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being elected a member of either house of assembly, or shall presume to intermeddle or concern himself with an election of a member or members of either of the said houses, otherwise than by giving his vote, or shall endeavour to influence any person or persons

in giving his or their vote, under the penalty of fifty Other inca. pounds for every offence; nor shall any inspector by pacities. himself, or any person for him, be allowed to keep an

ordinary or house of entertaiument at or near the warehouse where he is an inspector; and every inspector herein offending shall be incapable of serving in that ofice; neithrer shall any inspector, during his continuance in that office, be, or undertake to be, collectos of any public tax, other than what relates to such office, county or parish levies, or any officer's fees; nor shall directly or indirectly for himself, or for any other person, buy, or receive by way of barter, loan, or exchange, any tobacco whatsoever, under the penalty of fitiy shillings for every hundred pounds of tobacco so bought or received. Provided, That nothing herein contained shall be construed to binder any inspector from receiving his rents in tobacco, which shall be first viewed, examined, and stamped, according to the

directions of this act. Penalty on

XXVII. And for the farther and better directions of inspectors the inspectors aforesaid in their duty; Be it enacted, receiving That no inspectors shall take, accept, or receive, diity thala sala: rectly or indirectly, any gratuity, fee, or reward, for rieg. any thing by him to be done in pursuance of this act,

other than his salary, and the other payments and allowances herein before mentioned and expressed; and if any inspector shall take, accept, or receive, any such gratuity, fee, or reward, such inspector, being thereof convicted, shall forseit and pay the sum of one hundred pounds, to be recovered with costs, by any person or persons who shall inform and sue for the same, by action of debt or information, in any court of record within this commonwealth, and moreover

shall be disabled from holding the office of inspector And on the duriug the continuance of this act. And if any person person offer. shall offer any bribe, reward, or gratuity, to any ining a bribe.

spector for any thing by him to be done in pursuance of this act, other than the fees and allowances herein before directed, every person so offending, and being thereof convicted, shall, for every such olence, forfeit

and pay the sum of twenty pounds current money, to be recovered in any court of record within this state, one half of which forfeiture shall be to and for the use of such inspector refusing such bribe or reward, and the other hak to the person who will inform and sue for the same. And there shall be paid to the several Inspector's inspectors, appointed to attend and attending the said

salaries several ware houses, the salaries herein after mentioned, that is to say: At Pitt's, Guilford, and Pungoteague, under one inspection, thirty-five pounds; at Roy's, sixty pounds; at Kennon's, thirty pounds; at Bolling's point, eighty pounds; at Bollingbrooke, eighty pounds; at Cedar Point, eighty pounds, if the ware-houses shall be re-built and inspectors appointed; at Hobb's Hole, thirty-five pounds; at Bowler's, thirty pounds; at Layton's; thirty pounds; at Colchester, fifty pounds; at Alexandria, forly pounds; at the Falls of Potowmack, forty pounds; at Deacon's Neck, thirty pounds; at Page's, eighty pounds; at Meriwether's, sixty pounds; at Poropotank, thirty pounds; at Rockey Ridge, eighty pounds; at Warwick, seventy pounds; at Osborn's, sixty pounds; at John Bolling's, sixty pounds; at Byrd's, eighty pounds; at Shockoe's, eighty pounds; at Rocketi's, eighty pounds; at Smithfield & Fulgham's, under one inspection, thirty-five pounds; at Mantapike and Frazer's, under one inspection, forty pounds; at Shepherd's, thirty pounds; ai Aylett's and Todd's, under one inspection, forty pounds; at Boyd's Hole and Machodack, under one inspection, forty-five pounds; at Gibson's, thirty pounds, at Davis's and Lowry's, under one inspection, thirty pounds; at Urbanua, thirty pounds; at Coan's and North Wicomico, under one inspection, forty pounds; at Deep Creek and Glasscock's, under one inspection, thirty-five pounds; at Indian Creek and South Wicomico, under one inspection, forty pounds; at Milner's and Wilkinson's under one inspection, forty pounds; at Cherrystone's and Naswaddox, under one inspection, thirty-five pounds; at Littlepage's, thirty-five pounds; at the Brick-House, thirty pounds; at Boyd's, eighty pounds; at Davis's, in Blandford, eighty pounds; at Blandford, eighty pounds; at Quantico, seventy pounds; at Dumfries, seventy-pounds; at Cat Point, thirty pounds; at Totusky, thirty pounds; at Gray's Creek, thirtyfive pounds; at Low-Point, forty pounds; at Falmouth,

sixty poands; at Acquia, fifty pounds; at Dixon's, sixty pounds; at Fredericksburg, seventy pounds; at Royston's, seventy pounds; at Denbigh, iwenty-five pounds; at Nominy, thirty pounds; at Leed's and Maddox, under one inspection, fifty pounds; at Yocomico and Rust's, under one inspection, forty pounds; at York-Town and the College-Landing, under one in

spection, forty pounds; at Hampton, ten pounds. Method of XXVIII. And for the better detecting inspectors detecting

who shall not do their duty, and for the more speedy inspectors who shall

and easy examination into complaints against them; not do their Be it enacted, That any two justices of the peace, not duty. being inspectors, shall have power to hear all com

