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Did not his heart within him burn,
Touched by the solemn tone?
Not so! for, never to return,

Its purity was gone.

Therefore, 'midst holy stream and bower,

His spirit shook with dread,

And called the cedars in that hour

To veil his conscious head.

Oh! in each wind, each fountain's flow,
Each whisper of the shade,

Grant me, my God, thy voice to know,
And not to be afraid!



LESSED be thy name for ever,

Thou of life the guard and giver!

Thou canst guard thy creatures sleeping;

Heal the heart long broke with weeping.

God of stillness and of motion,

Of the desert and the ocean,

Of the mountain, rock, and river,

Blessed be thy name for ever!

Thou who slumberest not nor sleepest,

Blest are they thou kindly keepest!

God of evening's parting ray,

Of midnight's gloom, and dawning day,
That rises from the azure sea,
Like breathings of eternity,-
God of life, that fade shall never,
Blessed be thy name for ever!



OT seldom, clad in radiant vest, Deceitfully goes forth the Morn; Not seldom Evening, in the west, Sinks smilingly forsworn.

The smoothest seas will sometimes prove,
To the confiding bark, untrue;

And, if she trust the stars above,
They can be treacherous too.

The umbrageous oak, in pomp outspread,
Full oft, when storms the welkin rend,
Draws lightning down upon the head
It promised to defend.

But Thou art true, incarnate Lord,

Who didst vouchsafe for man to die;

Thy smile is sure, thy plighted word
No change can falsify!

I bent before thy gracious throne,

And asked for peace with suppliant knee;
And peace was given,- -nor peace alone,
But faith, sublimed to ecstasy!



HOW unlike the complex works of man, Heaven's easy, artless, unencumbered plan! No meretricious graces to beguile, No clust'ring ornaments to clog the pile: From ostentation as from weakness free, It stands like the cerulean arch we see,

Majestic in its own simplicity.

Inscribed above the portal, from afar

Conspicuous as the brightness of a star,

Legible only by the light they give,

Stand the soul-quick'ning words-Believe and live.



HINE earthly Sabbaths, Lord, we love;
But there's a nobler rest above;

O that we might that rest obtain
From sin, from sorrow, and from pain.

In thy blest kingdom we shall be
From every mortal trouble free;
No sighs shall mingle with the songs
Resounding from immortal tongues.

No rude alarms of raging foes,
No cares to break the long repose,
No midnight shade, no clouded sun,
But sacred, high, eternal noon.

O long-expected day, begin!
Dawn on this world of woe and sin;
That when we leave this weary road,
We sleep in death, and rest in God.



ITH silent awe I hail the sacred morn,

That slowly wakes while all the fields are still;


A soothing calm on every breeze is borne,

A graver murmur gurgles from the rill,

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And echo answers softer from the hill,

And softer sings the linnet from the thorn;
The skylark warbles in a tone less shrill.

Hail, light serene! hail, sacred Sabbath Morn!
The rooks float silently, in airy drove;
The sun a placid yellow lustre throws;
The gales, that lately sighed along the grove,
Have hushed their downy wings in dead repose;
The hovering rack of clouds forgets to move:-
So smiled the day when the first morn arose.



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ILLIONS within thy courts have met,

Millions this day before thee bowed;
Their faces Zion-ward were set,
Vows with their lips to thee they vowed :-

But thou, soul-searching God! hast known
The hearts of all that bent the knee,
And hast accepted those alone,

In spirit and truth who worshipped thee.

People of many a tribe and tongue,

Men of strange colours, climates, lands, Have heard thy truth, thy glory sung, And offered prayer with holy hands.

Still, as the light of morning broke
O'er island, continent, and deep,

Thy far spread family awoke,

Sabbath all round the world to keep.

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From east to west, the sun surveyed,

From north to south, adoring throngs; And still where evening stretched her shade, The stars came forth to hear their songs.

Harmonious as the winds and seas,

In halcyon hours when storms are flown,
Rose all earth's Babel languages,
In pure accordance, to thy throne.

Not angel trumpets sound more clear;
Not elders' harps, nor seraph's lays,
Yield music sweeter to thy ear

Than humble prayer and humble praise.

And not a prayer, a tear, a sigh,

Hath failed to-day some suit to gain;
To those in trouble thou art nigh,
Not one hath sought thy face in vain.

Thy poor were bountifully fed,

Thy chastened sons have kissed the rod; Thy mourners have been comforted,

The pure in heart have seen their God.

Yet one prayer more; and be it one

In which both heaven and earth accord:

Fulfil thy promise to thy Son,

Let all that breathe, call Jesus Lord.

His throne and sovereignty advance;
For his soul's travail let him see

The heathen his inheritance,

And earth's last bound his portion be.


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