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On NOVEMBER 28th, crown 8vo. 128. 6d.


Author of 'Samuel Sharpe, Egyptologist and Translator of the Bible,' &c.


of LETTERS of W. M. THACKERAY' is ready this day. Imperial 8vo. with Portraits and Reproductions of Letters and Drawings, 128. 6d.

The REIGN of QUEEN VICTORIA: a Survey | RENAISSANCE in ITALY. By John of Fifty Years of Progress. Edited by T. HUMPHRY WARD. ADDINGTON SYMONDS. Comprising: AGE of the DESPOTS. Tole. &TO. 328.

Second Fdition. Demy 8vo. 160.-The REVIVAL of LEARNING

Second Edition. Demy 8vo. 168. - The FINE ARTS, Second JESS. By H. Rider Haggard, Author of 'King Edition. Demy 8vo. 168.- ITALIAN LITERATURE Sve's

demy 8vo. with Portrait, 829. - The CATHOLIC REACTION. Solomon's Mines,' she: a History of Adventure,' &o. Third

2 Parts, demy svo. 324. Edition. Crown 8vo. 68. LIFE of FRANK BUCKLAND. By his SHAKSPERE'S PREDECESSORS in the

Brother-in-Law, GEORGE C. BOMPAS, Editor of Notes and ENGLISH DRAMA. By JOHN ADDINGTON SIMONDS. Jottings from Animal Life.' Crown 8vo. with a Portrait, 38.; Demy 8vo. 168.

cloth, gilt edges, 68. NOTES and JOTTINGS from ANIMAL

The GAMEKEEPER at HOME; or, Sketches LIFE. By the late FRANK BUCKLAND. With Illustrations.

of Natural History, Rural Life, and Poaching. By RICHARD Crown 8vo. 58.; cloth, gilt edges, 68.

JEFFERIES With 41 Illustrations, especially drawn for the

Work, by Charles Whym per. Illustrated Edition. Large crown LIFE of HENRY FAWCETT. By Leslie 8vo. 108. 6d. Also the Oheaper Edition, crown 8vo. 38. STEPHEN. Large crown 8vo. with 2 Steel Portraits, 128. 6d.

LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY. HOURS in a LIBRARY. By Leslie Stephen. By Sir JAMES FITZJAMES STEPHEN, K.0.8.1. Second First and Second Series. Crown 8vo. each 98.

Edition. With a New Preface. Demy 8vo. 148. A HISTORY of ENGLISH THOUGHT in LEAVES from the DIARY of HENRY

the EIGHTEENTH CENTURY. Second Edition. By LESLIE GREVILLE. Edited by the Viscountess ENFIELD. First STEPHEN. % vols. demy 8vo. 288.

Series, ovo. 148. ; Second Series, with Portrait, 8vo. 148. The STORY of GOETHE'S LIFE. By George,

LIFE and WORKS of CHARLOTTE, EMILY, HENRY LEWES. Second Edition. Crown 8vo. cloth, 78. 6d.; tree-calf, 128. 6d.

and ANNE BRONTE. Library Edition, in 7 vols. each contain

6 Illustrations. Large crown 8vo. each 58. The LIFE of GOETHE. By George Henry | Also the Popular Edition, in 7 Fols. fcap. 8vo. limp cloth, each

LEWES. Third Edition, Revised according to the latest Documents. With Portrait. 8vo. 168.


Edition, in 7 vols. each containing 4 Illustrations, Sc. 6d. Dr. G. GERVINUS, Professor at Heidelberg. Translated, under

1. *. Also the Popular Edition, in 7 vols. fcap. 8vo. limp cloth, each the Author's superintendence, by F. E. BONNETT. With a l

Preface by F.J. FORNIVALL, Esq. 8vo. 148.

QUIXOTE of LA MANCHA. By MIGUEL DE CERVANTES limp cloth, each 28. 6d.
SAAVEDRA, A Translation, with Introduction and Notes, by
JOHN ORMSBY, Translator of The Poem of the Cid.' Complete
in 4 vols. 8vo. 21. 108.

crown 8vo. each 78. 6d. ; or 6 vols. small crown 8vo. each 38. 61.

