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House on 5 November, which 1819 had, though there was then no Latin Professor to make it. So far as surviving reputation is concerned, the advantage is sure, we think, to be with the men of 1905. We doubt if the ordinary man of letters could name more than two or three of the lights of 1819, and we cannot say that the period was one of distinction, though it has given us a chronicler in Gunning, whose reminiscences are unique, and ought to be reprinted. In 1819 it took a student of Law or Physic six years to take his degree. He was allowed, however, to wear the B.A.'s full-sleeved gown when the men of his year took their degree, and was stiled a Harry-soph.' There were tenyear men," too, in those days, of the age of twentyfour and upwards, toiling pretty leisurely after a B.D.!

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Some of them are,

public is already familiar.
indeed, short-mere notelets. Others, however, are
of sustained interest; see No. 2518, to the Duc de-
Nivernais, which reaches Mrs. Toynbee from the
Princeton University Library. Besides showing:
Walpole in his most complimentary vein, this con-
tains some fairly important criticisni. No. 2558*, ad-
dressed to some one unknown, has also an admirable
piece of appreciation of literary flunkeydom. It is
needless to say that reference is, in innumerable
instances, facilitated, and will be so to a further
degree when the index is issued. Among the illus-
trations to the present volumes are those of Mary
Berry and her no less lovely sister Agnes; Mrs.
Fitzherbert, the wife of George IV., after 'Gains-
borough; Mrs. Piozzi, by George Dance; Edmond
Malone, by Sir Joshua; Dr. Burney and James
Boswell, both by Dance; Warren Hastings, by
Tilly Kettle; Mary Bruce, Duchess of Richmond
Marshal Conway; and others. There are also in-
teresting facsimiles. If Mrs. Toynbee's edition be
not definite and final, which it may well be, it is
that to which the scholar will turn by obligation as
well as by preference. There are three aspects in
which this work may be viewed: it is indispens-
able to the knowledge of the eighteenth century;.
it is a book to be dipped into and consulted with
advantage and delight; and it resembles the memoirs
of St. Simon and a few others, the thought of
perusing which in their entirety all but reconciles.
us to the period of enforced leisure into which, in
the end, the busiest of us have to decline.

We cannot deal with the very different aspect of modern Cambridge as revealed by its present Calendar.' The wonderful advance of science is, of course, a leading feature of the University. It is a feature of the age in general. What, however, we expect and need from the universities is a reinforcement of the taste which has become that of an honourable minority almost stunned by the forces of vulgarity and advertisement. We want, in fine, as many good men and good books to leaven the lump as can be procured, and we look for signs of literary activity in this 'Calendar.' So we regret to see that Caius announces the following among its records of this year: "English Essay, No essay sent in French Essay Prize, ditto; German Essay Prize, Not awarded"; and "Natural Science Essay Prize, No essay sent in." We notice, further, that LOUEY CHISHOLM is preparing for publication a at Christ's no exercises were sent in for the PrizeBook of Poetry for Children,' and invites suggesin Memory of Calverley, and that Prof. Skeat's tions of unfamiliar pieces. Her address is c/o English Prize was not awarded. Every educated Messrs. T. C. & E. C. Jack, Causewayside, Edinperson should cultivate his powers of expression, burgh. For he may have before long to yield his heritage of liberal education to the loud Philistine. It is no ime to

Sit as safe as in a Senate-House,
For Milton's simile has lost its aptness. We hope
hat this Calendar' may have a wide circulation
outside the special circles it immediately concerns,
of only to supply the daily press of the wilder sort
with corrections of some of its ill-founded state-
nents and conclusions.

The Letters of Horace Walpole. Chronologically
arranged and edited by Mrs. Paget Toynbee.
Vols. XIII., XIV., and XV. (Oxford, Clarendon

THE labour so spiritedly undertaken and con-
cientiously pursued by Mrs. Paget Toynbee of
iving us, in chronological sequence, the letters of
Horace Walpole trembles on the point of comple-
ion. Her task is, indeed, accomplished. Of the
ixteen promised volumes fifteen are in the hands
f subscribers, and with the appearance, now im-
ninent, of the sixteenth, consisting of index,
he augmented price with which the timid and
he recalcitrant have been menaced will come
nto operation. Attention has been drawn by us
to the increased number of letters now accessible to
he public. Of the 3,061 letters included in the
fteen volumes which have appeared, a consider-
ble percentage are printed for the first time. The
umber is, in fact, much larger, many of the num-
ers being given in duplicate. Letters published
br the first time are in no respect inferior in
terest or importance to those with which the


THE publication of Mrs. Paget Toynbee's edition of Horace Walpole's Letters will be completed on the 11th inst., when the sixteenth volume will be issued from the Oxford University Press. volume will consist of indexes of persons, places, and subjects, including matters of art and art criticism. The subscription list will close when it is published.


