Humanity at the Limit: The Impact of the Holocaust Experience on Jews and Christians

Michael Alan Signer
Indiana University Press, 2000 - 461 páginas

Five decades after the end of World War II, issues relating to the history and meaning of the Holocaust, far from fading from social consciousness, have, if anything intensified. New generations probe the past and its implications for understanding human behavior. As fresh information about the particularities of the Holocaust comes to light, we know more and more about how these events happened, but the deeper question of "why" remains unanswered. In this compelling volume, Jewish and Christian thinkers from Israel, Germany, and Eastern Europe, as well as the United States and Canada, among them scholars from the fields of history, theology, ethics, genetics, the arts, and literature, confront the legacy of the Holocaust and its continuing impact from the perspectives of their disciplines. The issue of religion is central, as the Vatican's 1998 statement We Remember: Reflections on the Shoah prompts Jewish and Christian contributors to address issues of responsibility, evil, and justice within their concrete historical and social settings. The essays in this important interfaith, international, and interdisciplinary volume will leave readers pondering the unavoidable question: what, in view of the crimes of the Holocaust, is the nature of human nature?

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Divine and Human Responsibility in the Light of the Holocaust
Constructing Alternative History
The Strange and the Familiar
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Michael Signer is Co-Director of the University of Notre Dame Holocaust Project and Professor of Jewish Thought and Culture at the University of Notre Dame.

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