The British Homoeopathic Review, Volume 41


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Página 534 - O wad some power the giftie gie us, To see oursels as others see us!
Página 569 - ... growths, the entrails of animals taxed for their impurities, the poison-bags of reptiles drained of their venom, and all the inconceivable abominations thus obtained thrust down the throats of human beings suffering from some fault of organization, nourishment, or vital stimulation.
Página 260 - ... philosophy. The particular determinations which she ignores are the real matter exciting needs, quite as potent and authoritative as hers. What does the moral enthusiast care for philosophical ethics? Why does the sEsthetik of every German philosopher appear to the artist an abomination of desolation? Grau, theurer Freund, ist alle Theorie Und grim des Lebens goldner Baum.
Página 763 - It was searched for and recovered from beneath a heap of waste paper. And with each tumbler newly charged, the inhalers resumed their vocation. Immediately an unwonted hilarity seized the party; they became bright-eyed, very happy, and very loquacious — expatiating on the delicious aroma of the new fluid.
Página 435 - I am sure that you will agree with me when I say that the medical profession as yet falls far short of its duty toward the press.
Página 399 - Properly hardened, the specimen is placed fof twenty-four hours in a mixture of equal parts of absolute alcohol and ether, and then transferred to a very thin solution of celloidin for another twenty-four hours.
Página 763 - This is far better and stronger than ether,' said he to himself. His second was to note that he was prostrate on the floor, and that among the friends about him there was both confusion and alarm.
Página 115 - Then an abrupt rush of countless points of white light swept across the field of view, as if the unseen millions of the Milky Way were to flow a sparkling river before the eye.
Página 371 - F. Jolly reports his clinical tests with Pellotine muriate (the new hypnotic introduced by Dr. HefFter of the Pharmacological Institute of Leipzig, and manufactured by CF Boehringer & Soehne of Mannheim) in the Therapeutische Monatshefie, June, 1896.
Página 504 - Mr. Venable consulted me on several occasions in regard to the propriety of removing two small tumors situated on the back part of his neck, but would postpone from time to time having the operation performed, from dread of pain.

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