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by such other means as he may in his discretion adopt, that such building is required for the purpose proposed, and it can and will be erected and fully completed according to such plans or contracts for the sum proposed for the same by the regents out of the appropriation herein made.

Regents to improve site at Eau Claire. 4. The board of regents of normal schools is authorized to improve the grounds selected for a site for a normal school in the city of Eau Claire and donated to the state for that purpose, by grading and planting trees, and otherwise, if necessary, and shall cause to be prepared full plans and specifications and estimates for building and equipment necessary to properly establish and organize such school, and shall submit the same to the legislature at the beginning of the session of 1913.

Regents may prescribe a two-year college course for graduates from accredited high schools, etc. 5. The board of normal school regents may extend the course of instruction in any normal school so that any course, the admission to which is based upon graduation from an accredited high school or its equivalent may include the substantial equivalent of the instruction given in the first two years of a college course. Such course of instruction shall not be extended further than the substantial equivalent of the instruction given in the first two years of such college course without the consent of the legislature. (1911 c. 631)

Institutes; how held and conducted. Section 407. Institutes for the instruction of teachers shall be held in each year in such counties as may be designated by the state superintendent, with the advice and concurrence of said board, preference being given to such counties as receive the least direct benefit from the normal schools.

Regulations governing institutes. The state superintendent, by and with the advice and consent of said board, may make. such rules and regulations as they shall deem proper for organizing and conducting such institutes, and may, by and with the like advice and consent, employ an agent or agents to perform such work in connection therewith as by such rules and regulations may be prescribed. Each of said institutes shall be held under the direction of such agent or agents, assisted by the county superintendent. The course of study pursued in such institutes shall, as far as practicable, be uniform, and be prescribed by the state superintendent with the assistance of such agents, but subject to revision by said board.

Appropriation for. Section 408. For the purpose mentioned in the preceding section, said board may vse such sum not exceeding fourteen thousand dollars in a year, as it may deem necessary, of

3-S. L.

which not exceeding seven thousand dollars shall be paid from the normal school fund income and seven thousand dollars from the general fund, and such amounts as shall be so expended are hereby annually appropriated from the said funds respectively. The secretary of state shall annually upon presentation to him of the certificates of the president and secretary of the board of regents, of the amount expended for the purpose mentioned in this section, draw his warrant in favor of the treasurer of said board for seven thousand dollars. (1901 c. 371)

Normal school fund income. Section 409. The normal school fund income shall, under the direction and management of the said board, be applied and is hereby appropriated to the establishment and support of the state normal schools and the purposes directed in this chapter.

Regents' report. Section 410. The president of said board shall make to the governor a biennial report, bearing date the thirtyfirst day of August of the year in which the biennial fiscal term closes, which shall contain a full and detailed account of the doings of the said board and of all their expenditures and of all moneys received and the prospect, progress and condition of said normal schools and such report, together with the reports of the different boards of visitors, shall be transmitted to the legislature by the governor.


Reports of academies; what to include. Section 411. It shall be the duty of the president of the board of trustees of every organized academy, seminary and literary or collegiate institution heretofore incorporated or that shall be hereafter incorporated, to cause to be made out by the principal instructor or other proper officer, and forwarded to the state superintendent on or before the tenth day of October in each even-numbered year, a report for the term terminating with the thirty-first day of August of the second preceding year, setting forth the amount and estimated value of real estate owned by the corporation; the amount of other funds and endowment and the biennial income from all sources; the number of instructors and their respective salaries; the number of students in the different classes and the rates of tuition; the studies pursued and the books used; the course of instruction and such matters as shall be specially requested by said superintendent, or as shall be deemed proper by the president or principal of such academies or institutions to enable the state superintendent to lay before the legislature in his report a fair and full statement of the affairs and condition of such institutions.

This statute should be more generally complied with than it has been up to the present time. Inspection of cadets. Section 411a. The president

other principal officer of any incorporated college or school of this state which shall be under military discipline or maintain a regular military department and have enrolled, uniformed and armed not less than one hundred cadets, may apply in writing to the governor to have the corps of cadets of such college or school inspected by the adjutant-general or other officer appointed by the governor for that purpose. Such inspection shall be made during April, May or June of each year, upon fifteen days' notice by mail to such applicant by the inspecting officer, and shall be held in the manner and form prescribed for troops in the service of the United States.


Officer's report. Section 411b. The inspecting officer shall report to the governor:

1. The number of officers, non-commissioned officers and privates paraded and inspected by him in uniform.

2. What such uniform is and the condition thereof. 3. The discipline and state of instruction.

4. The number and amounts of arms, accoutrements, stores and military property exhibited to him.

5. The true condition of the same.

6. If a cavalry company or battery of artillery be maintained, what number of horses were exhibited and their condition.

7. Whether such corps has complied with these provisions and the orders and regulations of the governor.

8. Such other matters as may be required.

The inspecting officer shall receive no pay for services, but may be allowed ten cents per mile, to be paid by each of the schools so inspected.

Suspension from inspection. Section 411c. If such' inspecting officer shall report that such corps numbers less than one hundred enrolled, uniformed and armed, or that its condition and military proficiency are not such as, in his judgment, to entitle it to the benefits of section 411d, the governor may notify the president or other principal officer of such college or school that it is suspended from the benefits hereby given, and in such case no application for an inspection as herein provided shall be granted for a period of two


Graduates; rank of. Section 411d. In all cases where a satisfactory report is made by such inspecting oflicer the students of such college or school, residents of this state, graduating during the year within which such report is made and receiving full diploma or certificate from such college or school, shall be entitled to the honorary rank of second lieutenant in the unorganized militia of the state; provided, that nothing herein shall be construed to give such graduates any right to wear the uniform of the Wisconsin National Guard.



How organized. Section 411–1. The county board of any county within which a state normal school is not located, is hereby authorized to appropriate money for the organization, equipment and maintenance of a county training school for teachers of the common schools. (1903 c. 338)

Board for; appointments, vacancies, bond, organization. Section 411---2. A board to be known as the county training school board, is hereby created, who shall have charge and control of all matters pertaining to the organization, equipment and maintenance of such school, except as otherwise provided by law. Said board shall consist of three members, one of whom shall be the county superintendent of schools of the county or district in which the school is located. The other members of the board shall be elected by the county board, for the term of three years from the date of their election. Vacancies existing in the board, from whatever cause, except in the case of the county superintendent, shall be filled by appointment made by the chairman of the county board, if the county board is not in session when such vacancy occurs. If the county board is in session, vacancies shall be filled by election by said board for the unexpired term. Appointments made by the chairman of the county board, as herein before specified, shall be for the time to elapse until the next regular meeting of the county board. Each person appointed or created a member of the county training school board shall within ten days after the notice of such appointment, take and subscribe an oath to support the constitution of the United States and the constitution of Wisconsin, and honestly, faithfully and impartially to discharge his duties as a member of said board, to the best of his ability, which oath shall be filed in the office of the county clerk. He shall also, within the same time, file a bond in such sum as may be fixed by the county board, which bond shall be filed in the office of the county clerk. Within fifteen days after the appointment of said board, the members thereof shall meet and organize by electing one of their number as president and one as treasurer; the county superintendent of schools shall be ex-officio secretary of the said

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