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It is Zion that said the Lord halb forsaken me, and any Lord both forgotten 1.e; but what faith the answer of God again unto her ? Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compasion on the son of her womb ? Yea, they may forget, but I will never forget thee: Behold! I have graven thee upon the palmns of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.--Thus the faints, at certain seasons, are Now of heart to believe, but God abideth faithful, and be knoweth them that trust in bim : which all God's people continue to do, in their most distresfing circumstances; altho' they may be fometimes inclined to think otherwise of themselves, because of their great weakness, and the hidings of God's face. But when at the worst, they can adopt the words of Job and say, tho'be hay me, yet will I trust in bim : or of the Psalmist ; my confusion is continually before me, and the fame of my face bath covered me : For the voice of him that reproacheth and blafphemeth; by reason of the enemy and avenger. All this is come upon us; yet have we not forgotten thee, neither have we dealt falsly in thy covenant. Tho' thou hast fore broken us in the place of dragons, and covered us with the shadow of death : we have not forgotten the name of our God, nor stretched our hands to a strange godt. The believer never changes the living God, his Savipur; for that which is not God. -Fear not therefore, S 2

• ye * Psal. xliv. 16, &c.

ye who are weak in faith; only take heed to you: daily walk and conversation, that it be such as be. cometh the Gospel of CHRIST, diligently building faith and a good comfcience: Forske Lord will fa, the defire of them ibal fear Lim: be will bear bor cry, and url? ale ibem I.

But art thou, Reader, strong in the faith? Then help te weak, comfort the trcbie mini'e.!, and Thew forth thy fulcrior measure of, by the meekness and gentlerxis of CHRIST towards tive weak of the flock, in all lorg sufferin, b:o herly kindness, and love unfegned: If thou doft r: x excel them in the mind and tempers of CHRIST, and in all good works, no wile Chuban will be. lieve that thy faith is ftroner, or evca e cal to theirs, for by works is farth made perfect, but all tlurgs of GOD: 10 ANYS. form, JESUS CHRIST. Amen.

1 Pui. alv. 19.



1 PETER i. 12.

With the Holy Ghost fent down from Heaven,

T HERE are Three that bear record in heao

ven, the FATHER, the WORD, and the HOLY SPIRIT; and these THREE are ONE. This is the living and true God: who, in nature and essence, is necessarily and eternally One ; but, in mode of fubfisting, is Three, personally distinct, the same in substance, eternity, power, and glory.

S 3

In In the covenant of grace concerning the redemption and falvation of mankind (which cc. nant was from everlasting) the Sun 1!::e ia the elince uere mutually contained; and eema, engaged to luslain, and execuiesberdintasomt officcs rcfectively. The FAINIR !? his fer! in CHRIST, and give them into his hand i . Word was made fail, and be them wit'coun blood; and thic lluny SPIRIT Ni-s a Lavis covery, and encolin of this seat Galia:ca in every one of them.

llence believers are b.prizid in the mone (of the Faller, and of the ', and of c lini Glet: Thereby lignityin; agreement, and concurrence in the redor; con and listen of mankind :-Hlad not thic l'AiNiR chu's, and given his elect into the hands of CHRIST, to le recnied by him from fin and wrath, he had pics

and down his life for them; erdha i noe Claris s't away their fins by the facritic of hirrit, and trereby male prae between them and touriji the Bloly SPIRIT would never base cunt: n Tôn 41 n, vir: y n đẢc 1: 24 1 (0 ::::::$, ly his alunding and from norail. cerations, the clccting and recensing luwe lub of tóc FATHER and the Sun. -- li God had not first lovei is, we

2. W


should not have loved him; and had not Christ made peace for us by the blood of his cross, we could not have come unto God, nor been reconciled to him : But after all this amazing grace of God to man, if the Holy Spirit did not enlighten, and regenerate our souls, we should be utterly ignorant of, and neglect this great falvation. For, thro Christ we (believing) have an access by one Spirit unto the Father t.---Thus,

The Father, the Word, and the Holy Spre rit, who now bear witness in heaven, were doubtless in covenant, and sworn together, before all worlds, to redeem, and give eternal life to God's chosen among men.

The Father chose in Christ of his mere good pleasure, whomsoever he would.

The Word engaged to become man, bear their sins, be made a curse, and give his life a ransom for them. · The Holy Spirit engaged to make them favingly acquainted with, and obedient to the fal. vation of God, which is in CHRIST Jesus.

Thus the grace and love of GOD, even the FATHER, towards man, appeared in giving his only begotten Son to die for us, when we were yet enemies and sinners. S 4

The + Fph. ii. 18.

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