MR. T. CARVER, of Hereford, sends two lists-one of Theological Works, and the other of Ancient and Modern Literature. A copy of The Ancestor, 12 vols., is priced 40s.

Mr. Bertram Dobell has among first editions. Blake's 'The Book of Thel,' a very fine uncut copy. 1789, 907.; Northanger Abbey' and 'Persuasion, 4 vols., 1818, 17. 10s.;Ingoldsby,' 127. 10s.; 'Lavengro,' 17. 158.; Paracelsus. 71. 7s.; Hudibras,' 91. 9s.; Coleridge's 'The Fall of Robespierre,' 57. 5s.; Cory's 'Jonica (containing the scarce second part), 2. 2s. ;: In Memoriam,' 47. 4s.; Westmacott's English Spy, 24. 10s.; and Don Juan,' 87. Ss. Other items include David Garrick's copy of 'Nouveau Théâtre Italien,' Paris, 1733, 61. 6s.; also a collection of plays from his library, 41. 4s. and Ryley's 'The Itinerant; or, Memoirs of an Actor,' 9 vols., 18081827. The catalogue states that Mr. Knight has written a note in this copy......The scarcest thea-trical work he knows.' A complete set of the original 271 numbers of The Tatler from 12 April, 1709, to 2 January, 1711, folio, is 81. Ss.; and Stow's


"Survey of London,' black-letter, 31. 3s. There are also many publications of the Grolier Club, and works from the Daniel, Kelmscott, and Doves presses.

Mr. William Dunlop, of Edinburgh, has a number of interesting works relating to Scotland. These include Drummond's Old Edinburgh,' reproduced in facsimile, 1879, 27. 5s.; Billings's Antiquities, 37. 10s.; and The Arms of the Burghs of Scotland,' by the Marquess of Bute, 17. 7s. 6d. The general list comprises Boswell's 'Johnson, Murray, 1853, 10 vols., 24s.; Hume and Smollett, 18 vols., good as new, 17s. 6d.; Lingard, 10 vols., 12s.; Froude's History,' 12 vols., 35s.; Picturesque America, 2 vols. royal 4to, 12s.; Australasia Illustrated, 1606 to the Present Time,' 1892, 17. 1s. (published at 117. 11s.); P. H. Emerson's Pictures of East Anglian Life,' 1888, 12s. 6d. (published at 71. 75.); and a clean copy of Moreri's 'Le Grand Dictionnaire,' 1740, 18s. 6d. Lord Byron, in writing to Murray, said, I have Bayle's Dictionary, but cannot do without Moreri."

Messrs. E. George & Sons have a catalogue of Alpine, Antiquarian, Architectural, and Miscellaneous Books. Under General Literature is Calendar of Wills, 1258-1688,' printed for the Corporation of London, 1889-90, 17. 15s. A set of The Saturday Review, 1856-65, is 31. The Garden, 1876-88, 26 vols., 51.; and a very fine series of the Revue des Deux Mondes, 1856-88, 97. 9s.


67. 12s. 6d. and Burton's 'Arabian Nights, Benares, 1885, 337. There are works of interest under Commonwealth, Elizabeth, and Ireland.

Mr. C. Richardson, of Manchester, has the ninth edition of Bunyan, excessively rare, 1683, 207.; a set of N. &Q 1849 to June, 1898, 97 vols., halfmorocco, and the Indexes to the eight Series, 8 vols, cloth. 40. Villon Society's Publications, 13 vols, 13. 10s.; Miller's series of works on Costume, 32 coloured plates, 7 vols. folio, 1804-20, 107. 10s. ; a first edition of Edward FitzGerald's Euphranor,' excessively scarce, 1851, 5. 10s.; Shakespeare's Poems,' Kelmscott Press, Sl.; a fine copy of Littré 5 vols., 1888-93, 47.; Museum of Painting and Sculpture,' 1828-32, 67.; Ruskin's 'Modern Painters' 6 vols. imp. Svo, 1888, 61.; and Waverley Novels, 48 vols., Cadell, 1829-32, 67.

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Mr. Albert Sutton, of Manchester, has a set of the Chetham Society's Publications, 1840-1904, 24; Hazlitt's Early English Bibliography,' with Index volume by Gray, 51. 15s.; Hotten's "Library of Humour," 13 vols., 31. 5s.; Caulfield's Portraits,' 1819, 17. 8s. ; first edition of Campbell's Poetical Works, Moxon, 1837, 11. 2s. 6d. ; Cavendish Society's Publications, 1848-71, 57.; a copy of Eikon Basi like,' 1648. 27. 2s.; Pickering's editions of Coleridge, 15 vols., 1840-49, original cloth, 4. 10s.; first edition of Goldsmith's 'Citizen of the World,' J. Newbery 1762, 37. 12s. 6d. ; Jardine's " Naturalist's Library, 40 vols., 1833, 37.; and 'Newgate Calendar,' 1800-8, 21. 2s. Other items include Scott's Complete Works, with Life.' 100 vols., Cadell, 1829-39, 10.; and Stevenson's 'The Story of a Lie,' first edition, 1882, 107. 10s. A note in the catalogue states: "I July, 1899, a copy sold for 301. 10s. The work w to have been published by Hayley & Jackson in 1882, but was suppressed before publication. Only five or six copies are known to have escaped de struction."

