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containing these deeds came into the bands of one so a special purpose. There is, of course, no finality; and fitted to bring them before the public in the manner a book such as this is capable of almost indefinite ex. they deserve. The beginning of the preface is more like tension. The standpoint from which the various articles the opening of a novel than the introduction to a are written is, as was to be supposed, that of the Church work of antiquarian value. We are told that & chest of of England. Very judicious steering is, of course, neces. English oak, made some time in the fifteenth century, | sary. Reference, however, to such lives as Pusey, was discovered, containing “gome six hundred deeds and Stanley, Colenso, Wesley, and to such even more danpapers, commencing with the De Roches' property in 1271, gerous headings as “ Eternal Punishment,” shows that taking up that of the De Brocas in 1320, proceeding continu. the whole is written with tact and right feeling. Some ously through the ages till the Gardiners succeeded to the questions sent to ‘N. & Q.' might be avoided by a refer. Brocas estates, and ending abruptly enough in 1782." ence to these pages. It is impossible to estimate too highly the value of a find

London Life seen with German Eyes. By Wilhelm of this kind, nor can we, in such a limited space, do

F, justice to the way in which the work of arranging and

Brand. (Field & Tuer.)

It is always edifying to read what foreigners say of us. putting in order these deeds has been done.

Mr. Brand writes goodnaturedly, and displays some Prof. Burrows has been unwearied in his endeavours

acuteness of vision. For English readers, however, his to trace out the whole history of each member of the

book is too cbarged with statistics. When, however, family of De Brocas, and Boswell himself never took more pains to record every fact in the life of his hero

| à propos to dinner parties, wo read that the special

English soups are ox-tail, mulligatawny, and cayenne, than have been taken to verify and make out the smallest

and that the heavy sherry which accompanies them is details about the most obscure member of this great

“ chiefly manufactured in Liverpool," we marvel if some house. Castles, tombs, monumental brasses, churches,

of the information is not, to say the least, out of date. houses, plans, and seals are all engraved, so that we may, in so far as it be possible, see what manner of men the De Brocases were. There are no fewer than twenty.

MR. BURKE, Somerset Herald, is compiling for Dr. four seals engraved, some of them most curious specimens

Howard's Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica an elaof early art. One, the seal of Elys de Ruede, 1334, is a

borate pedigree of the Darwin family. Many valuable wonderfully beautiful thing, and looks as if it might have

documents have been lent by members of the family, been impressed on the wax but yesterday. It is almost

which will enable the compiler to make this important needless to state that every authority that is quoted has the reference given, so that all may verify the facts

genealogy most complete. It will be illustrated with

woodcuts of signatures, including those of Sir Francis for themselves. There is, however, one statement that

Darwin, Dr. Erasmus Darwin, Charles Darwin, Josiah we should much like to be able to gain more informa

| Wedgwood, and many others. A few copies will be tion about. Prof. Burrows is speaking of Sir Pexil

struck off on quarto paper for private circulation, “ He exhibited his love of a jest as much as his vanity in retaining a professional jester, said to be the last case of the sort in any English private family." What is the

Notices to Correspondents. authority for this? We do not doubt the statement, but we should like to be able to prove it. The portrait of We must call special attention to the following notices : this jester is still preserved, and some one of a later genera. On all communications must be written the name and tion bas inscribed it with the words, “Hodge, Jester to Sir | address of the sender, not necessarily for publication, but Pexil Brocas, of Beaurepaire." We wish very much as a guarantee of good faith, that it had been engraved for this book, Prof. Burrows | We cannot undertake to answer aneri

We cannot undertake to answer queries privately. says: “It is the face of a rougb, humorous fellow, some

