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"Therefore will he give them up until the time that she which
travaileth hath brought forth: then the remnant of his brethren shall
return unto the children of Israel."—Micah V. 3.






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Introduction and Brief Summary*.


Object of the Work.

Concerning the Interpretation of Prophecy.

Concerning Faith.

Concerning Figures.

Concerning the Four great Kingdoms; under which heads

all Mankind from the Flood t are shown to be


Concerning the Elect, or Promised Seed; signified by
the Freewoman, which is Zion.

• This Introduction may seem unnecessary, in addition to a
"Preface" and " Object;" but, the fact is, that whilst the work
was in the press, it was suggested to the Author to place his
Table, in a simple form, at the commencement.

t We may include the previous period, also; but the only

authority we hare for determining this is, from the twenty-third

chapter of Matthew, and 35th verse, and from the expression,

"the restitution of all things.'"

A Second Volume of this Work is preparing for the Press, which will contain the following Treatises.

Concerning the Law; signified by the Bondwoman.

Concerning the Remnant of the Promised or Chosen Seed; signified by the Daughter of Zion.

Concerning Principalities and Powers, and Spiritual
Evil in High Places.

Concerning Gentile, answering to that which is contradistinguished from the Elect Seed; and also concerning" Babylon.

The Apostles and Prophets in various instances compared; by which is shown the ulterior Application of the Prophetic Writings.

Concerning Our Saviour.

The Times and Seasons, or Time of the End.

An Explanation of the 2,300 Evenings and Mornings, taken as Years; that is to say, of the 70 Weeks of Daniel, and also of the 69 Weeks and half Week: also of the remainder number of the Days pointed out in the latter part of the connected Vision of Daniel; which altogether will be found to answer to 2,300 Days;

and 11 Days over. . . . . t .. .

An Explanation of the 2,300 Evenings and Mornings, and the II Days over, taken as Days.

The Sum of the Matter shown by Quotation.

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