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1453, and they have remained there ever since. there was a learned controversy on this curious Nor have they even now been disturbed. “The topic. Some one at last took it into his head to Turks have not dared to interfere with them," says examine the child and the tooth, and then it was & friend of mine, who was at Constantinople last made out that the tooth had been artificially covered year, and who then saw the vestry and its con-over with a thin leaf of gold. Even then it was not tents. My friend is an able and competent wit-sure that the child had been born with any tooth at ness; and as I make this statement on his autho- all. Fontenelle concluded, so far as I remember, rity it will not (thank Goodness!) be open to any “On écrivit les dissertations ; et puis, on consulta contributor to charge me with error. A. J. M.

l'orfèvre.” This story was called to my mind by

MR. VYVYAN's question. He says that at BEEHIVE HOUSES (7th S. iv. 203, 369).-Such

Amiens he saw above one of the entrances to the huts I have just seen on the borders of the Shiel

Law Courts buildings “Salle des orores." He inriver, in Argyllshire. Ono was in course of construction. I saw this finished in the six days that

quired in these columns about the meaning of the

word orores, and he did get explanations. I do I remained in the neighbourhood-walls and roof

not know the word orores-no Frenchman would all of thick turf and "shaped like an elongated

an elongated understand it; and I wonder that a word could be beehive."

HAROLD MALET, Colonel. placed over an entrance to law courts buildings of CANA PLATES (7th S. iv. 227, 334).-The com- any country that should not be intelligible to the munication from R. N. reminds' me that I have a people. Such inscriptions are generally devised to china bowl of the game kind as he describes, have a meaning, and a very plain one, and not to which was given to me some years ago by my be puzzles. uncle's widow. She died about seven years ago, at French friends. Why did he not ask the porter of the age of ninety, and she told me it was the only the building? I never was at Amiens, and I have piece she had of a tea-set which was made for her seen neither the Palais de Justice nor the inscripuncle (who was in the navy) when he was in tion; but I strongly suspect that where MR. VYVYAN China. The bowl is of plain white china, with a has read “Salle des orores” there must be “Salle coat of arms and crest painted on it.

des ordres," and that it probably refers to the “pro

HENRY DRAKE. cédure des ordres et contributions," to use a legal HISTORY ALL AWRY (76h S. iv. 221, 289).-I

term. See Code de Procédure Civile,' part i.

liv. v. titre quatorzième, “Del' Ordre." See also do not wish to make any rejoinder to Mr. Rre's ||

the general index to 'Les Codes Français, s.v. reply to my criticisms of his account of the Wal

“ Ordre.”

H. Gaidoz. poles. Indeed, his reply is no reply at all. I only wish to assure the readers of 'N. & Q.'

22, Rue Servandoni, Paris. that before I wrote I had not even heard of MR.

Is it possible that if your correspondent had put Rre's article in the Norfolk Antiquarian Maga

a pair of spectacles on his nose he would have read wine on the Walpole pedigree.

“Salle des ordres "? I may be allowed to add that more than three Will your correspondent A. H. kindly state in months ago I gave privately the same positive which of Cicero's works he has met with the form denial to MR. RYE.

H. S. WALPOLE. oror, whence the plural orores"? No such form is Stagbury, Surrey.

given in any Latin dictionary that I bave been able ORORES (7th S. iv. 247, 358).—I am obliged to

to consult. Oreur, herald, is given in Roquefort's MR. H. DRAKE and A. ). for their replies. They l 'Glossaire de la Langue Romane. Is this of any have given some elucidation to the meaning of the use to your querist at the first reference ? word, but I am still at a loss to know why no

F. C. BIRKBECK TERRY. French dictionary, and no Frenchman with whom STRONNAY (7th S. iv. 327).—Is not this StornoI am acquainted, has given or has heard of the way? The transposition of the go presents no word. A. H. says “Cicero has the word oror, whence difficulty, I think. JULIAN MARSHALL. the plural orores." I wish he would kindly tell me where in Cicero this is found. I have hunted in

AUTHORS OF QUOTATIONS WANTED (7th S. iv. every Latin Dictionary, but have failed to find the