To secure insertion of communications correspondente thing like an old-fashioned innkeeper," To turn from

must observe the following rule. Let each note, query, the merely family history to the part of the book that

or reply be written on a separato slip of paper, with the gives an account of the English rule in Aquitaine, Here

signature of the writer and such address as he wishes to we get a stirring picture of the events that make the

appear. Correspondents who repeat queries are requested reign of Edward III, one of the most glorious on record,

to head the second communication “ Duplicate." It was a great and terrible loss for this country that the Black Prince did not live to carry on the work so grandly MANIGETZ - The World Displayed' is a collection begun, Prof. Burrows says that his death and that of of voyages and travels selected from writers of all Henry V. caused the most bitter feelings of disappoint- | nations. It was published in 20 vols., Lond., 1759 et ment and distress that England has ever felt. With the seq., with a preface by Dr. Samuel Johnson. "A third exception of that of Cromwell, whose death brought edition, also in 20 vols., appeared in 1767, and a fourth absolute chaos, no other deaths have ever had such evil in 1774, effects on the country, so far as we can judge. Those

LELAND Noel (“ Origin of the Name of Waverley "). persons who delight in working out the answers to questions such as, What would have been the effect on

-As to Scott's choice of this word, and its association the kingdom had Edward VI. lived ?-may, perhaps, be

with Waverley Abbey, near Farnham, see 3rd S. v. 176. able to tell us which of the two caused the greatest un- J. M. DONOVAN.-The heir apparent in such a case happiness to the country. We are not able to give an would be the eldest son of the pri

would be the eldest son of the Prince of Wales. opinion on such a complex matter. We can only add that we are sure that all of us who have any feeling of

NOTICE, reverence for the past will delight in this account of the Editorial Communications should be addressed to “The Brocas family.

Editor of Notes and Queries '"- Advertisements and

Business Letters to “The Publisher"-at the Office, 22, The Dictionary of Religion. Edited by the Rev. William Took's Court, Cursitor Street, Chancery Lane, E.C. Benham, B.D., F.S.A. (Cassell & Co.)

We beg leave to state that we declino to return com. This work was begun by the late Rev. J. H. Blunt, and munications which, for any reason, we do not print; and completed by the present editor. It serves admirably to this rule we can make no exception.


Edinburgh Review, October, 1880.

Now ready, price 108, 6d, each, cloth boards, with very Copious Indexes, NOTES AND QUERIES.


Volumes I, to XII. of the Sixth Series of NOTES AND QUERIES contain, in addition to a great variety of

similar Notes and Replies, Articles of Interest on the following Subjects : English, Irish, and Scottish History.

Philology. The Plagues of 1605 and 1625–Wolves in England Tennis — Puzzle - Rickets-American Spelling-SnobPrices in the Middle Ages-Executions of 1745—The Jolly-Boycotting-Argosy-Jennet-Bedford - Maiden "Meal Tub Plot"-Episcopacy in Scotland - English in Place-names-Deck of Cards-Masher-Belfry-Brag Roman Catholic Martyrs-Hereward le Wake-Hiding

-Bulrush-Tram - Hearse - Whittling - Beef-eater Places of Charles II.- Where did Edward II. diep Boom-At bay. Battle between Armies of Suetonius and Boadicea

Genealogy and Heraldry.
William III. at the Battle of the Boyne-" The Green
Bago-Confidential Letters to James II. about Ireland

The Arms of the Popes-Courtesy Titles-Rolls of Arms Anne Boleyn's Heart-Hubert de Burgh-Henry Martin

-Book-plates-Earldom of Mar-Arms of the Sea of

York-Fitzhardinges of Berkeley-Heraldic Differences the Regicide-Lord Hussey and the Lincolnshire Rebellion,

-Barony of Valoines - Colonial Arms - Earldom of Ormonde-The Violet in Heraldry-Arms of Vasco da

Gama-Seal of the Templars-Earldom of Suffolk. Biography. Lois de Camoeng - Thomas Bell Cromwell - William

Fine Arts. Penn-Nell Gwynne-Coleridge--Curll the Bookseller

Hogarth's only Landscape-The “Hours" of Raphael Sir John Cheke Gibson, Bishop of London-Thorpe the

Rubens's “Daniel and the Lions" - Early GillraysArchitect-Sir Richard Whittington-Charles Wolfe,

Retzsch's Outlines-Portraits of Byron-Velasquez and

his Works-Tassie's Medallione-Copley's “Attack on Bibliography and Literary History.