MISS THACKERAY'S WORKS. Uniform the YEAR 1840. Illustrated with several Hundred Sketches by the Author. With an Introduction by J. HUNGERFORD Edition of Miss Thackeray's Works. Each Volumne iliastrated POLLEN, and a Portrait. Demy 4to. 213.

with a Vignette Title-Page. 10 vols, large crown STO. each 68.


*** Messrs. SMITH, ELDER & CO. will be happy to forward, post free on application, a CATALOGUE of their PUBLICATIONS, containing LISTS of WORKŠ by the most Popular Modern Writers.

London : SMITH, ELDER & CO. 15, Waterloo place,

Printed by JOHN C. FRANCIS, Athepæum Press, Took's-court, Cursitor-street, Chancery-lano, E.C.; and Published by the mid

JOHN O. FRANCIS at No. 92, Took's-court, Curuitor-street, Chancery-lane, E.C.-Saturday, November 26, 1667.

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The LAY of ST, JUCUNDUS. Written by


COUNTRY. By Professor WILLIAM KNIGHT, of St. Andrews
Üniversity. With 56 Etchings of Lake Scenery by Harry Goodwin,

NATIVES. By H. B. GUPPY, M.B. With numerous Plates, printed on Japanese paper. 1 vol. Columbier 8vo. 428.

Coloured Maps, and Woodcuts from Photos by the Author. A charming souvenir of the lakes....We have nothing but praise

Royal 8vo. extra cloth gilt, 258. for Mr. Goodwin's drawings."--Pall Mall. "An extremely handsome and very interesting book....The mechanical production is nearly

on is nearly 2. The GEOLOQVondd

| 2. The GBOLOGY and PHYSICAL CHARAC. perfect.... For reminding those who have seen it already, and preparing those for whom the sight is yet to come of a soenery unsurpassed by

TERISTICS of the SOLOMON ISLANDS. By H. B. GUPPY, thst of any district in the world, it is unequalled, and is never very

M.B. With 4 Maps, uniform with the above, 108. 6d. likely to be excelled."- Manchester Examiner.

“Abound in a great variety of amusing and interesting details as to

savage manners and customs, and may be recommended equally to its RUSSIA, POLITICAL and SOCIAL. By L.

specialist and the general reader."-Pall Mall Gazette. TIKAOMIROV. ? vols, demy 8vo. 308. “It will give English readers a new insight into Russian questions, and will probably have a great influence in forming public opinion. EDITI ROBINSON. Illustrated by George Hodgson. A Ballad AJ text book on Russis it is perhaps the best available. It abounds founded on an old Yorkshire Legend, describing the Monastic with instructive suggestions. No one who is studying Russis should Adventures of a Novice, who having formally renounced the world omit to read this book, and no one will regret having done so."

is still sorely plagued by carnal desires. Every page is profusely

Academy. and humorously illustrated. Imperial 4to. stiff boards, bovelled The BEST BOOKS; a Reader's Guide to the

edges, 108. Bd. Choice of the best available Books (about 35,000) in all Departments

The DOCTOR, and other POEMS in the of Science, Art, and Literature down to 1887, with the Dates of the MANX PATOIS.' By Rev. T. E. BROWN, M.A. Elegantly First and Last Editions, and the Prices, Sizes, and Publishers'

printed in foap. 8vo. 68. Names of each Book. With copious Topical Index. By WILLIAM SWAN SONNENSCHEIN. 740 pages, 4to. 218. ; interleaved, 318. 6d.

The Doctor'is a poem of more than extraordinary power, which "It would be difficult to exaggerate the usefulness of this book, or to

nobody who has read it will easily forget. The story is admirably told.

.... There are many works of great poets which we would more prlise too highly the industry of the compiler.... The more the guide

willingly lose than this delightful volume."-Academy. “The author is examined the more struck will the reader be at the thoroughness

is known in the Isle of Man as the raciest story-teller, the warmest with which Mr Sonnenschein has done his work."-Spectator.

patriot, the brightest and most humorous companion." - The best, the most accurate, scientific, and useful contribution

Liverpool Mercury. which has ever been made to English bibliography. Mr. Sonnenschein has given us exactly wbat was wanted. It is a permanent addition to MINORA OARMINA: Trivial Verses. By English literature."-British Weekly.