269).— word. EDWARD R. VYVYAN.

| In Sermons Preached in a Religious House,' 1869,

vol, i. p. 316, the quotation in inverted commas is :Fontenelle bas told somewhere a nice and

Our homes are here too narrow, suggestive story. Towards the end of the six

Our work lies far apart, teenth or in the beginning of the seventeenth

We scarce share joy or sorrow century a report was heard of a child born with a

With the dearest of our heart : gold tooth. Physicians and students engaged in

There will be room above,

In our great Father's Hall, natural philosophy took the matter into considera

To live with those we love, tion, and immediately undertook to explain the

Through the best time of all, phenomenon. Of course they did not agree, and


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The Edinburgh Review for October opens with a care

fully drawn and instructive picture of Rural France, NOTES ON BOOKS, &o.

a country of which most of those who rush at expres Annals of the English Stage from Thomas Belterton to speed over the line of the Paris-Lyon-Méditerranée bave

Edmund Kean. By Dr. Doran, F.S.A. Edited and but the faintest conception. The outcome of the study revised by Robert W. Lowe. 3 volg. (Nimmo.) here presented is that the peasant proprietor cannot be To readers of N. & Q.' the works of Dr. Doran, with created at will, that he will not thrive on land which their pleasant blending of antiquarian information and does not support rabbits, and that the métayer system social gossip, are well known. To a portion of them it is worthy of attention as a possible solution of some of the will be good news that tbe scarcest and the most popular difficulties of the land question-"if there be implicit conof these, the 'Annals of the Stage,' first published under fidence between the landlord and his working partner." the characteristic title of 'Their Majesties' Servants,' It may, perhaps, be asked whether this desirable and has now been reissued in an édition de lure. During necessary confidence can itself be created, any more than many ye

rk, which has been greatly in request | the peasant proprietor. The Ministry of Fine Art with book illustrators, bas been at a fancy price. It is carries us over a wide field of history, and brings before now, in an absolutely sumptuous form, brought within us in picturesque succession the Roman palace at Wood. reach of the reading public. Editor of N. & Q' as he chester, the very ancient Title of St. Pudentiana in the was, Dr. Doran was not fully sensible to the truth of the Eternal City, the Oriental magnificence of St. Mark's motto, “Always verify your quotations," which should and of Monreale, and the more purely Western glories follow that famous and historic utterance of Capt. of Orvieto and Siena, and of Or San Michele in the City Cuttle which now stands in solitary dignity on the title of Flowers. “Prince Adam Czartoryski' is a name which page. His work, accordingly, pleasant as it is to read, calls up visions of a past when as yet the first partition is not wholly trustworthy. Its shortcomings in this of Poland had not taken place. Prince Adam Casimir respect have been remedied by Mr. Robert W. Lowe, was the national candidate for the uneasy crown of one of the youngest and the most erudite of students of Poland against Stanislaus Poniatowski, His son, Prince stage bistory. With the minute and conscientious Adam, the subject of the notice, was Russian Foreign fidelity of a herald, Mr. Lowe bas gone over the pages of Minister in 1803 ; in 1830 he was head of the Provisional • Their Majesties' Servants,' verifying quotations, supply Government of Warsaw, and thereafter an exile. Finis ing references, and regulating and, if needs be, correct. | Polonial In ' A Plea for Peace' the Edinburgh shows ing impetuosities of statement. This task Mr. Lowe has itself somewhat more optimistic as to the preservation discharged with commendable industry and acumen. of European peace than the general sense of uneasiness His notes are condensed and to the point. They appear may seem to warrant. Si vis pacem, para bellum, would few and unobtrusive ; tbey are, in fact, numerous and appear to be the favourite motto of more than one of the important. We would fain have had them more, since, great powers. large as is the amount of information Dr. Doran supplies,

TAE Quarterly Review for October, in its consideration it is far from exhaustive. New materials have of late

of the Catholic Revival in the Sixteenth Century,' been brought within reach of the stage historian, and information supplementary to that Dr. Doran has sup

gives high praise to Father Paul, the fragile ascetic plied, especially with reference to the earliest actors,