Jersey." Shakspeariana-Chap-Book Notes—" Adeste Fideles"

Ecclesiastical Matters. * The Land of the Leal"-John Gilpin-"Reynard the

The Revised Version-Pulpits-The Episcopal WigFox"_"Lead, kindly Light"-Rabelais-London Pub

Vestments-Temporal Power of Bishops-Easter Bepullishers of 18th Century-The Welsh Testament- The

chres-Canonization-The Basilican Rite-The Scottish Libraries of Balliol, All Souls'. Bragenose, and Queen's

Office-Tulchan Bishops-Seventeenth Century “Indul

gence" - The “Month's Mind" - Clergy hunting in Colleges, Oxford-Key to “Endymion "-Early Roman Catholic Magazines-Stuart Literature-The Libraries of

Bcarlet-The Irish Hierarchy-Libraries in ChurchesEton, and Trinity College, Cambridge-"Dame Europa"

Lambeth Degrees-Fifteenth Century Rood-screensBibliography - Unpublished Letters of Dr. Johnson

Franciscans in Scotland-Bishops of Dunkeld-Prayer** Rock of Ages "_Eikon Basilike Deutera "-William

Book Rule for Easter-Fur Tippets-The Church in the of Tyre--Bibliography of Skating-"The Book"-Notes

Channel Isles-Metrical Psalms-Order of Adminly on the “ Religio Medici"-Authorship of the "Imitatio"

tration, -Tristram Shandy-Critical Notes of Charles Lamb. Classical Subjects.

“ Persii Satiræ"_Roman Arithmetic-The Alastor of Popular Antiquities and Folk-lore.

Augustus-" Acervus Mercurii"-" Vesous" in Georgics Slavonic Mythology - Folk- lore of Leprosy - Lycan

iii, 175-Oppian-Juvenal's Satire li.-Transliteration of thropy-North Italian Folk-lore - Friday unlucky fo

Iliad i.-Aristophanes' “ Ranæ "-Simplicius on EpioHarriage-West Indian Superstitiong_" Milky Way”_

tetus-Tablet of Cebes-Imitative Verse-"Felix quom Folk-lore of Birds-Feather Superstition-Medical and

faciunt," &c. Funeral Folk-lore.


Grub Street-Porta del Popolo_" Turk's Head ” Bagnio Poetry, Ballads, and Drama.

-The Old Corner of St. Paul's Cathedral-Thames The Drama in Ireland—“Tom Jones” on the French Embankments-Statue in Brasenose Quadrangle-Middle Stage-"Auld Robin Gray" -" Harpings of Lena"

Temple Lane-Ormond Street Chapel-Roman Villa at Ms. of Gray's " Elegy "The “Mystery" of 8. Panta

Bandown-Ashburnham House-Carew Castle-Rushton leon-Rogers's “Pleasures of Memory"-" Blue bonnets Hall, Westenhaugh-Welton House, Over the Border "-Swift's Verses on his own Death

Miscellaneous. Tennyson's “ Palace of Art"-Ballad of “ William and

Christian Names-Election Colourg-Buried Alive-O.K. Margaret" - The Australian Drama - Poem by J. M.

-Ladies' Clubs-Zoedone-Berkeley Square MysteryNeale - Shelley's “Ode to Mont Blanc" - Hymns by

Wife Selling-The Telephone-Scrutin de Liste-OrocoChas. Wesley_ Cross Purposes"-Tennyson's “ Dream

dile's Tears-Jingo-The Gipsies-Hell-Fire Club-Tarota of Fair Women"_"Logie o' Buchan."