C. O. R. Elegantly printed in fcap. 8vo. 68. NATURE and ART. Illustrated with 14 "These trivial' verses are the very best of the kind we have seen Etchings by Rajon, Forberg, Gifford, Farrar, Bellows, Garrett,

for a long time."--Glasgow Herald.

“Gentleman, scholar, sportsman, and bon vivant are apparent on Morad, and others, and 50 original Woodcuts. Uniquely bound, 4to. 318.

every page."-Bat,


The FOLK SONGS of ITALY. Specimen

on of their pelle,' and every constitu

Songs from each Province, with Translations of each en regard, PORTSMOUTH, in the COURT of CHARLES II. How the

accompanied by a Prefatory Treatise and Notes. By Miss R. H. Duke of Richmond gained his Pension. Compiled from State

BUSK, Author of The Folk-lore of Rome. Printed on hand. Papers in the Archives of the French Foreign Office by H. PORNERON. With a Preface by Mrs. G. M. ORAWFORD, of

made paper, and bound in parchment, Icap. 8vo. 68. Par With 6 Engraved Portraits from the Paintings at Hampton "The choice in this graceful collection of Italian songs has been Court, and Facsimile Letter. 108. 6d. The First Edition has been well made.... It is pleasant to see these specimens of very different at once exhausted, and a Second, unaltered, is now ready.

dialects placed side by side, and particularly to observe in them how "I ask every member of Parliament, and every constituent of every

they lend themselves to, and often reflect, the genius of the different member, to read Louise de Keroualle,' and to consider if the continu

races from which they spring."-Pall Mall Gazette, ance or the commutation of this pension is not a national and intoler

"A delightful book, throwing many side lights on the ideas and able disgrace.... I say again that every M.P. who sanctions pensions

customs of the Italian race....Comprebensive and fascinating." paid for prostitution and treason is responsible for the infamy be votes

Morning Post. io reward."-Truth, Oct. 13. "It is very fascinating this being taken

"Will prove acceptable alike to lovers of poetry and to those special bebind the scenes of history."-St. James's Gazette. "A Supplement to

students for whom it was presumably intended. -Scotsman. the 'Grammont Memoirs.""-Notes and Queries.

* We recommend all lovers of the songs of the people and all students

of Italian dialects to send for this book."-Vanity Fair. SOCIETY in the ELIZABETHAN AGE.

SONNETS ROUND the COAST. By Rev. By HUBERT HALL, of H.M. Public Record Office. With numerous Coloured and other Plates derived from Contemporary H. D. RAWNSLEY, Vicar of Kegwick, Author of Sonnets at the Drawings, and a large folding Coloured Map of London in the English Lakes,' &c. Printed on hand-made paper, foap. 8vo. bound

Sixteenth Century. Third Edition. 8vo. cloth gilt, gilt top, 108, 6d. in parchment, 68.; or cloth extra, gilt top, 88. Comprising 22 "Mr. Hall is a complete master of the complex economic history of

Sonnets of the Isle of Wight, South Coast, Cornish Coasto, Bristol the time and it is not the least of the various merits of his book that

Channel, Welsh Coast, Lancashire Coast, Cumberland Coast, It follows out such familiar but abstract facts as the competition for

Yorkshire Coast, Lincolnshire Coast. Jend of the general rise of prices in all the graphio details of individual "Mr. Rawnsley shows a true poetic spirit....His sonnets are of a Heer Academy. " Vastly entertaining is the account of Wild | high order, and he frequently invests antiquarian relics with an Durell' diet just three hundred years ago-especially if we contrast interest which future tourists, with his verses in their hands. will 1t with the hotel bills of the present day."-Punch.

readily appreciate."-Scotsman, SWAN SONNENSCHEIN, LOWREY & CO, Paternoster-square. 70 8. No. 101.


The International Shakspere. Consisting of an The Life and Times of Queen Victoria By R.

Edition de Luxe of the principal Plays of Shakspere, with | WILSON. Vol. I. 96.
Original Drawings by the Leading Artists of the World, reproduced
in the highest style of Photogravure. The Plays whick Messrs. Our Earth and its Story. By Dr. ROBERT BBOWS.
Cassell & Company have arranged to produce this year are :

F.L.S. Vol. I, 98. King Henry IV, Illustrated by Eduard Grützner. Peoples of the World. By Dr. ROBERT BROWN. 70&.