Po student, the bibliotheca ambulans, who wrote the history

of the Council of Trent, and at the same time to the would be welcome. A general index at the close of the

Society of Jesus, whose establishment it credits with work is, moreover, preferable to the three indexes which

being “one of the capital facts in the history of the aro affixed to the respective volumes. Meanwhile, the new edition has a decidedly antiquarian

world.” The importance of the Council of Trent is apt flavour. Its superb copper-plate portraits of actors, after

to be too mueh forgotten in these days, and the reviewer desigos by Gainsborough, Reynolds, Zoffany, &c., some

has done well in emphasizing it. In the story of the life of them drawn from curious and recondite quarters, and

of Count Beust we are brought face to face with men executed in the highest style of art, are wbat will com.

whose very names are a history in themselves-the mend the book to general approval. Even more precious

“ Citizen King," Louis Philippe, carving at his oma

dinner table, and carving badly; John of Saxony than these, however, are the wondcuts on Japanese paper

angering Bismarck's royal master at Berlin as the very which serve for headpieces. Whence some of them were drawn is a matter of curiosity, Few of those best ac

man whom he could not scold; Napoleon III., "un

repared for war" when Beust would have had him let quainted with the literature of the stage can have been

slip the dogs,-and we watch the dramatic struggle for aware of the existence of many of these designs. To the first chapter is prefixed a beautifully executed design of

German supremacy between Berlin and Vienna, decided the Bear Garden. Successive chapters are beaded by

at Sadowa. Among calmer subjects the Quarterly the Swan Theatre as it appeared in 1614; the Globe, six

makes October its time of 'Roses,' and has a suggestive teenth century; the Fortune, sixteenth century; the

article on Dairy Produce,' a topic involving questions of

no little importance to those who, when they ask for Lincoln's Inn Fields, 1714; two views of the Duke's Theatre, Dorset Garden, 1662. Following designs pre

milk, butter, or cheese, would like to be able to think gent Colley Cibber, D'Avenant, Mrs. Centlivre, Steele,

that they get it-but cannot. The article on the Suez Barton Booth, Peg Woffington, and innumerable other

Canal and the Egyptian Question' takes a very favour actors. Theatres such as the old Haymarket, Drury thinks that we may shortly find ourselves obliged to

able view of the French position on that question, and Lane, the Theatres Royal, Edinburgh, Dublin, Ipswich, I adopt what it states as the French policy in Egypt. Norwich, &c., are given; and there are reproductions of pit checks, Milward's benefit ticket, drawn by Hogarth, To the series of privately printed opuscules, now rapidly and numerous other objects of no less interest. Difficult augmenting in number, value, and interest, Mr. Edward indeed is it to conceive a book of this class deserving Walford, M.A., has added In Memoriam Bro. Cornelius bigher praise or appealing to a larger public. It is Walford, a short sketch of the literary life of bis kidspleasant to see an old favourite in so lovely and artistic man. A' full tribute is herein paid to the unflagging a dress, and not less pleasant to think that the work industry of Mr. Cornelius Walford, of whom a portrait is wholly English, and in design and execution owes is supplied. The interest of the volume extends out. nothing to a foreign source.

side the enterprising society to which the Messrs. Walford belonged, but the strict limits of the issue place it! “We are to be occupied not so much with literature within reach of few readers. It is gratifying to hear that as with books, not so much with criticism as with the collections Mr. Walford made with a view to the bibliography, the quaint duenna of literature, a study issue of a 'Dictionary of Periodical Literature,' an

apparently dry, but not without its humours." enormous undertaking, are in the bands of Mr. J. P. 1“PF

ANDREW LANG. Edmond, of Aberdeen, with a view to publication. Friends of Cornelius Walford who seek to possoss the biography can apply to Mr. Walford, at Hyde Park Tastefully printed in old style, medium 8vo. on antique paper Mansions.

with numerous Illustrations and Embellishments.