-Tobacco in England-Sea Bickness unknown to the

Ancients-Names of American States-Carucate-Female Popular and Proverbial Sayings.

Boldiers and Sailors-Mistletoe--Giants-Jewesses and * To rule the roast"_"Licked into shape "_" Bosh » Wigs-Memories of Trafalgar-Green Eyes-Beaumon- Joining the majority-Up to snuff -"To the bitter tague-Secret Chambers in Ancient Houses—The Bons. end_Conspicuous by his absence - Play old Goose

parte-Patterson Marriage-Ace of Spades-Wig Curlon berry _“The grey mare is the better horse" - Bred

Female Churchwardens-The Opal-House of Ker od born - Drunk & David's Sow — Out off with a Church Registers — Arm-in-arm - E. 0. - Napolson's ahilling-Tin-money-Getting into a scrape.

Legacy to Cantillon.

Published by JOAN C. FRANCIS, 22, Took’s-court, Cursitor-street, Chancery-lane, E.C.

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KENT. Maar and Plan. Post 8VOSLE of

78. 01.

78. 6d.

lect and its ENVIRONA

WIGHT. Maps and Plans. Post 8vo.

Post 8vo. 208.


A small oblong volume, bound in leather. 16mo. 6s. ** This work contains a large number of colloquial words and expressions, especially adapted to the requirements o travellers, and not included in ordinary dictionaries. TRAVEL TALK: English, French, German, and Italian, 16mo. 3s. 6d. ENGLISH.

LONDON AS IT IS. Maps and Plans. 16mo. HOLLAND and BELGIUM. Map. 6s.

The RHINE and NORTH GERMANY. ENVIRONS of LONDON, including a Map and Plans. Post 8vo. 108.

Circuit Twenty Miles round the Metropolis. Two Parts. 218. SOUTH GERMANY. Maps and Plang. 10s. ENGLAND and WALES, Arranged SWITZERLAND, SAVOY and PIEDMONT, Alphabetically. Map.

the ITALIAN LAKES, DAUPHINÉ, &c. Maps and Plans. In EASTERN COUNTIES - Norfolk, Suffolk,

Two Parts. Post 8vo. 108. Cambridgeshire, and Essex. Map and Plans. Post 8vo. 191. FRANCE, Part I.: Normandy, Brittany, KENT, Map and Plans. Post 8vo. 7s. 6d.

Touraine, Limousin, the Pyrenees, &o. Maps and Plans. Post 8vo.

FRANCE, Part II.: Central France, the + SURREY, HANTS, and the ISLE of

French Alps, Alsace, Lorraine, &c. Maps and Plans. Post 8vo.

PARIS and its ENVIRONS. Maps and BERKS, BUCKS, and OXON. Map and Plans. 16mo. 35. 6.1. Plans. Post 8vo. 98,

The MEDITERRANEAN. Maps and Plans. WILTS, DORSET, and SOMERSET. Map. Post 8vo. 128.

ALGERIA and TUNIS. Maps and Plans. + DEVON. Maps and Plans.

+ SPAIN. Maps and Plans. Post 8vo. CORNWALL. Maps. Post 8vo. 6s.


NORTH ITALY, the RIVIERA, VENICE, WORCESTER. Map and Plads. Post 8vo. 98. NORTH WALES. Map. Post 8vo. 7s. CENTRAL ITALY and FLORENCE. Maps SOUTH WALES. Map. Post 8vo. 78,

and Plans. Post 8vo. 108. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE and RUTLAND.

+ ROME and its ENVIRONS. Maps and

Plans. Post 8vo. Maps. Post 870. 78.6d. + DERBY, NOTTS, LEICESTER, and

SOUTH ITALY and NAPLES. Maps and STAFFORD. Map. Post 8vo.