Notices to Correspondents.

We must call special attention to the following notices:

ON all communications must be written the na

We have two lists from Messrs. W. Heffer & Sons, of Cambridge. One contains works on Philosophy, Moral Sciences, Politics, Africa, America, &c.; while the other-a short list of 215 items-includes very few that are not of some special value. large-paper copy of Ariosto. Venice, 1772, is 10%. 10%. Under Alciati is 'Omnia Emblemata, Paris, 1608, 2. 10s. This the catalogue says is so excessively rare that only two other copies are known. Under Virgil, Baskerville, 1557, is the poet Alfieri's copy with his book-plate, 77. 10s. There is a fine large copy of the first edition of 'The Anatomy of Melancholy,' 1621, 377. 10s. Queen Elizabeth's PrayerBook, first edition, 1578, is 45l. We have space to note only a few more: Tennyson's 'Poems,' 1833, 30%.; Lorna Doone,' 3 vols., in original cloth, very scarce, 251.; Rossetti's Sister Helen,' Oxford, 1857, for private circulation, 127. 12s.; Thackeray, 7 vols., 1848-59, 217.; and an original charcoal drawing by Burne-Jones, The Miraculous Draught of Fishes', framed, 287. 10s. There is a Shelley MS., 367.; and an original MS. of De Quincey, 20%. 10s. Nine letters of Charles Lamb include one to his friend Allsop, in which he writes: "I am going to ask you to do me the greatest favour which a man can do to another, I want to make my will, and to leave my property in trust for my sister. N.B.-I am not therefore going to die. Would it be unpleasant for LADY RUSSELL, COL. BELL, and S. H. A. HERVE you to be named for one?" The letters are priced-Forwarded. 651. There is also an original holograph unpub- L. R. M. STRACHAN ("She never found fault wit lished acrostic to Emma B-, signed "Ch Lamb," you," &c.).-Anticipated ante, p. 316. price 30%.

Mr. H. H. Peach, of Leicester, has MSS. and rare books of the fourteenth century to the eighteenth. There is a fine tall copy of the Nuremberg Chronicle,' 217. Other items include Beaumont and Fletcher, 1679, 97. 9s.; Chaucer, 1602, 87. 8s. ; Robinson Crusoe,' fourth edition, 157. 15s. Dugdale's 'St. Paul's,' 21. 58.; Heywood's 'Pleasant Dialogues and Drammas,' 1637, 71. 78. ; Ben Jonson, 2 vols. folio, 1640, 127. 12s.; Thucydides, 1550,

and address of the sender, not necessarily for pub lication, but as a guarantee of good faith.

WE cannot undertake to answer queries privately. T. CANN HUGHES ("A Pagan suckled in a creed outworn").- From Wordsworth, Miscellaneo Sonnets,' xxxiii., "The world is too much with us

F. SWINFORD ("Fly, envious Time").- On Time will be found at p. 21 of Dr. Aldis Wright's edition Press in 1903. of Milton, published by the Cambridge Universit!

Editorial communications should be addres to "The Editor of Notes and Queries ""-Ad tisements and Business Letters to 'The P lisher"-at the Office, Bream's Buildings, Chand Lane, E.C.

We beg leave to state that we decline to ret communications which, for any reason, we don print; and to this rule we can make no exception

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Edited by A. H. BULLEN. In 12 vols. 8vo, 10s. 6d. net each.


Vol. II. will contain The ELDER BROTHER,' Edited by W. W. GREG; The SPANISH OURATE,' and 'WIT without MONEY,' Edited by R. B. McKERROW; 'BEGGAR'S BUSH.' Edited by P. A. DANIEL; and The HUMOROUS LIEUTENANT,' Edited by R. WARWICK BOND. With a Portrait of Fletcher from the Painting in the National Portrait Gallery. "We content ourselves with pronouncing the edition the greatest gift for which the Shakespearian student had to hope."-Notes and Queries.

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The EVE of the REFORMATION. Studies
in the Religious Life and Thought of the English People (in the
Period preceding the Rejection of the Romish Jurisdiction by
Henry VIII. By the Right Rev. ABBOT GASQUET, D.D. O.S.B.
"We can only rejoice that this cheap reissue of one of the most
valuable contributions (as common consent has proclaimed it) to the
history of the great religious change in the sixteenth century will
spread the light among numerous readers to whom it has hitherto been
unknown. Öf such historians as Abbot Gasquet the cause of historic
truth can never have too many."-Pall Mall Gazette.