THE FIRST NUMBER NOW READY. MR. ALFRED WALLIS, of Exeter, has undertaken to complete a second series of the 'Angler's Note-Book' of

PRICE SIXPENCE MONTHLY. the late Mr. Thomas Satchell. The work will be pub. lished by Mr. Elliot Stock.

THE MR. CHARLES J. CLARK, of Lincoln's Inn Fields, announces the “ Index Library," a series of indexes and calendars to British records, edited by W. P. W. Philli. more, M.A., B.C.L. The publication of this desirable | A MAGAZINE OF OLD-TIME LITE. series will be monthly, and will begin December 15.


In the pages of THE BOOK-WORM will be found Notices to Correspondents.

abundance of lore for all those who are interested in

the books of bygone days. We must call special attention lo the following notices :

The Collector will also

find Papers and Jottings on his own speciality. On all communications must be written the name and address of the sender, not necessarily for publication, but

Subjects interesting to the book-lover will be treated as a guarantee of good faith.

by competent hands and in a sympathetic spirit ; We cannot undertake to answer queries privately.

sometimes in the form of continuous Chapters, and

sometimes detached Articles, as well as in shorter To secure insertion of communications correspondents must observe the following rule, Let each note, query,

Paragraphs and Notes, or extracts from out-of-theor reply be written on a separate elip of paper, with the way books. The whole work will be written in a signature of the writer and such address as he wishes to

condensed yet readable style, and where needful illus. appear. Correspondents who repeat queries are requested trated, and will form a vast store of useful and to head the second communication “ Duplicate."

interesting information. THOMAS DIGBY (“Publishers of Poems by Barry Corn

The following are some of the Subjects which will wall, Capt. Morris, George Canning").— Barry Cornwall's Poems, in 3 vols., were published by Henry Colburn &

be treated of in the early Numbers :Co., 1822; Morris's . Lyra Urbanica 'by Bentley. Can.

SHAKESPEARIANA.-CELEBRATED DICTIONARIES.-CURIOning's works were published by Chapman & Hall, Tegs,

an Hall, Tegg, 5S OF PREFACES. -LITERARY CLINGYAS: Virtue. Longmana Rido Virtue, Longmans, Ridgway, and Baldwin. The collected

EMINENT BOOKSELLERS, PRINTERS, AND BIBLIOPHILES. poems appeared with a memoir in 1823. The publisher

LITERARY ANTAGONISMS. -FAMOUS MAGAZINES OF THE of this we cannot tell you. Some contributor will pro PAST.--NEWS LETTERS AND NEWS SHEETS.-CHRONICLES bably be better informed.



VOTIONAL Books.-SEVENTEENTH CENTURY WOODCUTS. Somersetshire, is anxious to obtain the first edition of

BALLADS AND Song9.- ANGLING AND SPORTING LITERAProf, De Morgan's ' Trigonometry and Double Algebra.' TURE.- EARLY ENGLISH PRESSES AND THEIR WORKS, Communications to be sent direct.



BINDING. See . N. & Q.,'1" S. iii. 497, or Penny Magazine, vol, i. p. 7.

Contents of No. 1, now ready:SALTIRE ("Catalogue of Mary, Queen of Scots, Exhibi.

TO the GENTLE READER. Verses by Andrew Lang. tion ").- Apply to Mr. C. Dack or Mr. J. W. Bodger,

The BOOKWORM. Peterborough.

JOHN GOODWIN'S SIX BOOKSELLERS' PROCTOR NON GEORGE OGLE (" How do Crabs change their Skin?"). SUITED. -We can only refer you to a scientific periodical, say QUEEN ELIZABETH'S NEW TESTAMENT. Hardwicke's Science Gossip, Chatto & Windus.


JOHN WESLEY'S ENGLISH DICTIONARY. By Henry B. John NEWNHAM (" Chapter of St. Paul's").See 7th S. Wheatley. iv. 420. We find that the Rev. W. Sparrow Simpson, GRUB-STREET and its JOURNAL. By W. Roberts. D.D., is sub-dean of St. Paul's.


