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all moneys used for these purposes out of the regular school funds shall be refunded within three years from the trade school fund. (1907 c. 122)

Notice of establishment, etc. Section 926-30. 1. When the school board of any city of the second, third or fourth class, or the school board of any school district having within its limits such a city, shall determine to establish, take over, conduct or maintain such trade school, it shall publish notice of its intention so to do with a copy of the resolution or order expressing such determination once each week for four successive weeks in a newspaper published in said school district and shall take no further steps in said matter until the expiration of thirty days from the date of the first publication.

Petition to have question submitted to the people. 2. If within such thirty days there shall be filed with the clerk of such city a petition signed by a number of electors of the school district equal to twenty per centum of the number of votes cast in said city at the last municipal election praying that the question of the establishment, taking over, conduct and maintenance of such trade school shall be submitted to the vote of the electors of such school district, the city clerk shall at the earliest opportunity lay such petition before the common council. The common council shall thereupon at its next regular meeting by resolution or ordinance direct the city clerk to call a special election for the purpose of submitting such question to the electors of such city and school district.

Special election; how noticed. 3. Such election shall be noticed and conducted and canvassed in accordance with the provisions of section 943, statutes of 1898. All electors within the territory constituting such school district, qualified to vote at any election pertaining to school district matters shall be entitled to vote.

Outlying districts. 4. If any of said school districts shall be beyond the limits of such city, the city clerk shall immediately upon the passage of the resolution or ordinance by the city council ordering such election, transmit a copy thereof to the clerk of the town or towns of which such territory is constituted. The clerk or clerks of said towns shall thereupon cause a notice of such election to be given and such election to be held and canvassed as provided in section 943.

Results of election. 5. If a majority of the ballots cast in such school district shall be in favor of the establishment, taking over, conducting and maintenance of such trade schools, then such board

shall proceed as heretofore provided to establish, take over, conduct and maintain such trade school. But if a majority shall vote against such proposition to establish, take over, conduct and maintain a trade school, the board shall take no further steps towards such end.

If no petition is filed. 6. If no petition to submit such proposition to establish, take over or maintain a trade school to the vote of the electors shall be filed with the city clerk within thirty days after the publication of the notice of the determination of the school board to take such action, then such school board may proceed as herein before provided without submitting such proposition to the electors of the district. (1907 c. 122)

By this act eight new sections that relate to the establishment and maintenance of trade schools in the state of Wisconsin, are made a part of the school law. It practically emphasizes the manual training idea, but the purpose of the school so established is to produce skilled and trained workmen rather than to give any special or extended course in connection with academic work.


Election; term; duties. Section 926—115. In all cities except cities of the first class, there may be elected by the board of education or the board of school commissioners, a city superintendent of schools for a term not to exceed three years, whose duties shall be:

1. To examine and license teachers according to the statutes. 2. To supervise the administration of the courses of study.

3. To have general supervision of the professional work of the schools of the city, including the holding of teachers' meetings and the promotion of pupils.

4. From time to time to make a written report to the board of education or board of school commissioners, as the case may be, embodying such recommendations relative to the employment of teachers, adoption of textbooks, changes in the course of study, enforcement of discipline, and such other matters as said superintendent may deem for the best interests and welfare of the city schools.

5. To make such other reports and to perform such other duties as the board of education or board of school commissioners may direct and which are not in conflict with the provisions of this act. The board of education or the board of school commissioners shall determine the annual compensation to be paid said city superintendent of public schools from the school funds of the city. (1909 C. 86)

Superintendent not to engage in other business. Section 926— 116. This act shall apply to all cities, except those of the first class, in which the city superintendent of schools is elected or appointed by the board of education or the board of school commissioners, and no city superintendent of schools shall engage in any other profession or occupation or pursuit for such time or in such manner as shall interfere with the proper discharge of his duties as such superintendent during the term for which he is elected or appointed.

Removal. A violation of any of the provisions of this section shall subject the offender to removal from office, provided that nothing in this act shall be construed to bar any superintendent of

18–S. L. i

schools from being principal of, or teaching in any school under his supervision, and no person shall be eligible to the office of city superintendent of schools whose legal qualifications are not equivalent to those required for the principalship of a free high school having a course of study requiring four years for its completion.

City superintendent; secretary. Section 926-117. The board of education or board of school commissioners in all cities, except cities of the first class, shall annually choose one of their own number to act as chairman and shall choose a secretary who may or may not be a member of the board. It shall be the duty of said secretary to be present at each board meeting; to keep in full in a book provided for that purpose, the minutes of such meeting and to perform any other clerical duties under the direction of the board at such compensation as the board may fix. It is further provided that said city superintendent of schools shall not be eligible to membership on the school board nor to act or be elected as president or chairman thereof.

City superintendent to attend convention. Section 926-117m. It shall be the duty of each city superintendent to attend annually one convention called and held by the state superintendent for the purpose of consultation upon matters pertaining to the supervision and management of city schools. Each superintendent shall be reimbursed his actual and necessary expenses incurred for travel, board and lodging because of attendance upon such convention such bills to be audited and allowed by the boards of education upon presentation of an itemized statement of expense accompanied by a certificate of attendance signed by the state superintendent. (1909 c. 253)


Common and high school boards; cities of the first class. Section 1. The public schools in every city of the first class, whether organized under general or special charter, shall be under the general management, control and supervision of a board of school directors, consisting of fifteen members from the city-at-large, selected as provided in this act. No person holding any office in any political organization, or any lucrative city, county or state office other than a judicial office or that of a notary public, shall be eligible to be a member of such board of school directors. The members of every such board of school directors shall, before entering upon the duties of such office take and subscribe the oath of office prescribed in the constitution of this state, and shall file the same, duly certified by the officer administering the same, with the city clerk.

Board; fifteen members. Section 2. The board of school directors of cities of the first class in Wisconsin shall consist of fifteen members, who shall be qualified voters of such city, who shall be elected as hereinafter provided at a school election to be held biennially on the first Tuesday in April, the first regular election under this act to be held on the first Tuesday in April, 1909. The school election shall be held at the same time and place and under the charge of the same election officials as the election of judges or other officers held on the same date; but unless the voting is by voting machines, separate ballot boxes shall be provided to receive the ballots for members of the board or school directors, which ballots shall be prepared and supplied to the election officials in the same way as other ballots are provided and supplied for other elections. At such school elections the candidates receiving the greatest number of votes for the several positions shall be declared elected.

Members appointed. Section 3. Within five days after this act shall become effective in any city, the mayor, the city treasurer, the city comptroller, the city attorney and the president of the common council of such city, acting as a commission for such city, of which commission the secretary of the board of school directors or board of school commissioners, or of such board of education as such city

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