Plans. Post 8vo. 108. SHROPSHIRE and CHESHIRE. Maps and

+ EGYPT. Maps and Plans. Post 8vo. Plans. Post 8vo. 68.

GREECE. In Two Parts. Maps, Plans, LANCASHIRE Maps and Plans. 7s. 6d. and Views. Post 8vo. 248. YORKSHIRE. Maps and Plans. 12s.

TURKEY in ASIA. Maps and Plans. 158. DURHAM and NORTHUMBERLAND. DENMARK. Maps and Plans. Post 8vo. 6s. Map. Post svo. 98.

SWEDEN. Maps and Plans. Post 8vo, 6s. SCOTLAND. Maps and Plans. 98.

NORWAY. Maps and Plans. Post 8vo. 98.

| + RUSSIA. Maps and Plans. Post 8vo. IRELAND. Maps and Plans. 10s.

BOMBAY. Map and Plans. Post 8vo. 15s. ENGLISH CATHEDRALS. With 420 Illus MADRAS. Maps and Plaps. Post 8vo. 158.


and Plans. Post 8vo. 208. EASTERN DIVISION, 218.


KASAMER, SINDH, &c. Map. Post svo. 158.
ST. PAUL'S. 108. 6d.

HOLY LAND. Maps and Plans. 20s.

*** MAP of PALESTINE. In a case, 129. + New Editions in the press.

&c. Maps and Plang. Post 8vo. 108.

trations. Crown 8vo.


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WELSH. 168.

JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle-street.

Printed by JOHN C. FRANCIS, Athenæum Press, Tooks.court, Oursitor-street, Chancery-lane. E.O.; and Published by the said

JOHN O. FRANCIS at No. 29, Took's-court, Cursitor-street, Chancery lane, E.C. - Saterday, July 2, 1887.

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Each Volume to be had separately, with the exceptions shown, in crown 8vo. cloth, 6s, The PRIVATE LIFE of MARIE The LIFE of HENRY JOHN TEMPLE,

JEANNE LOUISE HENRIETTE CAMPAN, First Lady-in and Correspondence. By the late Lord DALLING and BULWER.
Waiting to the Queen. With a short Memoir of Madame Campan la 9 vols. crown 8vo, each with Frontispiece, 128.
by MM. BARKERE and MAIGNE. An entirely New and
Kerised Edition, with additional Notes. In crown 8vo. 68. With The LIFE of THEODORE EDWARD HOOK.
Portrait on Steel.


In crown 8vo. 68. The HISTORY of the RISE and PROGRESS

"The RAMSBOTTOM LETTERS" are also included in this of the ENGLISH CONSTITUTION. By Sir EDWARD CREASY, Edition. late Chief Justice of Ceylon. A Popular Account of the Primary Principles, and Formation and Development of the English Con. stitution, avoiding all Party Politics. Fourteenth Edition. Crown

From the French of M. MIGNET, by ANDREW SOOBLE. With SFO. 6s.

2 Portraits. In crown 8vo. 68. The FIFTEEN DECISIVE BATTLES of the The LIFE of OLIVER CROMWELL. From WORLD. By Sir EDWARD CREASY, late Chief Justice of

the French of M. QUIZOT, by ANDREW SCOBLE. In crown Ceylon. Thirtieth Edition, with Plans. Crown 8vo. 68.

Svo. with 4 Portraits, 68. The LIFE of LORD WOLSELEY. BY SEVEN YEARS at ETON, 1857-1864. CHARLES RATH BONE LOW, (late) Indian Navy, F.R.G.S. Edited by JAMES BRINSLEY RICHARDS. Third Edition. In l vol. erown SVO. With a Portrait, 68.

ln i vol. crowo Bro. 68. LETTERS to a FRIEND. By the late EDMUND YATES: an Autobiography. By

CONNOP THIRLWALL, D.D., Bishop of St. David's, and Edited EDMUND YATES. Io crown 8vo. with Portrait. Fourth by the late Dead STANLEY. A New and much Enlarged Edition.