The BIBLIOGRAPHER of the "FRIENDS." By A. O. Bickley. ERRATUM.-P. 396, col. 2, 1, 19, for “ Wethergong”

AMERICANA. read Nethergong. NOTICE.


SEVENTEENTH and NINETEENTH CENTURIES. By John Editorial Communications should be addressed to “The

Lawler. Editor of • Notes and Queries'"-Advertisements and

SCHOOL-BOOKS in IRELAND. By G. L. Gomme. Business Letters to "The Publisher"-at the Office, 22,

MISCELLANEA: The Most Laboured Book in the World.-A Costly Took's Court, Cursitor Street, Chancery Lane, E.C.

Work.-Ariosto's MSS.-A Curious Advertisement - The SpecWo beg leave to state that we decline to return com

tator.'-Hand-book.-A Metrical Olio.-A First Edition. munications which, for any reason, we do not print; and to this rule we can make no exception,

ELLIOT STOCK, 62, Paternoster-row, London, E.C.




TO BOOKSELLERS.-Wanted, Picken's History

1 of the 42nd Regiment, Black Watch.-G. EGERTON, Rre Villa, Hythe, Kent. THE AI TYPE-WRITING OFFICE, Rolls

Chambers, 89, Chancery-lane, W.0.-All kinds of DOCUMENTS COPIED in TYPE-WRITING. Good type-writing is easy to read, accurate, and neat. Same price as pen-writing. Specimens sent. MR. A. M. BURGHES, AUTHORS' AGENT IT and ACCOUNTANT. Advice given as to the best mode Pablishing. Publisbers' Estimates examined on behalf of Aatben Transfer of Literary Property carefully conducted. Sate Opinions obtained. Twenty years' experience. Highest references. Consulte tion free.-1A, Paternoster-row, E.C. L L I S & E L V E Y ,

Dealers in Old and Rare Books.
Cataloguo 61 now ready, post free, six stamps.


RIBLIOPHILE.-NEW CATALOGUE (W) of RARE BOOKS prized by the Collector.

KERR & RICHARDSON Queen-street, Glasgow.


From a Drawing by William Hole, A.R.S.A., engraved by

F. Juongling. TICONDEROGA. Illustrated by William Hole, A.R.S.A.

Robert Louis Stevenson, A DRIFT from REDWOOD CAMP. Illustrated. Bret Harte. TARPEIA. With a Full-Page Illustration. Louise Imogen

Guiney. The ZADOC PINE LABOUR UNION. Illustrated. H. C.

Bunner. The WATER WITCH. Illustrated. Elizabeth Akers. IN FLORENCE with ROMOLA. Illustrated. E. H. Blash

field and E. W. Blashfield, A SONG to the LUTE-For a Book of Airs. Illustrated.

Austin Dobson.
LAW LANE. Ilustrated. Sarah Orme Jowett.
GOD'S COMFORTER. S. Decatur Smith, jun.
IN DICKENS-LAND. Edwin Percy Whipple.
The TINCTURE of SUCCESS. T. R. Sullivan.
ATYS. Edith M. Thomas.


Most Complete, the Cheapest, and the Most Useful Almanack published. The 1888 Edition, considerably improved, will be ready ia December, London: WHITAKER & SONS.

Now ready, Eighth Edition, price Sixpence, THE SEARCH for a PUBLISHER;

or, Counsels for a Young Author. W. H. BEER & Co. 33, Henrietta-street, Covent-garden. Third Edition, Remodelled and greatly Enlarged, 3 vols. folie, PROTESTANT EXILES from FRANCE; or,

Huguenot Refugees and their Descendants in Great Britain 3d Ireland. By the late Rev. DAVID C. A. AGNEW.Only Fifts Copics printed. Price 71. 108.

Apply to 46, Gilmore-place, Edinburgb.


15, Bedford-street, Strand.

Gratis on application, A CHAPTER from the BOOK called the A INGENIOUS GENTLEMAN DON QUIJOTE del MANCHA, which by some mischance has not till now been printed.



No. 866, NOVEMBER. 25. 6d.

