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94.-1823, May 27. 95.-. 96.-1826, Dec. 12. 97.—1828, May 6. 98,-. May 20. 99.100.—1829, Apr. 7. 101.-.

Rt. Hon. W. C. Plunket, Lord

Francis Chantrey, Esq. R. A.

Henry Hallam, Esq.
Sir Thomas Lawrence, P. R. A.
Lieut.-Col. W. M. Leake
Thomas Young, M. D.
Rev. William Buckland, D.D.
J. N. Fazakerley, Esq.
Dr. Edward Copleston, Bishop of

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Davies Gilbert, Esq. P. R. S.

102.—1829, May 19.

THE CLUB, as it stood, 10th JULY, 1829.

The Earl of Aberdeen, P. S. A.
Rev. Dr. Buckland.
Charles Butler, Esq.
Francis Chantrey, Esq.
J. N. Fazakerley, Esq.
The Rt. Hon. John Hookham Frere.
Sir William Gell.
Davies Gilbert, Esq., P. R. S.
Rt. Hon. Sir William Grant.
Rt. Hon. Thomas Grenville.
Sir Henry Halford, Bart.
Henry Hallam, Esq.
Charles Hatchett, Esq.
Richard Heber, Esq.
Lord Holland.
The Bishop of Llandaff (Dr. Copleston).

The Marquis of Lansdowne.
Sir Thomas Lawrence, P. R. A.
Lieut. Col. Leake.
William Lock, Esq.
The Bishop of London (Dr. C. J. Blomfield).
Lord Lyttelton.
Rt. Hon. Sir James Mackintosh.
William Marsden.
Thomas Phillips, Esq. R. A.
Lord Plunket.
Major Rennell.
Sir Walter Scott, Bart.
The Earl Spencer.
Sir George Staunton, Bart.
Lord Stowell (senior member of the club).
The Rt. Hon. Charles Vaughan.
Charles Wilkins, Esq.

At the meetings of the club the chair is taken in rotation by the members, according to the alphabetical arrangement of their names; the only permanent officer being the treasurer.

Mr. Malone was the first treasurer; and upon his decease, in 1812, Sir Henry Charles Englefield was elected to that office, which, however, on account of weakness of sight, he resigned in 1814; when the Rev. Dr. Charles Burney was chosen, and continued to be treasurer until his death, which took place in December, 1817; and on the 10th of March, 1818, Mr. Hatchett, the present treasurer, was elected.]

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