Edition. 68. al vol. crown 8vo. With a Portrait, 68.

The LIVES of PAINTERS: Hogarth, Sir DEAN HOOK: his Life and Letters. Edited Joshua Reynolds, Gainsborough, Fuseli, Sir Thomas Lawrence. bs the Rev. W. H. W. STEPHENS, Vicar of Woolbeding, Author

Turner. By JOHN TIMBS, F.S.A. Crown 8vo. with Portraits, 6s. of Life of St. John Chrysostom,' &c. The Popular Enition. In The LIVES of WITS and HUMOURISTS: 1 Tol crown 8vo. with Index and Portrait, 68.

Swift, Steele, Foote, Goldsmith, the Colmans, Sheridan, Porson, A MEMOIR of the late Rev. JOHN

Sydney Smith, Thoodore Hook, &c. By JOHN TIMBS, F.S.A.

In 2 vols. crown 8vo. with Portraits, 128. RUSSELL, of Tordown, North Devon. By the Author of 'Dartmoor Days,'Wolf Hunting in Brittany,' &c. A New and Revised | The LIVES of STATESMEN: Burke and Edition, brought down to date. In i vol. crown 8vo. with a Portrait, 60

Chatham. By JOHN TIMBS, F.S.A. Crown 8vo. with Portraits, RECOLLECTIONS of a LITERARY LIFE. DOOTORS and PATIENTS. By John Timbs, With Selections from her Favourite Poets and Prose Writers. By

F.S.A. A New and Revised Edition. Crowu 8vo. 68. VARY RUSSELL MITFORD, Crowa 8vo. with Portrait, 68.

The ISLANDS of the PACIFIC. Being an The LIFE of the Rev. RICHARD HARRIS

Account of nearly all the inhabited Islands of the Pacific, their BARHAM (Author of the 'Ingoldsby Legends). By his son, the Peoples, and their Products By H. STONEHEWER COOPER. key. RICHARD H. DALTON BARHAM. A New Edition. In

A New and Revised Edition (of 'CORAL LANDS'). In crown crown 8vo. with Portrait, 68.

850. 68. The INGOLDSBY LEGENDS. The Edin


From the French of M. HENRY HAVARD, by ANNIE WOOD. burgh Edition. AD Edition in large type, with 50 Illustrations In crown 8vo. with 10 Illustrations. The New and Popular Ds Cruikshank, Leech, Tenniel, Bacham, and Du Maurier, Re Edition. 68. engraved on Wood for this Edition by George Pearson. In crown $70, Ted cloth, 62.

The BENTLEY BALLADS. Selected from Also bound in gold cloth, with paper label, same price.

Bentley's Miscellany. Edited by JOHN SHEEHAN. In crown

810, 68. The LETTERS of RUNNYMEDE, and The

TURNING POINTS in LIFE. By the Rev. SPIRIT OF WHIOGISM. A New Edition. Edited, with Prefaces abd Notes, by FRANCIS AITOHMAN. Iu crown 8vo. with a FREDERICK ARNOLD, Author of Christchurch Days,' &c. Frontispiece, 68.

A New Edition. In crown svo. 68.

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V No. 51, SIXTH SERIES, for which 2.. 6d. each will be given. -Address JOHN 0. FRANCIS, Notes and Queries Office, 22, Took's court, Cursitor-street, Cbancery-lane, E.C.

NEORGE BORROW.-Letters and MSS. of this
U Author are desired by his Biographer. Please address E. G.
ALLEN, 28, Henrietta-street, Covent-garden.

LIVES of the SAINTS. By the Rev.

S. BARING-GOULD, M.A. A New Edition, with several
Hundred Mustrations.

Vol. XVI, will contain a COMPLETE INDEX.
Vol. XVII, SAINTS with their EMBLEMS.

