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take care most seasonably to provide all things for thee.

. But for spiritual blessings, such as mercy and
grace, to strengthen thy soul against sin and Sa-
tan; these thou must ask for with the utmost im-
portunity, and take no denial, yea, thou canst not be
so ready to ask, as God is to give these blessings to
thee: For it is the will of God, even our sanctificationt;
and for these things he hath commanded us to come
boldly to the throne of his grace by Jesus Christ.
But beware that thou doft not limit the Holy One,
nor fix a time for God to remove from thee the dif-
quieting and painful sense of Satan's assaults, and of
thy own rebellious lusts, left thou shouldst be tempte
ed to murmur, or be discouraged; but cast thy bur-
den on the Lord, and wait patiently upon him: I, .
faith the Psalmist, waited patiently for the LORD,
and he inclined unto me, and heard my calling.
God in his own time, which is always the best, will
remove these burdens, and give rest to thy soul, after
chat (which perhaps he intends to work in thee by
them) he hath taught thee self-abasement, bumbleness of
mind, and patience : For tribulation worketh patience.
There is none like unto the LORD our God, who
knoweth how to bring a clean thing out of an un-
clean, light out of darkness, peace out of trouble, and
good out of evil. If there were not a needs be for

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ti Theff. iv. 3.

it, thou wouldft not be in heaviness thro' mar foj temptations, nor would they be of long contau. ance; therefore tarry the Lord's kufure :-It is enough that he hath said, all kings shall work together for good to them that love God; and dat he hath promiscu sin fhall not have the dominion : And again, he faith, Gal is fucktuel, ako at med fuffer bee to be icmpudaicesi: i bou art ade; ou atill wrib ibe temptatum 6.julhousie 4 way for torte to escape, ibat ikcu may be ale to beauThus when Paul belought the Lord that te metter:ger of Satan right depart from hun , he ar swered him, Aly grace is jutiasent for libee, for my Strength is made porjel in obuku, ii.

God often suffers his people to fall into many fore evils and tempxations, as l'ami did; that he may hun:ble them, and magnity his grace and power in them, and to do them gind in their arter end. After this manner he dealt with jd; araw with only, but with his faints in general: Asus written ; Iku, O Geci, kot pred with a trid Ns, as hier is friod: 1ks deal s ile ret, iheu last of: NPS ev sau: Thom bould canjead men to rll as ou doci u ur

* Cor. 2. 13.

1 : CIako se

thro' fire and thro' water : but thou broughtest us out into a wealthy place ll.

Again ; he exhorts us to pray always; that is, in every time of need: Whenfoever we are sensibly assaulted by fin, the world, or Satan; we then more especially feel the war that is against us, and our inability to deliver our own fouls ; at which time it behoves us, in a more fervent manner to cry for help, and to pray the more earnestly.

-Thus when Jacob heard that his brother Esau was coming to meet him with four hundred men, he was greatly afraid, and distressed ; and began to pray to God, with great earnestnefs and fervency: O God, saith he, of my father Abraham, and God of my father Isaac, tbe Lord wbich faidst unto me, Re. turn unto thy country, and to tby kindred, and I will deal well with thee: I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies, and of all the truth, which thou bast fewed unto thy servant ; for with my staff I paffed over this Jordan, and now I am become two bands. Deliver me, I pray thee, from the band of my brother, from the band of Efau: for 1 fear bim, left be will come and fmite me, and the mother with the chil. dren. And thou faidjt, I will surely do tbee good and make thy feed as the fand of the sea, which cannot be numbred for multitude t. Thus Jebo. Ff 4

Shaphat # Pfal. lxiv.10, 11, 12, + Gen. xxxii. - 12.

Maphat also, in a great strait, cried unto the Lord saying; we have no might against this great company that cometh against us; neither know we what to do, but our eyes are upon thee t.-In like inanner, when Peter was in prison, earnest prayer was made of the church unto God for him, without ceafing I.-Even Christ himself had special seasons of temptation and prayer; and when he was in that great conflict in the garden, being in an agony, it is said, be prayed the more earnestly II.

Thus, in peculiar times of trouble and temptation, we have need of praying more earnestly than at cthers : Paul therefore directs us to come boldly unto the throne of grace, by JESUS CHRIST, that we may obtain mercy, und find grace to help IN TIME OF NEEDS. There is indeed no time when a Christian doth not stand in need of being upheld and protected by the power of God : But he is not always feelingly sensible of his own wants and weaknesses, nor is he at all seasons vexed alike, and strongly assaulted by fin and Satan: Therefore at those times especially it behoves him to strive, and fervently labour in prayer to the God of his salvation.


It + 2 Chron. XX, 12. | Aas xii, ;. . || Luke xxii. 44. § Heb. iv. 16.

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It is the wisdom of a Christian to know when it is most meet and seasonable for him to mourn, or to rejoice; to pray, and to give thanks: Wherefore James saith, if any be afflicted, let bim pray; and if any be merry, let bim sing psalms *. But whereas the Christian soldier will be called upon both to pray and give thanks, in some respect or other, as long as he continues in the field of battle, wearing the Christian armour; it behoves him continually to watch, and stir up himself to pray witbout ceasing, and rejoice evermore ; that seasonably, on all occasions, he may be ever ready, and babitually disposed to prayer and thanksgiving ; doing all in the name of our Lord Jesus Chrift.

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. 4. The Apostle here teacheth us to pray in the fpi. rit; praying with all prayer and supplication in the spirit.

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: Prayer in the spirit is here opposed to that which is only with the mouth : As he faith of the Jews; this people draweth nigh to me with their mouth, and boroureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me t. Wherefore, to pray in the spirit, is to have our hearts engaged in prayer; which cannot be without an attention of mind and under

standing. * James v. 13.

+ Matt. xv. 8.

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