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Masters-Oppression of Ages--Beauty of Sarah and of the Jewish Women-
Beauty a Source of Innocent Pleasure-Intellectual Pre-eminence of Abraham's
Ruce-Great Men Selected for Great Ends--Abraham an Example of this--
Great in Mental and in Moral Endowments-God Works by Means and not
by Miracles-Attacks on the Bible--Theory of Human Progress-Abraham's
Ancestors Idolaters-His Father a Maker of Images—The Sabean Faith-
Worship of the Sun-Legend of Abrahain's Conversion-His Courteousness-
Interview with the Angels-His Generosity-Lot's Choice-Rescue of Lot-

Magnanimity of Abraham-His Tenderness of Heart, Intercession for Sodom

-llis Faith and Piety- Offering up of Isaac-Equivocation Touching Sarah

-The Friend of God and Father of the Faithful....


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Fcw Points of Interest in his career-Quiet, Retiring Disposition—Pious from In-

fancy-Mocked by Ishmael—The Joy of his Parents-A Damper put upon
their Hopes—God's Command to Slay Isaac-His Patient Submission
Mount Moriah-The Cup Averted—Isaac's Marriage-Evening Meditation-
Contemplative Habits-Happy, Peaceful Life-But not all Brightness-Death

of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael Reconciled at the Grave-Birth of Esau and

Jacob- Partiality of the Parents-Deadly Feud of the Twin Brothers-Isaac

Amicted with Blindness-Deceived by Jacob-Trials Sent in Love.............. 92


Jacob's Estimate of bis Own Life-Not a Perfect Character-Hence more in Sym-

pathy with Universal Iluman Nature-Good and Evil Mingled in the Two
Brothers--Esau, the Shaggy Huntsman, Open-hearted and Cbivalrous-Jacob,

the Supplanter, Cautious and Conservative-Yet the Inpulsive Hunter van.
ishes away-The “ Canny" persistent Jacob pushes on to prosperity-Not a
Character to be Scoffed at-Domestic, Affectionate, Ripened by Sorrow, The
Character of each Keproduced in his Posterity- The Turbulent Idumeans-
The Jews of the Middle Ages-- Neutrality of the Scripture Narrative-Esau
Painted by the Rabbinical Authors-Lessons of the History-Fickleness and
Weakness Ruin the Noble Esau-Steady Purpose and Self-denying Toil Ele-
vate the Timnid and Crafty Jacob The Night Vision of Bethel-The Memo-
rial Stone-Early Temples-- Twenty Years with Laban—The Service of Loro
-A Good Shepherd— The Slave becomes a Prince-The Exile returns a

Wealthy Chieftain-Wrestling with God- Israel-Peniel—The Brothers

Meet-Characteristic Generosity of the One and Caution of the Other— Tran-

sition from the Pastoral to the Agricultural--City of Shechem---Passionato

Lore and Grief of Jacob--Rachel's Pillar-The Descent into Egypt-Death

of the Patriarcb-His Burial in Canaan..








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Moral Causes of Success in War-Education-Religion-France and Prussia-

Cromwell's Troops—Psalm-singing and Fighting-The Waldenses—Proper-
ties of a Good Soldier-Caleb's Fidelity-Sentinel at Pompeii-Dying at his
Post-Caleb and the Spies-His Words of Faith-His Courage-Christian
Bravery—Testimony of a Nobleman.....

.......... 178

The Solitary Valley—Israel Desolated-Gideon's Complaint-The Call to

Repentance-The Threshing-floor-Humility of Gideon-Like Moses in his
Self-distrust-Contrast with the Twelve Apostles-Our Strength lies in our


Weakness-Gideon's Faith Invigorated-Miracle of the Fleece—The Band of
Three Hundred-Lamps, Pitchers and Trumpets-Panic, Rout and Slaugh-

ter-The Christian's Work-Crowns for Warriors' brows-Faint yet Pur-

..... 198

suing ..............

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Man's Oldest Occupation-Grain grown four thousand Years ago–The Labor of

the Mine and the Furnace-Agriculture employs more Men than any other
Calling-Boaz a Pattern--His Diligence in Business-An Idle Man tempts
the Devil-Courteousness of Boaz-Courtesy a great Set-off to Religion-
Ilis Conduct to Inferiors-His Piety-God in all his Thoughts--Ruth-
Marriage-Bethlehem .........

.................... 214

The Lord--Hisplit Labis Pic

The Last Judge-Founder of the Monarchy–His Mother-Dedicated to the

Lord-His Little Coat-His Prophetic Call-Residence at Shilob-The Assem-
bly at Mispeb-His Piercing Cry--Overthrow of the Philistines-His Circuit

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