Contents. JOYCE. Chaps. 29-32. A DRAMATIO EFFECT. HANNAH MORE. WHO WERE THEY? A Maltese Apparition. By the Marquess of


1498). By M, Charles Yriarte. SELF-GOVERNMENT VERSUS HOME RULE. The BALANCE of MILITARY POWER in Europe.- Conclusion :

Italy, Turkey, and English Alliances,
WILLIAM BLACKWOOD & SONS, Edinburgh and London.

Now in the press. Issue limited to 100 copies. The above work, which will consist of about 225 pp.super-roga! Sre.. will contain some thousands of evidences carefully extracted from the Bishop's Transcripts of the Parish Registers for the Arebdescony a Bedford, relating to all the Principal Families of the County. The period embraced is from 1602 to 1700. There will also be ineluded large proportion of Extracts from the Registers themselves, deting from 1538, copious Notes, and Index. Price to Subscribers, 216 Prospectus on application to the Editor, F. A. BLAYDES, Bedford

Now ready, price 3d. (by post, 31d.), A LITTERATURE CONTINENTALE

Réimpression de L'ATHENÆUM du 2 Juillet.

ALLEMAGNE. Par Robert Zimmermann.
BELGIQUE. Par Emile de Laveleye-Paul Frederio.
DANEMARK. Par Viggo Petersen.
ESPAGNE. Par J. F. Riaño.
FRANCE. Par Gabriel Sarrazin
HOLLANDE. Par E. van Campen.
HONGRIE. Par A. Vámbéry.
RUSSIE. Par Serge Varsher.

Athenceum Office, 22, Took's-court, Chancery-lane, E.Q.

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Soutbampton-buildings, Chancery-lane. THREE per CENT. INTEREST allowed on DEPOSI78, repsy. able on demand. TWO per CENT. INTEREST OD CURRENT ACCOUNTS, calculated on the minimum monthly balances, whea not drawn below 1001. The Bank undertakes for its Customers, tree of charge, the custody of Deeds, Writings, and other Securities and Valuables; the collection of Bills of Exchange, Dividends, and Coupong; and the Purchase and Sale of Stocks, Sharel, sod Ruities. Letters of Credit and Circular Notes issued The BIRK. BEOK ALMANACK, with full particulars, post free on application





P. G. HAMERTON. With 152 Illustrations by J, Pennell and a Tale of the Departure of the Romans from Britain. By Professor the Autbor. Small 4to. price 218. cloth.

CHURCH, Author of 'Stories from Homer,' &c. With Illustra

tions. Price 58. cloth. LARGE-PAPER EDITION (250 copies only), price 428. half bound.

"No person of imagination can fail to be interested in the curious "In books of travel there have been publications of considerable

contrast of the Britain of the fifth century with the England of tonote. The most charming of these is entitled The Saone:& Summer

day.”-Saturday Review, Voyage.' Jt is copiously and well illustrated, and forms an extremely

The pictures of Roman life which abound in this book are vivid beautiful gift-book."--Scotsman.

and striking."-Leeds Mercury. IN DECEMBER, SCOTTISH PAINTERS. By Walter


the FIRST. By Professor SEELEY. With Portrait. Second ARMSTRONG. With Copper-Plates and Vignettes. Imperial Edition. Price 58. cloth. 4to. price 218. cloth, gilt edges.

“Within the limits which the author has set himsell, the essay LARGE-PAPER EDITION, with Proofs of the Plates, price 41. 45. seems to us one of singular force and brilliancy."--Guardian, half bound. OXFORD. Chapters by A. Lang. With HORACE WALPOLE and his WORLD.

Select Passages from his Letters. With 8 Copper-Plates alter Sir 10 Etchinge by A. Brunet-Debaines, A. Toussaint, and R. Kent

Joshua Reynolds and Sir Thomas Lawrence. Price 63. cloth. Thomas, and several Vignettes. Price il, 18.

"A compact representative selection, with just enough connecting * Told in Mr. Lang's best style, and beautifully illustrated."

text to make it read consecutively, with a pleasantly written intro

Literary Churchman. duction."-Athenaeum.
CAMBRIDGE. By J. W. Clark, M.A.

