Laws of the State of Illinois Enacted by the General Assembly


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Página 32 - Know all men by these presents, that we, AB, CD, and EF, of the county of and State of Illinois, are held and firmly bound unto the people of the State of Illinois, in the penal sum of...
Página 98 - ... be entitled to all the rights and privileges, and be subject to all the liabilities...
Página 16 - ... for each mile necessarily traveled in going to and returning from the seat of government...
Página 44 - Illinois volunteers; and the auditor of public accounts be and he is hereby authorized and directed to draw his warrant on the treasurer in favor of the said Henry GC Moritz, for the amount.
Página 3 - The sum of five thousand dollars is hereby appropriated out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated to defray the expenses of the...
Página 132 - That married women who, without their fault, now live •or hereafter may live separate and apart from their husbands, may have their remedy in equity, in their own names respectively, .against their said husbands in the Circuit Court of the county where the husband resides, for a reasonable support and maintenance while they so live or have so lived separate and apart...
Página 125 - An annual report shall be made regarding the progress of each college, recording any improvements and experiments made, with their costs and results, and such other matters, including State industrial and economical statistics, as may be supposed useful; one copy of which shall be transmitted by mail free, by each, to all the other colleges which may be endowed under the provisions of this act, and also one copy to the Secretary of the Interior.
Página 89 - In every indictment under the preceding section, it shall be deemed and held a sufficient description of the offense, to charge that the accused did, on, etc., unlawfully- and feloniously obtain, or attempt to obtain (as the case may be), from AB (here insert the name of the person defrauded or attempted to be defrauded), his money (or property, in case It be not money), by means and by use of the confidence game.
Página 185 - ... where the cause of action grows out of a personal wrong or injury done by one to the other...
Página 190 - And that our Senators be instructed, and our Representatives in Congress be requested, to use their utmost exertions to prevent the acceptance and confirmation of any such Constitution.

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