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fore the immediate, and special object of our faith is Jesus CHRIST.

The Scripturę speaks of Christ continually'; for to bim give all the Prophets witness that, thro' bis name, whosoever believeth in bim Mall receive remillion of fins*:-neither is there salvation in any other ;. for there is no other name under heaven, given among men, whereby we must be faved t: From the beginning to the end of the Sacred Volume, GOD, some way or other, speaks to us, and instructs us in the knowledge of his Son, and of his love to us in him, and of our redemption thro' Shis, blood, which he hath now finished and com- .

pleated : declaring it also to be his will and plea- fure, that whosoever believeth on him, or truíteth

in him, should not perish, but have eternal life.-He said therefore to the Jews, search the Scriptures,

for they are they that testify of me I. -Christ is - the feed of the woman, that should bruise the fer- pent's head; he also is the seed of Abrabam, in i whom God promised that all nations should be

blessed.-To him the Father bore testimony at *** his baptism, by a voice from heaven, when he - entered upon his public ministry, saying, this is any beloved Son, in whom I am well pleafed || : And

i n again, • Aas x. 43. A&ts, iv, 12. John v. 39. || Matth, iii. 17.

again, when upon the mount Mofes and Elias appeared to him in glory, and talked with him concerning his death, which he should accomplish at Jerufalem, the FATHER then also bore witness to him, saying, this is my beloved Son, hear ye him. And, last of all, he bore a glorious and powerful testimony to him, when he raised him again from the dead ; Here he proyed, and demonstrated be. yond all contradiction, that he was the Son of his love, who had finished the work which he gave him to do, and in whom his Soul was well pleased.

· CHRIST. then who was crucified, whom God

raised again from the dead, is the Son of GOD, the only. Saviour of the world; and is therefore the true object of our faith and trust: Hence the Apostle preached, as in the Text, the necessity of our believing on him, or of faith towards our

- conciling the world unto himself. In the man

Christ Jesus the invisible God descended from Heaven, in whom, and by whom he doth as it

were intreat, and beseech us to be at peace with · him. Wę, faith the Apostle, are ambassadors

for. CHRIST ;, as tho' God did beseech you by us, we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled unto Godt.

of 2 Cor. V, 20.


If a man then understand, and heartily believe God's word, he cannot but believe also in Jesus CHRIST; because he is the subject treated of in that word, as the true and only Saviour of the world, in whom God hath provided, and freely given falvation to every one that believeth. CHRIST therefore is the only obje&t of faith, which God hath revealed, set forth, and held out to us in his word to be believed on, that we might tide thro bime **** , Sidn e

And whereas CHRIST, as the Redeemer of his people, is both God and man, mysteriously united in one person ; he hath power to prevail with God and man, both to reconcile, make peace, and maintain an everlasting union betwixt them: For this caufe Christ fulfilled all righteousness in our stead. magnified God's law, and suffered its curse, due to our offences : Thus be made peace by the blood of his cross."

CHRIST also, as the only Head of the Church, and Mediator between God and man, hath all power both in Heaven and in earth; and ever lives at Ged's right band, to make continual intercelion for us. .

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* Eph. ii. 13.

By the obedience of his life he fulfilled all righ, teousness; and thereby procured, and merited for zas, a right and title, to the heavenly inheritance By his blood and death, he fully atoned and exc piated all our sins and iniquicies : By his entering into Heaven with his own blood, and ever living at the right hand of GOD to intercede, and plead for us, as the Great Representative, and High Priest over the House of God, he fecures our standing in the Divine favour ; obtains strength for us to withstand our enemies in the day of trial, and to abide ftedfast in the faith : until by the power of his might, and thro' faith in his blood, we have finilhed our course, and are made to triumph over all the power of the enemy:

It is certain then, that the object of a man's faith, when he believes unto the saving of the foul, cannot be the absolute power and mercy of GOD, nor can he safely depend upon his own works, and ducies, for the Scripture warrants no man to expect, because God hath no where promised forgiveness of fins, and falvation in that way: But, on the contrary, God hath revealed, and promised his mercy and love, remiffion of fins and eternal life, thro' CHRIST only; in whon all

tbe the promises of God are yea and amen*: And that because God had chofen his people in Christ before the world was, and Christ hach redeemed them unto God by his own blood t. Therefore God is just, as well as merciful, in pardoning their fins, and justifying their persons, who believe and trust only in CHRIST: Himself also testifies this is the will of the Father which fent bim, that whosoever feetb the Son, and believeth on him, might not perish, but have eternal life I.

THIRDLY, I proposed to consider the place, seat, or residence of Gospel faith in the soul of man :

It is certain that wherefoever Christ, the ob, ject and life of faith, resides, there must faith be also: for Christ cannot be received by us, nor dwell in us, save by faith only If Christ be acknowledged, and received by the believer, with every faculty or power of the rational soul, that is, with the heart, and the understanding also: then his faith likewise must have place in all of them. .

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Now Christ cannot dwell in any man where he is not received whole, and entire ; as far as he is pleased to make himself-known: Whosoever re

ceives • 2 Cor. i. 10. + Rev. v. 9. . i John vi, 40.

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