To SOLICITORS.-The Advertiser, unarticled,

1 who has bad considerable experience in the various branches of the profession as Managing Clerk, with the entire conduct and management of matters entrusted to him, is, owing to the death of his late employer, with whom he was engaged for nearly ten years, desirous of obtaining & RE-ENGAGEMENT as soon as possible. Very hich references as to character and ability can be given.-Address E. L. P. 17, Edna-street, Battersea, S.W.


they are Distinguished in Works of Art. By the late Very Rev. F. C. HUSENBETH, D.D. A New Edition, with numerous Corrections and Additions, by the Rev. AUGUSTUS JESSOPP, D.D. Forming the Seventeenth and Last Volume of Mr. Baring-Gould's Lives of the Saints.'

NORWICH, 37 and 39 (late 4 and 5), Timber Hill.

-Mr. B. SAMUEL frequently has good Specimens of Chippendale, Wedgwood, Old Plate, Oriental and other China, Pictures of the Norwich School, &c.


1 Floor, Lonsdale Chambers, 27, Chancery-lane.- MSS. carefully Typed by experienced copyists at 15d. per 1,000 words. Terms for Dramatic and otber work on application. -Sole Proprietor and Manager, Mrs. MARSHALL.


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CRYPHAL SCRIPTURES. Being the Additions to the Old Testament Canon which were included in the Ancient Greek and Latin Versions; the English Text of the Authorized Version, together with the additional Matter found in the Vulgate and other Ancient Versions; Introductions to the several Books and Fragments; Marginal Notes and References; and a General Introduction to the Apocrypha. By the Rev. W. R, CHURTON, B.D., Fellow of King's College, Cambridge, Canon of the Cathedral of St. Alban's, and Examining Chaplain of the Bishop. Large post 8vo. pp. 608, cloth, 78. 60.


EVERY PARISH in the COUNTY of SOMERSET. from 1809-1740. Edited by F. W. WEAVER, M.A., Editor of the. Visite tions of the Counties of Somerset and Hereford.' Price to Subscribers, One Guinea.

Address, Milton, Evercreech, Somerset.

Very large type, demy 8vo, cloth, 108, 6d.
The DAILY ROUND. Meditation,

Praise, and Prayer adapted to the Course of the Christian

RARE BOOKS at low prices :- Richardson's

LU Monastic Ruins of Yorkshire. 19 original numbers, 81. 8.-
Percy Society's Publications, 1840-52, 80 yols. half-morocco, gilt, uncut,
801. -Soulptured Stones of Sootland, Spalding Club. 2 vola. 181.-
Address letter J.S., 15, Great George-street, Westminster,


It may also be had in imperial 32mo. cloth, 38.; Persian

Price 28. roan, 4s. 6d.; morocco, 6s Royal 24mo. cloth, 3s. 6d. ;

SPECIAL DOUBLE NUMBER OF THE morocco, 68. 6d. Foolscap 8vo. cloth, 4s. 6d. ; Persian roan,

MISCELLANEA GENEALOGICA et 68.; morocco, 98.; and in several other sizes.

U HERALDICA, for JUNE and JULY, containing-


PLATE of MONUMENT to THOMAS LANGLEY, Esq., 1694. mentary on the Four Holy Gospels, containing the Narra With Pedigree, Arms, and 15 Autographs. tive of Our Blessed Lord's Life and Ministry. By the Rev.

FAOSIMILES of TWO LETTERS of SIR ROGER DALYSON, 1601, W. MICHELL, M.A., Diocesan Inspector of Schools in the | SHIELD of THOROLD QUARTERINGS. Diocese of Bath and Wells. A New Edition, Revised. 2 vols. BOOK PLATE of WILLIAM BARTLETT. With Arms and Seal. cloth, 6s,

London : MIICHELL & HUGHES, 140, Wardour-street, W.

London : J. WHITAKER, 12, Warwick-lane.



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gentest eas diarth


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