6 vole. each 78. 6cm As Yon Like I Illustrate

Our Own Country. With 1,200 Illustrations. 6 roke. Romeo and Juliet. Illustrated by F. Dick see,

ench 78. 6d. A.R.A. Publisbed at 708., and advanced to 1053.

Old and Now Edinburgh. 600 Illustrations. 3 vol. "The Magazine of Art'Volume for 1887. (Vol. X.)

each 91. With 12 exquisite Etchings, &o., and several Hundred Engravings.

Greater London. By E. WALFORD. 400 Illnstrations. 166.

9 vols. each 98. Egypt: Descriptive, Historical, and Picturesque. old and Now London. With 1,200 Illustrations.

By Prof. A. EBERS. Popular Edition. ; vole. with about 800 6 vols, each 98.
Original Engravings, 429.

Gleanings from Popular Authors. Illustrated.
Abbeys and Churches of England and Wales. 2 vols. cach 98.
Edited by the Rev. T. G. BONNEY, D.Sc. LL.D. 216

Illustrated British Ballads. 2 vols. each 78. 6d. Character Sketches from Dickens. Three Series,

ILLUSTRATED HISTORI ES. each containing 6 Original Drawings by Frederick Barnard, reproduced in Photogravure, on India Paper. Size, 80 by 149 inches. England, Cassell's History of. Jubilee Edition.

In Portfolio, each 218.
Picturesque Europe. Popular Edition. Containing

| Revised throughout. Profusely illustrated with New and Original 65 exquisite Steel Plates, and nearly 1,000 Original Illustrations. British Battles on Land and Sea. 4 vols, each 98.

5 vols. 908. The Illustrated History of Music. By EMIL

United States, Cassell's History of the. S vole.

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India, Cassell's Illustrated History of. 2 rols. The Royal River : the Thames from Source to Sea.

each 98. With Series of beautiful Engravings. 420.

Franco-German War, History of the. 2 vols. each 9. Cathedral Churches of England and Wales. With Russo-Turkish War, History of. 2 vols. each 9s.

an Introduction by the Rev. Prof. BONNEY, F.R.S. 918. Universal History, Cassell's Illustrated. 4 vols. Character Sketches from Thackeray. 16 Original each 98.

Drawings by Frederick Barnard, reproduced in Photogravure. In History of Protestantism. By Dr. WYLIE. 3 vols. Portfolio, 218.

each 90. Picturesque America. With 48 Steel Plates, and

BIOGRAPHY, HISTORY, &c. 800 Original Wood Engravings. 4 vols. each 428. Picturesque Canada. With 600 Illustrations.

Life and work of the Seventh Earl of Shaftesbury,

K.G. By EDWIN HODDER. Popular Edition. With 8 Original ? vols. each 638.

Illustrations. 78. 8d. Cassell's Miniature Shakespeare. Illustrated. Prince Bismarck. By CHARLES LOWE, M.A. 2 vols, 12 vols. in Box, 123. ; or handsomely bound, 218.

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Parliament, 1886-85. Each 128. Cassell's Illustrated Shakespeare. With about 600 Representative Poems of Living Poets. With an Illustrations. Complete in 3 vols. 636.


Cannibals and Convicts. By JULIAN THOMAS ("The Celebrities of the Century. Being a Dictionary of

Vagabond"). 58. the Men and Women of the Nineteenth century. Cloth, 913. ; 13

Russia. By Sir DONALD MACKENZIE WALLACE. Roxburgh, 258.

New Edition. Be. Religion, The Dictionary of. An Encyclopaedia of English Writers. By HENRY MORLEY, LL.D. Christian and other Religious Doctrines, Denominations, Sects,

Vol. I. contains from the Earliest Times to Bæwulf. Bt. Heresies, Ecolcsiastical Terms, History, Biography, &o. By the | Vol. II, embraces from Cædmon to the Conquest. 58. Rev. WILLIAM BENHAM, B.D. Cloth, 218. ; Roxburgh, 258.

