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ACTS, XX. 21. Testifying both to the Jews and also to the Greeks, repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.

W H AT is meant by repentance toward

God, hath been shewn at large already : And, in a former discourse on Faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ, it was proposed to be considered:

1. By shewing what faith is, in general; and what the faith of the Gospel is, in particular.

2. By shewing the ground, and object of true justifying faith. P4

3. Its · 3. Its seat, and place in the soul of man.

4. The nature and neceility of faith in CHRIST.

5. Its Author, efficacy, and end.

6 Point out some mistakes, and dangerous er. rors concerning faith. And,

Laf", Conclude with an App'ication.

The four first of these heads have been already discurid : I proceed therefore,

FIFTHLY, To confi'er the Anit:t of faire, with its cfficacy, and end.

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The Author of Faith is the Hour STIRIT, as proceeding from the FATHER and the Sox. Therefore this gift and work of faith in cur hearts is sometimes imputed to Gud, even the last-p, fretimes to his Son JESUS CHRIST, and loc. tires to the lloly GHUST; from the latter dexh nothing withuut his Son J:sts, and the Ile! S; irit; and the Son duch neeting with people tather, and we Spint; and the Ila'y Ghi cich noch 1g without the Father and th: San Altiute SACRED TIREE Lilain their

distinct, and peculiar parts, and offices in the Covenant of Grace, and economy of man's salvation, yet they cannot be separated, nor divided ; but there is an entire concurrence of will and operation thro' the whole: for when the Word was made flesh, the Father and Holy Spirit also were with him, and in him continually : but it pleased God that in the man CHRIST JEsus, as united to the Word, all fullness lould dwell*. All fullness t and life, righteousness and true holiness, power and wisdom, grace and love, glory and blessedness, dwelleth in CHRIST: All things that the Father hath are bis t; from whose fullness therefore the Holy Spirit receiveth and shews it unto us, that we may know, and receive the things which, in CHRIST JEsus, are given to us of GoD A s the Son harh glorified the Father, so the Father hath glorified the Son; and the Holy Spirit; who is glorified both with the Father and the Son, is now fent down from Heaven to glorify both the Father and the Son. Wherefore he faith; the Holy Ghost, whom I will send unto you. from the Father in my name, he shall glorify me : And this he doth, when, by the hearing of Christ's Gof

pel, he enlighteneth our minds to know him, and cir. · cumciseth our hearts to love him ; that we may truly believe, and trust in him, whom God hath sent to

fave • Col. i. 19.

+ John xvi. 15.

fave his people from their fins. Therefore me man can sty (that is in truth, kmsire what he dicho but Jejies is ibe Lord, builx ire licy Choo

True faith then is given to us, and wro5 in us by the Spirit of God, and of (*19:. It is nut the work of man's wifom and parast, but of divine tcachirg and operation; a.c! is thriefore a fa:tb of ile operaz.a of God.Man ir ay trach clearly, perfua, e pimentilly, ard prvail with many hearers to alent to the truth of what they hear; but it the LORD, the S; int, worn net with the word spoken, no man can heart:ly, and trily belicve on Just's CHRIST. For a ( an's faith is not prouced nor ma:n'uned by man's Wildon, and perfuafion, but by the pines 0: (4.9. Tic Church as the living GOD IS

D atu; by hu. man reatonings, nor by any created power whatiwa cver, but by the Sprint of Goo. A. It was Goodie that gave his only be piten Son modelin ours; and as it CHRIST alone tiar kikial ry. tautinis firus, fuliers in our 4 th for the usut; lo it is the ILT SPIRIT als thi regenciates, Iru maicii LS w crearers.

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