ninth month, 3 days—credit, 20 days.
Tenth month, 3 days—credit, 23 days.
Eleventh month, 3 days—credit, 26 days.
Twelfth month, 4 days-credit, 30 days.
First year, 30 days—credit, 30 days.
Second year, 30-40 days—credit, 70 days.
Third year, 70-50 days—credit, 120 days.
Fourth year, 120-60 days-credit, 180 days.
Fifth year, 180–70 days-credit, 250 days.
Sixth year, 250-80 days-credit, 330 days.
Seventh year, 330–90 days—credit, 420 days.
Eighth year, 420–100 days—credit, 520 days.
Ninth year, 520–110 days—credit, 630 days.
Tenth year, 630–120 days—credit, 750 days.
Eleventh year, 750–130 days—credit, 880 days.
Twelfth year, 880-140 days—credit, 1,020 days.
Thirteenth year, 1,020–150 days—credit, 1,170 days.
Fourteenth year, 1,170–160 days—credit, 1,330 days.
Fifteenth year, 1,330–170 days—credit, 1,500 days.
Sixteenth year, 1,500-180 days—credit, 1,680 days.
Seventeenth year, 1,680–190 days—credit, 1,870 days.
Eighteenth year, 1,870-200 days--credit, 2,070 daye.
Nineteenth year, 2,070--210 daye--credit, 2,280 days.
Twentieth year, 2,280-220 days-credit, 2,500 days.

Twenty-tirst year, 2,500-230 days-credit, 2,730 days.

Twenty.second year, 2,730–240 days—credit, 2,970 days.

Twenty-third year, 2,970-250 days—credit, 3,220 days.
Twenty-fourth year, 3,220–260 days—credit, 3,480 days.
Twenty-fifth year, 3,480-270 days—credit, 3,750 days.
Twenty-sixth year, 3,750–280 days—credit, 4,030 days.

Twenty-seventh year, 4,030–290 days—credit, 4,320 days.

Twenty-eighth year, 4320–300 days-credit, 4,620 days.

Twenty-ninth year, 4,620-310 days—credit, 4,930 days.
Thirtieth year, 4,930–320 days—credit, 5,250 days.
Thirty-first year, 5200-330 days—credit, 5,580 days.
Thirty-second year, 5,380–340 days--credit, 5,920 days.
Thirty-third year, 5;920–350 days—credit, 6,270 days.
Thirty-fourth year, 6,270-360 days—credit, 6,630 days.
Thirty-fifth year, 6,630-370 days-credit

, 7,000 days.
§ 2. Itoshall be the duty of the penitentiary commis-
sioners, the warden and the chaplain to report annually to
the governor the conduct of all convicts sentenced to im.
prisonment for life.

§ 3. The provisions of all laws in conflict with the provisions of this act are hereby repealed.

§ 4. Nothing herein contained shall be construed to lessen the credit of any convict for good conduct already earned, and all convicts who have heretofore been sentenced to the state penitentiary shall be entitled to the benefits of all laws now in force as well as to the provisions of this act; and all convicts hereafter sentenced shall be governed by the provisions of this act.

§ 5. This shall be deemed a public act, and be in force from its passage.

APPROVED April 16, 1869.



To whom applicable

In force March AN ACT concerning persons committed to the penitentiary. 81, 1869.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of

Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That, in case In caso of re- of the reversal of any judgment upon which any person versal of judge has been committed to the penitentiary, and the granting

of a new trial by the supreme court, it shall be the duty of the warden of the penitentiary, upon receiving a certified copy of such judgment of the supreme court, to deliver the person so committed to the custody of the sheriff of the

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