(Ready shortly. English History, The Dictionary of. A Record of

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The Set, 2528. Bible Dictionary. Cassell's. With nearly 600 Illug. | Science for All. Edited by Dr. ROBERT BROWN, trations, 78.6d.

M.A. F.L.S., &c. With about 1,500 IUustrations. 6 Folg. each sie. French Dictionary. Cassell's. Entirely New and Cassell's New Natural History, Edited by Prof. Enlarged Edition, being the 222nd Thousand. 98. 6d.

P. MARTIN DUNCAN, M.B. F.R.S. With 2,000 Illustration,

In 6 vols. each 98. German Dictionary, Cassell's. 38. 6d.

Short Studies from Nature. With Full-Page Illus. Latin Dictionary, Cassell's. 38. 6d.

trations and Diagrams. 20. 6d. CASSELL & COMPANY, Limited, Ludgate-hill, London.


fluenced by chemical preparations. It is a curious fact

that it was accidentally discovered in the secret drawer CONTENT8,-No 101.

of a beautiful cabinet of tortoiseshell, inlaid with bubl,

known to have belonged to Charles I., who inherited it NOTES :-Tercentenary of Mary Stuart, 441-Lord Mayors of from his father, who, in his turn, was doubtless well ac

Foreign Extraction-"The Glorious First of June," 444
The Fur Seal Trade - Modern Palimpsest - Headsman's

quainted with its history." Block, 445-Attendance-Early Fruit Trees-Shelley Family,

This cabinet was lent by Her Majesty to the Ter446—Wezand, 447.

centenary Exhibition at Peterborough, and, from QUERIES :-Early Churchwardens' Accounts-Cardinal Bea | its size and beauty, naturally attracted much interest

ton-'Whitehall Evening Post-Yorkshire Proverb-St. Enoch-Danish Kings of Dublin-Peel Castle, 447-Riddle - Belmont"_' Windsor Drollery'-'God and the King' from France by Mary Stuart, and given by her to Monogram - Major Denham - St. Dachiarog - Newell Berkeley-Demon ringing a Bell-Pesock, 448– Beautiful

the Regent, Lord Mar, from whom, through the Snow-Charade in Latin-Christians in England-Car marriage of his great-granddaughter, Mary Erskine, Tooley Street Tailors-Vismes Family-War Medals-The

with William Hamilton of Wisham it passed into Yew-R, Webb-Emerson-Carried, 449-Authors Wanted, 450.

the possession of the Belhaven family. It was be

queathed to the Queen by Robert, eighth Lord REPLIES :-London M.P.s in 1568-7. 450-Maslin Pans, 45

-Military Events in Piedmont-"To stoke the Dutchman" -English Quotation by Bismarck-Where was the Revolution of 1688 concerted ? - Ela Family - Poole Family

baal (also exhibited at Peterborough), with the request Literator, 452-Charms-Edinburgh University-Descendants of English Kings-Claiborne-Bishop Ken's Appeal, 453 -Civet Cat Crest- Roi des Français"-'Greater London' | Windsor. It is kept at Windsor. The "Lock of Tarantelle-" Candid friend"-Canoe-"Signor Puppy, "454 -Epitaph-Peel Castle-Irish House of Commons-Campapile, 455-Fairies-Wordsworth's Lines-De Sancy DiaCoorusworlas Lines De Sancy Día- should rather be described as a large tress of hair :

and it excited as much interest as the rosary, veil, 457-Etienne Perlin-Authors Wanted, 458.

and the chief portraits. It is preserved in a glass NOTES ON BOOKS.-Ashton's Voiage and Travayle of Sir

case, but I had the satisfaction to hold the tress in John Maundeville'-' Bryan's Dictionary of Painters' Gomme's • Romano-British Remains' - Munk's 'Eutha my hand, and to feel its soft silkiness. A ring was

nasia'-Fletcher's 'Co-operative Index to Periodicals.' exbibited by Mr. A. Forbes Irvine, containing a Notices to Correspondents, &c.

single hair of Mary Stuart. It formed a fine thin line round the edge of the crystal. A small brooch

containing hair of Mary Stuart was also lent by Notes.

