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Although God's law was broken by Adam, and we, in our own persons, have sinned exceedingly: Christ, our Surety, and Covenant Head, hath fulfilled all righteousness for us, and made our peace with God, by the blood of his Cross.

Thou art called then, O believer, to glory in Christ, and live unto God, by the saith of him; let thy fruit therefore be unto holiness, resisting unto blood, striving against sin, in the strength of Christ; for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life, thro' Jesus Christ cur Lord*.

To whom be glory, and power everlasting.

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Acts, Xx. it.

Testifying both to the Jews and also to the Greeks, repentance toward God, andfaitb toward our Lord Jesus Christ.

TH E principal doctrines which the Apostle Paul every where preached, and insisted on, were those two mentioned in the Text.

They are necesiary to salvation; and therefore it highly concerns all men to be well acquainted with them, and believe them.

To this the Apostle bore witness, as one adjured* or sworn of God, to declare it, which himself also was fully assured of, and steadfastly believed.



Influenced therefore by the love of truth, and the Spirit of God, he publicly preached and testified; that all men, whether Jews or Gentiles, must repent and believe the Gospel,- or perish everlastingly.

Now, repentance'toward God, and faith toward out Lard Jesus Christ, are i/mmnaiy of Gospel doctrine i including, or implying whatsoever tends to destroy the old man, and build up the new in its stead; and hence they become foundation principles of life; and salvation to mankind: for in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any things nor Uttcircumifibn, hut a new creature *.

It is certain that no flesh can be saved without this repentance, and faith, which Paul preached: for, as a witness of God, he testified, that this was God's appointed way of bringing to himself, and saving lost sinners: Vain therefore are the hopes of those men that do not repent, and believe the Gospel; but their hope is sure, and well-grounded, who- turn to God by Jesus Christ, not feignedly, but with the whole heart.-:

. Our Text consists of two general propositions:

I. Repen• Gal. vi. 15.

I. Repentance toward God.

■ ■*

II. Faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.

My design at present is to treat of the first only,.

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Repentance toward God.

Which I shall attempt in the following man


First, By shewing what is not repentance toward God J and then,

Secondly, By shewing, what it is.

Lastly, I shall conclude with suitable inferences.

First then, I am to shew, what is not re-, pentance.

It cannot be disputed that where the heart remains under sin's dominion, or is govern'd by^rigbteous principles, there can be no repentance toward God: Therefore,

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