plaints against any inspector within their county, and to take the depositions of witnesses upon the matter of such complaint on both sides, which shall be transmitted by them to the governor and council, for their determination. And to the end such depositions may be taken in the best manner, the clerk of the county, or some susicient person by him to be appointed, shall attend the said justices for that purpose, and be paid by the county the same fees as is or shall be by law established for attending the examination of witnesses upon a dedinus potestatum. And moreover any two justices shall have power to visit all or any of the public ware-houses within their county, and if they shall discover any negligence in the inspectors either in securing the tobacco or stowing the same away in a proper manner for saving the room in such houses, or that they are guilty of any other breach or breaches of their duty, the justices shall certify the governor and council thereof. And if any inspector shall be adjudged guilty of a breach of his duty, he shall be removed from his office, and be for ever after incapable of serving as an inspector. And if any inspector shall be removed from his office, upon a complaint and prosecution against him in the method by this act prescribed, he shall be liable to the action on the case of the prosecutor for his necessary costs and expences in such prosecution, in which the prosecutor shall recover liis full costs of suit; but if the inspector or inspeetors shall be acquitted upon such examination, the prosecutor shall be liable to the action of such inspector or inspectors for the recovery of all damages and expenses which he or they shall have sustained or been put to by such

prosecution and costs, unless the governor and council shall certify that there was reasonable cause for such complaint; and every inspector shall moreover be liable to the action of the party grieved for all loss and damage that may happen or arise to any person by occasion of any failure of duty or neglect of any such inspector, in which action the plaintiff shall recover his full costs, although the damages do not exceed forty shillings.

xxix. And be it further enacted, That all tobacco How tobac, due or to grow due and payable for public, county, co due forle aud parish levies, or for clerks, sheriffs, surveyors, or vies, clerk's, other officers fees, shall be paid and discharged by veyors, or transfer receipts in the following manner, that is to other offsay: All levies shall be paid in some ware-house in cers' fees,

shall be paid the county where such levies are laid, and all officers fees in the county where the person chargeable therewith lives, except such person shall have a plantation with slaves thereon in the county where the service is performed, and then all fees shall be paid in such county; but the said levies and fees due and payable in any county where no public ware-house is established, shall be paid at some ware-house in the next adjacent county. Provided always, That the receipts from the ware-houses hereafter mentioned shall pass in payment of all levies and officers fees payable in the counties following, that is to say: In the county of Accomack, Cherrystone's and Naswaddox; in the county of Albemarle, Page's, Fredericksburg, Roystons, Meriwether's, Rockey Ridge, Byrd's, Shockoe's, and Rocket's; Amelia, Charlotte, Halifax, Henry, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Pittsylvania, and Prince Edward, at Blandford, Bolling's Point, Bollingbrooke, Davis's, Cedar-Point, Boyd's, Rockey Ridge, Warwick, and Osborn's; Amherst, at Byrd's, Shockoe's, Rockett's, Rockey Ridge, Page's, and Meriwether's; Bedford and Campbell, at Byrd's, Shockoe's, Rocket's, Rockey Ridge, and Warwick; Brunswick & Greensville, at Blandford, Bol, ling's-Point, Bollingbrooke, John Bolling's, Boyd's, Davis's, Cedar-Point, Smithfield, Fulgham's, LowPoint, and Gray's Creek; Nansemond, at Smithfield, Fulgham's, and Low-Point; Buckingham, at Byrd's, Shockoe's; Rocketts, Rockey Ridge, Warwick, and Osborne's; Caroline, at Todd's, Aylett's, and Layton's; Culpeper, at Dixon's, Quantico, Dumfries, Ac

quia, Falmouth, Fredericksburg, and Royston's; Cum-s berland and Powhatan, at Byrd's, Shockoe's, Rockett's, Rockey Ridge, Warwick, and Osbornes; Dinwiddie, at Blandford, Boyd's, John Bolling's, and Davis's; Elizabeth City, at Hampton; Essex, at Port Royal, Todd's, and Mantipike; Fauquier, at Falmouth, Dixon's, Quantico, Dumfries, and Acquia; Goochland and Fluvanna, at Byrd's, Shockoe's, Rockett's, Page's, Meriwether's, and Rockey Ridge; James City, at Littlepage's, Kennon's, the Brick-House, York, and Coilege-Landing; King George, at Dixon's, Falmouth, and Mattox; Isle of Wight, at Kennon's, Wilkinson's, and Milner's; King William, at Meriwether's and Page's; Lancaster, at Indian Creek; Loudoun, at any of the ware-houses in Fairfax and Prince William; Louisa and Orange, at Fredericksburg, Royston's, Page's, Meriwether's, Byrd's, Shoekoe's, and Rocketi's; Norfolk, at any of the ware-houses in Nansemond and Elizabeth City; Northampton, at Pitt's, Guilford, and Pungoteague; New-Kent, at the Brick-House, Littlepage's, and Kennon's; Northum. berland, at Yocomico and Rust's; Prince George, at Bolling's-Point, John Bolling's, Cedar-Point, Bollingbrooke, Davis's, Blandford, Low-Point, Gray's Creek, and Kennon's; Prince William, at Alexandria, Acquia, and Colchester; Fairfax, at Quantico and Duinfries; Gloucester, at Deacon's Neck and Poropotank; Princess Anne, at any of the ware-houses in Nansemond and Elizabeth City; Southampton, at any of the ware-houses in Isle of Wight and at Low-Point; Stafford, at Boyd's Hole, Gibson's, Dumfries, and Quantico; Surry, at Kennon's, Blandford, Boyd's, and Davis's; Sussex, at Blandford, Bolling's Point, Bollingbrooke, John Bolling's, Davis's, Boyd's, Cedar-Point, Gray's Creek, Low-Point, and Smithfield; Westmoreland. at Machodack and Gibson's; York, at College-Landing, Denbigh, and the Brick-House.

XXX. And be it further enacted, That all public, When levies and officers, county, and parish levies, sheriffs, clerks, surveyors, fees may be and other officers sees, payable in tobacco, shall be distrained paid and satisfied, by the persons chargeable with, and for.

indebted for the same, to the sheriffs or other collectors, by transfer receipts before the tenth day of June yearly. And if any person chargeable with the levies and fees aforesaid, shall neglect or refuse to pay the

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