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should do, he was not disobedient to the heavenly vifon. The saints indeed may often seem to wither in their fouls, by the omission of good works, or by falling into evil ones, as was the case with David, Peter, and others : yet life remains in them; as is manifcft by their being excited, and again revived to do their first works, thro' the quickening and renewing influences of the Holy Ghost: Wherefore he faith, the just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again; but the wicked small fall into mischief *. The seed of God remains in the former, that they will not, yea cannot fin unto deatht: Wherefore he faith, I will not turn away from them, to do them good; but I will put my fear in their hearts, and they shall not depart from me. Thus they are secured, and kept on every side from totally and finally falling away : GOD saith, that he will never cast them off ; and he faith also, that they shall never depart from him.

6. God herein is allo glorified in boliness; in that he regenerates and sanctifies us by the Spirit, thro' the redemption which is in Christ's blood. And therefore also God's called are inclined, prepared, and ready unto every good work.



* Prov. xxiv, 16.

1 John iji. 9.

Ibid. v, 18.

Thus we have seen that whatsoever God doth in time, he decreed in eternity : And that his everlafting covenant in Christ is well ordered in all things, and sure t. He chose his people in him before the foundation of the world ; whom also in time he actually calls and saves with an holy calling : And this he doth in consequence of his own purpose, and grace which was given us in Christ before the world was. Thus the mercy whereby he is merciful to our unrighteousness, and will remember our sins no more, not only reaches unto everlasting, but was also from everlasting I. All our spiritual and saving benefits are of God fully prepared for us, and freely given to us in Christ, who verily was fore-ordained before the foundation of the world, and was manifested in these last times for you that have fled to Christ for refuge.

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And as there was a promise of eternal life before the world began ; which promise respected God's elect among men, who had then no actual being, and were incapable of receiving it for themselves; the promise was made to another, in trust for them ; that is, to their glorious Surety, and covenant Head, the Lord Christ. And the promises which were afterwards made in time to the Church, Ee 4

both † 2 Sam. xxiji. 5.

| Psal. cüïi. 17.

both to Abraham and bis feed, itro iberi, 1:03. ; of faitb, were all made to them in CHRIST, aj took their rise from this cternal promite, when God, that cannot lie, had made to Clooj fir use before the world was; and hence his gengs furie bave been of old, even from eerling.-- 1 nercture Chrif himtelf, and eier nailile in burn, is the great pium mise of God to his Church, as l'um, in krit:

Anticb, plainly shews, lle debat, he, w6: 1. glad trenings, bow that the prima, cilab Cos de unto ile tallers, be buib ju jomice tre jane na ibeir Cleliáin, in obai drauti raki, cadu j e se: And Peter speaks to the very late frik; combo faith he, buib lizcilen us an unia akich : ly the reurretien 6 75 Ch 4 from ide to work is as

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act a: y, rejerie in Laren fer I.- llobes it pleated the father, that in him ait tuioc's bowl dicll: For all ile froutes of God in Cirih 16 Y ani in Lim ame", unda ilegary of God by us.

LASTLY; I fall conclude with an Ayien.

. 1. Art thou, Realcr, a strange tu ck ? Ihan thou art alio ignorant of Goo and gaindis:


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God hath revealed himself to be gracious, and promised pardon of sins, with the gift of righteousness; as also renewing and fanctifying grace, thro' the Holy Ghost, with eternal life in Jesus Christ only. If then thou art seeking after these things, be sure that thou presume not to come to God for them, but by the way of Christ crucified, the only Mediator between God and man: For thou canst receive no saving mercies, or blessings from God, but what he hath promised; and his promises are all in CHRIST : Wherefore he faith; no man cometb unto the Father but by me : But to the Christian, the way is clear and open ; therefore he faith again, be that cometh unto me, pall never bunger ; and whoso believeth on me, hall never thirst. Therefore,

2. Dont make God a liar, by doubting of, or denying his sure promise of life in Christ, to all believers ; which also he hath confirmed with an oath. Every one that with the heart believeth on him, shall certainly be saved ; because God, that cannot lie, hath said it.-Learn then to distinguish betwixt a living, and a dead faith; a faith unfeigned, and that which is bypocritical; that thou mayst not be stumbled at the falling away of certain profeffors, nor charge God foolishly: For there is bút one true faith, but there are many counterfeits ; and 'tis no marvel that these, who have but the name, and not the thing itself; the lader, and are the fulsiance of faith; it is no marvel, I lay, it these tall away; for to them the promie is nie made: And therefore when these turn afile from the truth, and depart from that 14 h which they seemed to have, the promile is not altcte i tvor bru ken by it. Yca, let God be true, and every d'an a liar. My curi! / al fiumi, laith God, a lebo do all wry pieware®: Ani of his clect he fa.he This people have l jermed for 32f, ion kita. Bet forib ory pris, et


3. Beware of putting repentance and faith in the room of CHRIST, by making tiem 17::. conditions of thune acej lunce, or works lidah thne own hands have wrou,'ht; but i.carnen tu Gui's word, wiich declares and teil.fies that mostiat Corne 10 Ciriji, er truly reperi, ardhini ulis, 03.077 ob giren 6:3 of Good And 6. 3 max given to all men; bur to tbuic wborn Chaisras redeemed unto God by his bix, i.un agars men: Andrie gris ani caidrs of God et arissa repental.c2 1.

· 4. Remerxer, jrofcitur. ar: forget it, at God hath chan his people in CHRisT urtu ialvatiun, ile":N.?fidion of the pril, ani buni

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