Mrs. H. C. Erskine ; but the tregs sent by Her THE TERCENTENARY OF MARY, QUEEN OF

| Majesty was the only hair in the exhibition from SCOTS : HER HAIR AND PERUKES.

which it was possible to form a true judgment of (See 7th S. iv. 81, 121, 281, 361, 381.)

the colour. It determines that point beyond all

controversy: I had sent my notes to the Editor before the ap.

the ap: In describing the portraits at Peterborough the pearance of the Saturday Review, October 22, or I

writer in the Saturday Review says: would have incorporated in them some reference to

" Rev. E. Bradley's celebrated miniature represents the the most interesting article in the journal just named lo

Agarice in the journal just named Queen as still in mourning for Francis II. She is a very on The Portraits of Mary Stuart' in the recent | beautiful young woman; but it is the only portrait in Peterborough Exhibition, which the writer justly which her hair is painted, as Scott describes it, dark terms & "singularly interesting series of portraits brown.' All the other portraits are at one on this point, of all kinds." in which Sir Walter Scott would have proving thereby the authenticity of the lock preserved by

the Queen, and also that, since she possessed naturally delighted ; adding that “perhaps never before

the fashionable colour of the day, there was no need for have so many portraits of a single individual been

her to use any of the dyes then, as now, 80 greatly in gathered together in one small room." Their vogue," * number and variety is simply, as Dominie Samp- A photograph from the miniature forms the frontisson would have remarked, 'prodigious !!!

piece to my 'Fotheringhay and Mary, Queen of The chief point on which I wish to touch is the Scots. The miniature is also copied, with a repredisputed question as to the colour of Mary Stuart's sentation of the large cabinet, in the two pages of bair. The writer, speaking of the beautiful por-, illustrations of the portraits and relics given in the trait of Mary painted by Juan de Medina (lent by Queen newspaper. August 27. A replica of the Mr. John Ferrier to the Peterborough Exhibition), miniature was at Blenheim, and was sold by the representing her as Dauphiness at the age of fifteen, Duke of Marlborough at Christie's, August, 1886. says :

The Blenheim and Mr. Bradley's miniatures were " The hair is precisely of the colour of the famous lock then examined by several experts, and both of them which the Queen treasures, but, after some reluctance, were judged to be original contemporary portraits. traciously allowed to be included among the Peterborough

They were presumed to be painted by Jehan de Felice. It is of the loveliest golden hue, and very fine...... of the fairest auburn, and the lock of it sent by the Queen Court about the date 1563, when Mary Stuart bears no trace whatever of having at any time been in would be twenty-one years of age. A copy of the

| warA probably the chief cause of her hair turning crer.

miniature by a contemporary artist, Catharine da (7th S. iv. 362); and that when her head was cat Costa, is in the Earl of Dysart's collection at Ham off and the executioner" lifted it up”-it does not House. We applied for the loan of it, but in vain. say that he did so by the hair-it “ appeared sa Miss Agnes Strickland gives a very full description grey as if she had been three-score-and-ten years of it in the thirteenth chapter of her ‘Mary Stuart,' old, poled very short." So that it appears froe speaking of the hideousness of the widow's head- this that over her real hair, which had turned grey dress, &c. This miniature must have been a great and was closely cut, she wore an auburn peruke. favourite, for no fewer than four copies of it were In Amyas Cawood's picture (at Abbotsford) of the exhibited at Peterborougb, all smaller than the severed head, “one pearl appears among the dark original, and one, the property of the Duke of locks which have been replaced by the artist," sayı Buccleuch, with the oval turned upwards instead Miss Agnos Strickland. In my 'Fotheringhay! of horizontally, and without the lettering “Maria (p. 142) I said :Regina Scotorum.” It was copied by Bernard “With referenco to Mary's hair, close cut and grey, Lens, and bears his signature, with the date the Earl of Shrewsbury said that it had been so cat in “1720.” Another of the copies, lent by Miss his house for the convenience of applying cataclass to Petit, was signed with his monogram, “B. L.A relieve her severe headaches. These were neuralgic, and similar portrait is at Windsor Castle, at the back :

