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THAT the Reader may apprehend, and

1 conceive worthy notions of the ever-blessed God, and in his heart be suitably affected towards him; is the design and end of the following difcourse.

... If it be asked, Wbat is God? The holy Scrip. tures expresly declare to us, that God is a Spirit (a), infinite (b), eternal (c), invisible (d), unchangeable (e), and incomprehenfible (f), in bis being and perfe£tions.

-GOD (a) John iv. 24. (b) Psal. cxlvii. 5. (c) Deut. xxxiii. 27. (d) i Timn. i. 17. (e) Mal. iii. 6. (f) Job. xi. 7.

God is infinite in krowlejere, wisdom, and power; omn: rent, ardorin scient: God is also infinite in his moral perfictions, such as beline's, jal. tice, gcourris, and trub: And he is infinitely bir and guicus incog fo. This is that adorable Beir, whom we cul God; who ces from souty, ans will be to elenty i be lume : Who never had a be. ginning, and never can h:ve an end ; uibué is no t'uribiend's, neitha fun of turmu? This Mont lluh GOD is the Creator, P r , Dier, and Lord of 2.7 on and carik, and ot ail things which are therein, both of men and an eis, of what order, rank, and cruision foever; for they are all the work of his hands, for wicht ka ure ikey are, and were prestalt. And this Gadis Lol.

Love is an a felis, er :rich in the bears, fire ing up a row to sub anoient teil, and force to do bin good: But it is not only a desire to communi. Cater, and feek another's gud; but an a ction alo, and interni ike fou! istrars forme Rade med to us in ime:ker, arad aizrzed by a: Whence arifes an anlent and Atrurg d fire of birg united to it, but the bheft degree and perfeition of live is that, whereby the belowed con ject is a hully perted, and fu'iy erjoyed; in which

• J.m, i. 1;.

+ Rev, is,

the soul is completely satisfied, and rests itself with the highest complacency and delight : But this love cannot subsist between any two objects, unless there is a perfect agreement, suitableness, and likeness be. twixt them,

Now it is certain that God cannot love every thing. That which is contrary to the eflential glory and perfection of his divine nature, he cannot love: Because God cannot change, nor cease to be what he is. Therefore faith Paul, God cannot deny himself: He cannot deny himself to he God, the only living and true God; who is holy and blessed for evermore, Amen. Therefore he cannot love any sinful or rebellious creature, whether Angel or man, that faith in his heart, I will be equal to the Most High*; I will be as God. Such rebellion, together with all moral evil, injustice,

infinitely abhors: Therefore the creature that is under the power and government of devilish pride, and carnal abominations, God cannot love as such. Wherefore he faith, I the Lord bate evil; and again, thou hatest all the workers of iniquity t; for thou art of purer eyes than to behold iniquity, and canst not look upon evil I. Hence he putteth away all the ungodly of the earth like dross; therefore faith the Psal

mist, • Isa. xiv. 14. + Pfal. v. 5. Hab. i. 13.

mist, I love thy testimonies. Thus we see what God cannot love.

We observe further what it is that God can, rray, and doth love. It is man:felt that the object of God's love, in the abftract, is moral nigriecu nei ; such as beliness, justice, pool.1, and tralé: As it is written ; let bim ibat plenek, glery in itas, liat be understardib and knowet'ı me, It id I am lielord who execute living kın..nefi, judgment, and nighscon's ness in the Carib, for in klibings I beliet, katė ibe Lord: And again, ibe rigiiccus Iordinerib riçbreousness, bis ccuni cance dib buhod ide artiest Hence he faith again, krew ilti, ibul ikelailuid fet cari kin that is gouy fer bumit I.- Thes every one that is righteous, and doch nghrevu'ncís, is beloved of God : For as God nacid.iy hairs all unrighteousnets and fin; fo, on the contrary, he cannut but love nytteousness and true hi lineis : It is according to the ciknal jctccions of (oup's unchangeable being, and nature, to hate the for. mer, and also to love the latter. Ticicture it is certain that God cannot love any rational creature whuikever, where his own mor ai .988 and benci is n x tuu.., without any mo.xture, of wildlicy: Tuon tin credutos Cuangt, yot Guo chuan cah nui, nor ian change

k • Jer, ir. 24. 1.lxi. Piling

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