Founders of Music: Life Sketches for Young Readers

G. Schirmer, 1903 - 149 páginas
Discover history's greatest composers and musicians through the eyes of a young reader in Hannah Smith's Founders of Music. Providing a brief sketch of many early composers and musical greats, this novel contains a chapter and illustration about Mozart for a juvenile reader.

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Página 33 - Almighty God, to whom I render thanks for all his unnumbered mercies, gave me such facility in music that by the time I was six years old I stood up like a man and sang masses in the church choir, and could play a little on the clavier and violin.
Página 74 - I joyfully hasten to meet Death. If he comes before I have had the opportunity of developing all my artistic powers, then, notwithstanding my cruel fate, he will come too early for me, and I should wish for him at a more distant period ; but even then I shall be content, for his advent will release me from a state of endless suffering.
Página 51 - The little girl, who is in her twelfth year, will play the most difficult compositions of the greatest masters; the boy, who is not yet seven, will perform on the clavecin or harpsichord; he will also play a concerto for the violin, and will accompany symphonies on the clavier, the manual or keyboard being covered with a cloth, with as much facility as if he could see the keys; he will instantly name all notes played at a distance, whether singly or in chords, on the clavier, or any other instrument,...
Página 73 - Oh! Ye who think or declare me to be hostile, morose, and misanthropical, how unjust you are, and how little you know the secret cause of what appears thus to you! My heart and mind were ever from childhood prone to the most tender feelings of affection, and I was always disposed to accomplish something great. But you must remember that six years ago I was attacked by an incurable malady, aggravated by...
Página 99 - And then he generally sits down by my side, and when I have done (mostly extemporising) I ask for a kiss, or I take one.
Página 67 - I can with truth say that my life is very wretched. For nearly two years past I have avoided all society, because I find it impossible to say to people, I am deaf.
Página 39 - at the thought of God, his heart leaped for joy, and he could not help his music doing the same.
Página 63 - His improvisation was most brilliant and striking. In whatever company he might chance to be, he knew how to produce such an effect upon every hearer that frequently not an eye remained dry, while many would break out into loud sobs; for there was something wonderful in his expression in addition to the beauty and originality of his ideas and his spirited style of rendering them.
Página 74 - ... steadfastly to persevere till it may please the inexorable Fates to cut the thread of my life. Perhaps I may get better, perhaps not. I am prepared for either. Constrained to become a philosopher in my twenty-eighth year! This is no slight trial, and more severe on an artist than on any one else. God looks into my heart, he searches it, and knows that love for man and feelings of benevolence have their abode there...
Página 144 - I cannot do at all, for it is not my business to "earn money," but it is the business of my admirers to give me as much money as I want, to do my work in a cheerful mood.

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