Lord Byron, however, thought otherwise ; for, in bu of which is written (supposed to be in Bernard note to . Manfred,' where he complains that he is "gresLons's own manuscript) “Mary Queen of Scotland, haired with anguish,' he mentions as instances Mary by leave of his grace Duke Hambleton in whose Antoinette and Mary, Queen of Scots, turning rapidly bands ye originall is taken out of her Strong Box grey, 'with cares and sorrows '; and that the hair of after she was beheaded after an originall. Bernard

Mary's grandson, Charles I., turned quite grey in like Lens, London fecit Oct. 1747." He not only made

manner during his stay at Carisbrook." many copies of the miniature, but he also painted | Mr. Froude says, “The coif fell off and the false many portraits in the costume of Mary, Queen of plaits." Dr. William Robertson says, “Her hair Scots; and it is recorded by Vertue, who was his was black, though, according to the fashion of that pupil, that a certain lady whose portrait he had age she frequently wore borrowed locks and of difpainted complained to him that he had not made | ferent colours.” But he is wrong in saying “black", her like Mary Stuart.

as is proved by the tress of golden hair in the posThe critic says that the hair of Mary Stuart in

aritie save that the hair of Mary Stuart in session of Her Majesty, Mr. Bradley's miniature is "dark brown." I should The Dean of Peterborough, Dr. Perowne, in his have called it auburn, as there is a decided ruddy address at the opening of the Peterborough Exhibitint to be seen in it. But "all the other por- tion of portraits and relics, said :traits" were not "at one on this point," and did “When I was at Windsor I saw two miniatures of not represent the hair of the Queen of Scots of the Mary Stuart, one as a beautiful woman with dark hair. same golden colour as that of the tress in the

and the other with light hair and not as a beautiful

woman. The latter belonged to Charles I., and was possession of Her Majesty. I believe that I am

said to be an authentic likeness; but I confess I do correct in saying that almost all shades and hues of

not think so. As regards the colour of her hair, I underhair were represented, and that in some of the por stand that it was peculiar to that age, and not perbape traits the hair was very dark. It is dark auburn in to that age alone, for ladies to sometimes wear light bsir the profile by Paris Bordone, lent by Miss Fletcher. and at other times dark hair; and this would account Nor do I think that there is any question as to her

for the difference in the portraits. The lock of hair

which has been sent by the Queen is of a light colour, dyeing her hair. Her real golden tresses probably

resses probably contrary to the general belief that Mary's bair never altered in colour until neuralgic pains, coupled dark." with the long term of her rigorous imprisonment,

M. de Marlès, in his 'Histoire de Marie Stuart, blanched them. Miss Agnes Strickland, in writing Reine d'Écosse' (Tours, vingt-deuxième édition, of the world-wide popularity of Mary Stuart, says, 11886), Sara “Tresses of every shade of golden, auburn, and chestnut are preserved and fondly exhibited as

“Les historiens n'ont pas moins disserté sur la couleu

des cheveux de Marie Stuart, que tous néanmoins raptent well-attested portions of her hair.”

comme fort beaux. Walter Scott prétend qu'ils étaient The Saturday reviewer says :

noirs; Mignet, d'après les contemporains, les fait bloods; “There 18 no reason to believe that Mary Stuart in. M. Dargaud les comparé à un rayon de soleil, et Micbelet dulged in wigs. Her hair was of the colour then most les veut roux. Sur ce point, comme sur tant d'autres i in vogue, and she had no reason to interfere with it by faut encore recourir au témoinage de Brantôme et des any artificial means. That it was exceptionally abundant poètes de la Pléiade : tous s'accordent à dire que Marie is proved by the fact that, after her head was cut off, the était blonde, et ne différent entre eux qu'au sujet de la executioner held it up to her enemies and the friends of nuance. Brantôme parle de ses cheveux si beau, si Elizabeth by the hair."

blonds et si cendrés'; Ronsard, de «l'or de ses ebereus But R. Wingfield, the eye-witness of the execu

annelés et tressés '; et Renaud de Beaune, qui prononca

l'oraison funèbre de Marie Stuart, parle également de tion, distinctly says that she came forth for her ses cheveux si blonds et forts derebus towe blanes à execution with “her borrowed hair awborne" cause de sa lopguo prison'" (p. 277).

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