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Publications of H. L. Brönner in Frankfort o. M.,

to be had of Sigismond Schmerber. Byron, Lord, Works, complete in one volume, the second edit. considerably augmented. gr. 8. 1829. boards.

fl. 9. Select Works, vol. I. contains Beppo and Don Juan. 12mo. 1831. boards.

fl. 1. 45 kr. vol. II contains Romances and Tales, viz: Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. The Giaour. The bride of Abydos. The Corsair. Lara. The Siege of Corinth. Parisina. Mazeppa. 12mo. 1832. boards.

fi. 1. 45 kr. vol. III. contains lyrical, dramatical, satirical and miscellaneous Poems. 12mo. 1832. A. 2.

vol. IV. and V. contain Prose Works, being a choice-collection of his Letters, published

by Th. Moore. 12mo. 1832 (In the press.) Fénélon, les aventures de Télémaque fils d'Ulisse. Edit. stéréot. 12. 1832. broché

54 kr Letters and Journals of Lord Byron, with Notices of his

Life, by Thom. Moore, compl. in one Vol. royal 8. 1830.

f. 7. 12 kr. Meidinger, Heinr., Reisen durch Grossbritannien

und Jrland, vorzüglich in topographischer, kommerzieller und statistischer Hinsicht. Neuestes Handbuch für Reisende durch die drei vereinigten Königreiche England, Schottland und Irland. 2 Thle. m. Karten, gr. 8. 1828. cart.

f 6. Velinpapier

fi. 9. Minner, J. M., Italienisch-deutsche Gespräche für

das gesellschaftliche Leben, nach Beauval, 3 Thle., 8. 1815.

fl. 1. 48 kr. Englisch-deutshe Gespräche für das gesellschaftliche Leben, nach Beauval, 3 Thle. 8. 1815.

f. 1. 48 kr. Spanisch-deutsche Gespräche für das gesellschaftliche Leben, 2te Aufl. 12. 1827. 11. 1. 12 kr.

Poets, the British, of the 19th century, including

the select works of Crabbe, Wilson, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Rogers, Campbell, Miss Landon, Barton, Montgomery, Hogg, Barry Cornwall and others; being a supplementary volume to the poetical works of Byron, Scott, and Moore. One volume. Royal 8 1828. boards. fl. 9. 36 kr. Vellumpaper

fl. 14. Scott, W., poetical works in one volume. gr. 8. 1826. boards.

f. 6. Vellumpaper

f. 7. 12. kr. Thomson, J., the Seasons and Castle of Indolence.

To which is prefixed the life of the author, 8. 1826. boards.

f. 1. 21 kr. Vellumpaper

fi. 2. 15 kr. Veneroni, Maitre italien, ou la grammaire augmentée

de plusieures règles très-nécessaires etc. gr. 8. 1816.

30. kr. Vicar, the, of Wakefield, a tale by Oliver Goldsmith, 8. 1827. boards.

fl. 1. 21 kr. Vellumpaper

fl. 2. 15 kr. The same, stereotype-edition for schools, 12. boards.

27 kr. Voltaire, Histoire de Charles XII roi de Suède. Edit. stéréot. 12. 1831. geh.

36 kr. Will, C., Dictionary of the English and German

Languages. In two parts. Carefully corrected and augmented, the irregular parts of the English verbs inserted in their proper places, together with a concise account of the heathen deities etc. and

a supplement, containing the variations of the : German irregular verbs, simple and compound. 12. Stereot. edit. boards.

fl. 3. 36 kr. Each part to be had separately at fl. 2. 6 kr. Young, Ed., Nachtgedanken. Im Versmaas der

Urschrift übersetzt von Ch. E. Graf von BenzelSternau, gr. 8. 1825.

fl. 3. Velinpapier

fl. á 24 kr.

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