Explanation and History of the Mysterious Communion with Spirits: Comprehending the Rise and Progress of the Mysterious Noises in Western New York, Generally Received as Spiritual Communications

Capron and Barron, 1850 - 96 páginas

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Página 10 - The times have been That, when the brains were out, the man would die, And there an end ; but now they rise again, With twenty mortal murders on their crowns, And push us from our stools.
Página 21 - He then went close to the place, and said, sternly, " Thou deaf and dumb devil, why dost thou fright these children that cannot answer for themselves ?— come to me in my study, that am a man.
Página 22 - But he wrote to my eldest brother at London to come down. He was preparing so to do, when another letter came, informing him the...
Página 20 - The next evening between five and six o'clock my sister Molly, then about twenty years of age, sitting in the dining-room, reading, heard as if it were the door that led into the hall open, and a person walking in, that seemed to have on a silk night-gown, rustling and trailing along. It seemed to walk round her, then to the door, then round again : but she could see nothing. She thought, " It signifies nothing to run away : for whatever it is, it can run faster than me.
Página 21 - We went up stairs; he with much hope, and I, to say the truth, with much fear. When we came into the nursery, it vas knocking in the next room; when we were there, it was knocking in the nursery. And there it continued to knock, though we came in, particularly at the head of the bed, (which was of wood,) in which ' Miss Hetty and two of her younger sisters lay.
Página 23 - But from that night they began to blow, the noises were more loud and distinct, both day. and night, than before, and that night we rose and went down, I was entirely convinced that it was beyond the power of any human creature to make such strange and various noises. As to your questions, I will answer them particularly, but withal, I desire my answers may satisfy none but yourself, for I would not have the matter imparted to any.
Página 20 - She went again to shut it, and it was again thrust against her ; but she set her knee and her shoulder to the door, forced it to, and turned the key. Then the knocking began again ; but she let it go on, and went up to bed. However, from that time she was thoroughly convinced that there was no imposture in the affair. The next morning, my sister telling my mother what had happened, she said, " If I hear anything myself, I shall know how to judge.
Página 22 - ... after her. Only she thought he might have done it for her, and saved her the trouble. By this time all my sisters were so accustomed to these noises that they gave them little disturbance. A gentle tapping at their bedhead usually began between nine and ten at night. They then commonly said to each other, "Jeffery is coming: it is time to go to sleep.
Página 38 - There are many facts which have come under my observation equally convincing of the intelligence and utility of the communications from these unseen agents, who I now believe are continually about us, and more perfectly acquainted with all our ways, and even our thoughts, than we are with each other. But the fact in reference to my friend PICKARD is what you desire. He was at my house on Friday afternoon, April 6, 1849.
Página 20 - Molly, was waiting as usual between nine and ten, to take away my father's candle, when she heard one coming down the garret stairs, walking slowly by her, then going down the best stairs, then up the back stairs, and up the garret stairs. And at every step it seemed the house shook from top to bottom. Just then my father knocked. She went in, took his candle, and got to bed as fast as possible. In the morning she told this to my eldest sister, who told her, 'You know, I believe none of these things.

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