With Etchings and Vignettes by Brunet-Debaines and Toussaint.
Price 12, 18.

Astronomy for Beginners. By A. GIBERNE. With Coloured

Illustrations. Twelfth Thousand. Price 58. cloth. "A thoroughly artistic work of topographical description and illustration." - Illustrated London News.

“Ought to have a place in village libraries and mechanics' institu.

tions; would also be welcome as a prize book."-Pall Mall Gasette, WINDSOR CASTLE. With a Descrip

AMONG the STARS; or, Wonderful tion of the Park, Town, and Neighbourhood. By W. J. LOFTIE. With 13 Plates and very numerous Vignettes. Imperial 4to. cloth, Things in the sky. By A. GIBERNE. With Illustrations. gilt edges, price 218. Large-Paper Copies, price 44. 48. balf-morocco Third Thousand. Price 58. (all sold). Also a Cheap Edition, crown 8vo. with 67 Illustrations, “We may safely predict that if it does not find the reader with a price 6s. THE BEST ART MAGAZINE.

taste for astronomy, it will leave him with one."-Knowledge. The PORTFOLIO: an Artistic The WORLD'S FOUNDATIONS:

Periodical, Edited by P. G. HAMERTON. With 3 Plates and Geology for Beginners. By A. GIBERNE. With Illustrations many minor Illustrations. Price 21. 60. Monthly.

Third Thousand. Price 5o. cloth. The Times says:-"Mr. Hamerton's Portfolio is a triumph of “The exposition is clear, the style simple and attractive." magnificent illustration and masterly editing.

Spectator London : SEELEY & CO. Essex-street, Strand.

SUN, MOON, and STARS, A Book on

HENRY GRAY, Antiquarian and Topographical Bookseller,



Catalogue of British Topography, and Family History. 92 pages, 8vo. cloth, 5,000 Articles. 28. 6d.
Catalogue of Llewellynn Jewitt's Archäological Library. 80 pages, illustrated. Six stamps.
Catalogue of Foreign Topography. 24 pages. Gratis.
Catalogue of Theological Books. 32 pages. Gratis.
Catalogue of Early Acts of Parliament. Gratis.
List of Books Wanted. 8 pages. Gratis.
Special Catalogue of Choice Books. Al. Gratis.

List of Cheap Books. B 3. Gratis.
Manual for the Topographical Collector and Genealogist, 34 pages, No. 1. Annual Subscription, 1s.


QUARIAN, and FINE ART BOOKS, Oruikshank, Drama, &c., including nearly 300 items from the Library of the late Stephen Tusker, Somerset Herald. Post free on application to U. MAGGS, 169, Church-street, Paddington-green, London, w.


XLIII.-IV. Collection of Valuable Books, many quite new.
XLV.-VI. Belles-Lettres.
XLVII.-VIII. Science and Natural History.
XLIX-L. Travels and Topography.
LI. Recent Purchases.
LII. History and Biography. Part I.
Any or all the above post free on receipt of visiting card.

The following are in the press :-
History and Biography. Part II.

Address PRANK MURRAY, Second-hand Bookseller, Murray

House, Derby, or Regent House, Nottingham.



YORK and GAME PIES ; also


TURTLE SOUP, and JELLY, and other

HOLLOWAY'S OINTMENT and PILLS.Il Counsel for the Delicate.-Those to whom geasons of changeable temperature are protracted periods of trial should seek the earliest opportunity of removing all obstacles to good health. This cooling Ointment, perseveringly rubbed upon the skin, is the most reliable remedy for overcoming all diseases of the throat and chest. Quinsey, relaxed tonsils, sore throat, swollen glands, ordinary catarrh, and bronchitis, nsually prevailing at this season, may be arrested as soon DA discovered, and every symptom banished, by Holloway's simple and effective treatment. This Ointment and Pills are highly recommended for the facility with which they successfully conquer influenza; they allay in an incredibly short time the distressing fever and teasing cough,


Caution.-Boware of Imitations. Sole Address11, LITTLE STANHOPE-STREET, MAYFAIR, W.

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