The Poetical Works of James Montgomery

Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1850 - 368 páginas

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Página 312 - Friend after friend departs ; Who hath not lost a friend ? There is no union here of hearts, That finds not here an end.
Página 22 - A land of beauty, virtue, valor, truth, Time-tutored age and love-exalted youth: The wandering mariner, whose eye explores The wealthiest isles, the most enchanting shores, Views not a realm so bountiful and fair, Nor breathes the spirit of a purer air ; In every clime the...
Página 262 - The Soul, of origin divine, GOD'S glorious image, freed from clay, In heaven's eternal sphere shall shine A star of day. "The SUN is but a spark of fire, A transient meteor in the sky ; The SOUL, immortal as its Sire, SHALL NEVER DIE.
Página 179 - What terror can confound me, With God at my right hand ? 2 Place on the Lord reliance; My soul, with courage wait ; His truth be thine affiance, When faint and desolate ; His might thy heart shall strengthen, His love thy joy increase ; Mercy thy days shall...
Página 336 - THE bird that soars on highest wing Builds on the ground her lowly nest ; And she that doth most sweetly sing Sings in the shade when all things rest : — In lark and nightingale we see What honor hath humility. 2 When Mary chose the better part, She meekly sat at Jesus...
Página 22 - There is a spot of earth supremely blest, A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest...
Página 303 - God of nature and of grace In all his works appears ; His goodness through the earth we trace, His grandeur in. the spheres.
Página 207 - Unmarked he stood amid the throng, in rumination deep and long, till you might see, with sudden grace, the very thought come o'er his face, and by the motion of his form anticipate the bursting storm, and, by the uplifting of his brow, tell where the bolt would strike, and how. But, 'twas no sooner thought than done; the field was in a moment won.
Página 262 - Seek the true treasure seldom found, Of power the fiercest griefs to calm, And soothe the bosom's deepest wound With heavenly balm. " Did Woman's charms thy youth beguile, And did the fair one faithless prove ? Hath she betray'd thee with...
Página 103 - Light as a flake of foam upon the wind, Keel upward from the deep emerged a shell, Shaped like the moon ere half her horn is filled ; Fraught with young life, it righted as it rose, And moved at will along the yielding water. The native pilot of this little bark Put out a tier of oars on either side, Spread to the wafting breeze a twofold sail, And mounted up and glided down the billow In happy freedom, pleased to feel the...

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