The Bibliographer's Manual of American History: M-Q. nos. 3104-4527. 1908

Stanislaus Vincent Henkels
S.V. Henkels & Company, 1908

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Página 44 - A Short Narrative of the horrid Massacre in Boston, perpetrated in the Evening of the Fifth Day of March, 1770, by Soldiers of the XXIXth Regiment, which with the XlVth Regiment were then quartered there, with some Observations on the state of things prior to that Catastrophe, pp.
Página 284 - A Description of the Province of New Albion. And a Direction for Adventurers with small stock to get two for one, and good land freely : And for Gentlemen, and all Servants, Labourers, and Artificers to live plentifully.
Página 302 - The History of Pennsylvania, in North America, from the Original Institution and Settlement of that Province, under the first Proprietor and Governor William Penn, in 1681, till after the Year 1742, with an Introduction, respecting The Life of W.
Página 139 - The third Booke setting forth, what people are planted there, their prosperity, what remarkable accidents have happened since the first planting of it, together with their Tenents and practise of their Church.
Página 61 - A short Narrative of a late outrage committed by a knot of Witches in Swede-Land, very much resembling, and so far explaining, that under which New-England has laboured.
Página 85 - Countries ; as well as Information relative to the Commercial Connections of these States with those situated to the Eastward of the Mountains and with Lower Louisiana, undertaken in the Year X, 1802, under the Auspices of His Excellency, M.
Página 127 - MOORE, FRANCIS. A Voyage to Georgia. Begun in the Year 1735. Containing, an Account of the Settling the Town of Frederica, in the Southern Part of the Province; and a Description of the Soil, Air, Birds, Beasts, Trees, Rivers, Islands, &c.
Página 46 - A | Narrative \ of the \ Excursion and Ravages \ of the \ King's Troops, Under the Command of General Gage, On the nineteenth of April, 1775, \ together with the | Depositions \ Taken by Order of Congress, \ To support the Truth of it.
Página 42 - A short narrative of the horrid massacre in Boston, perpetrated in the evening of the fifth day of March, 1770. By soldiers of the xxixth regiment; which with the xivth regiment were then quartered there: with some observations on the state of things prior to that catastrophe. Printed by order of the town of Boston, and sold by Edes and Gill, in Queen-street, and T.
Página 136 - ... of sundry of the respective jurisdictions in those parts ; in reference unto sundry exemplary passages of their lives, and the time of their death.