With numerous Full-Page Plates and other Illustrations.
Post 8vo, 6s. net.


8 LATER, Editor of Book-Prices Current,' Author of 'The Romance of Book Collecting,' &c.

"Well deserves the attention of connoisseurs as well as those mere beginners to whose special needs it has been the writer's avowed object to minister."-Daily Telegraph.

10s. 6d. net each.

In 10 vols. demy 8vo, with Portraits and other Illustrations,

Transcribed from the Shorthand MS. in the Pepysian Library.
Magdalene College, Cambridge, by the Rev. MYNORS BRIGHT.
MA. With Lord Braybrooke's Notes. Edited, with Additions, by

Also a CHEAPER EDITION, in 8 vols. crown 8vo, without the
Illustrations and Volume of Pepysiana, 5s. net each.

"An edition which, alike by its completeness, its beauty, and the competency of its editor, is entitled to supersede all its predecessors."

Post 8vo, 6s. net.




Contents:-The Poetry and Poets of America-The Collected Works of
Lord Byron-The Collected Poems of William Watson-The Poetry of
Mr. Gerald Massey-Miltonic Myths and their Authors-Longinus: &
Greek Criticism-The True Functions of Poetry.
[December 6.

Crown 8vo, 6s. net.


the Right Hon. Sir GEORGE OTTO TREVEL YAN, Bart. "The present collection of his lighter writings is altogether delight ful, and will be found so by a generation which knew nothing of Cambridge, or indeed of this habitable globe in the early sixties.... This is a capital book, with summer lightning of wit on every page."

Morning Post


Post 8vo, 7s. 6d.



Illustrated by

"Miss Brickdale exhibits a genuine sympathy with the poet, and her work has distinction and charm. The whole volume is beautiful, the printing and paper being excellent."-Liverpool Courier.




2,348 pp., 5,000 Illustrations. Price, strongly bound in sheepskin, 27. net; or in cloth, 30s. net.

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The best practical working dictionary of the English Language."-Quarterly Review. Illustrated Pamphlet, with Specimen Pages, Prices, Testimonials, &c, post free on application.

London: GEORGE BELL & SONS, Portugal Street, Lincoln's Inn, W.C.

Published Weekly by JOHN C. FRANCIS, Bream's Buildings. Chancery Lane. E.C.; and Printed by JOHN EDWARD FRANCIS, Athenæum Press, Bream's Buildings, Chancery Lane, E.C.-Saturday, December 2, 1905.

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Registered as a Newspaper. Intered at

the N.Y.P.O. as Second-Class Maker. Yearly Subscription, 20s. 6d. post free.




Collotype facsimiles of the earliest Editions of that portion of Shakespeare's Work which was not included in the First Folio. With Introductions and Bibliography by SIDNEY LEE.


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The number of Copies printed is 1,000, and if any Copies remain unsold after publication the prices will be raised. **These Reproductions form a Supplement to the Facsimile of the First Folio issued by the Oxford University Press in 1902, and they complete the presentation of Shakespeare's Writings in their most authentic shape.



Chronologically Arranged and Edited, with Notes, by Mrs. PAGET TOYNBEE.

Subscription Prices:-Crown 8vo, ordinary paper edition, in 16 vols., 4. net; on Oxford India paper, in 8 double vols., 51. 4s. net; demy 8vo, limited edition, on Hand-Made paper, 121, net. After Monday the prices will be 41. 168. net, 61. 16s. net, and 161. net respectively.

The Special Offers will be withdrawn on MONDAY, the 11th inst., but all Orders which reach the
Booksellers up to noon on that day will be accepted.


Edited by Prof. JOSEPH WRIGHT, M.A. Ph.D. D.C.L. LL.D. Litt.D.
In 6 vols. 4to, bound in cloth, over 5,000 pp.

The Complete Work, consisting of the English Dialect Dictionary, the Supplement, the Bibliography, and the

Dialect Grammar,

Containing over 100,000 Words, with about 500,000 Quotations and References to Glossaries.


Arrangements have been made whereby the Complete Work, consisting of the English Dialect Dictionary, the Supplement, the Bibliography, and the Dialect Grammar, can be bought through any Bookseller on the instalment plan. On payment of 21. 2s. net, the Six Volumes will be delivered, carriage paid, to any address in the United Kingdom the Purchaser undertaking to make seven subsequent quarterly payments of 21. 2s. each.

This offer will only hold good for a strictly limited period.

The Six Volumes can be obtained, if preferred, for 157. net, cash with order.


PROSPECTUSEs post free on 'application.

London: HENRY FROWDE, Oxford University Press Warehouse, Amen Corner, E.C.

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