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his people a new beart, and to put bis spirit within thèm ; for CHRIST batb made peace by the blood of bis cross: therefore he justifieth the ungodly that believerbt, purifying their hearts by faith. ---Thus, without any works of thinė, or defert on thy part; God in CARIST reconciles thee unto himself, and pours out of his fpirit upon thee; for, for this very cause was the Son of God manifested, that he might deftroy the works of the Devil, and save his people from their fins. As by the first Adam's transgression, thou art made a guilty, helpless, undone creature; fo, by the second Adam's righteousness, thou, believing, are justified, and saved for ever.

..To the only wise God, our SAVIOUR, be glory

and dominion for ever. Amen.

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ROMANS 19. As by one man's disobedience many were made fin

ners, so by tbe obedience of one shall many be made righteous.

TN these words are evidently contained two dif

stinct propofitions :

First; Adam's transgreffion, with its destructive influence on his posterity.-By one man's disobedience many were made finners.' :: June . .. ,

SECONDLY; The righteousness of CHRIST, with its faving influence on his people. By the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.

The first of these we have already discussed : wherein it appears that Adam was a public perfon, répresenting all mankind. That his transgression was


imputed to all men, and so became the very cause and source of all that corruption of nature, depravity, and wretchedness, to which mankind in this world are subject : and that this appointment and conftitution was by the sovereign will, and juft judgment of God... -- .:

But, in the midst of wrath, God remembered mercy, and manifested his love to man, by sending JESUS CHRIST, his only begotten Son, the Antitype, the first Adam, (who was also before him, but came into this world after him) to save his people from their fins *: thus was the Holy One of God substituted in the room of finners'; in which difpenfation of grace towards fallen man, the fovereignty, and righteousness of GoD is most awfully" conspicuous, and glorious.--- For as by one man's disobedience many were made finners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.

For the more distinct explanation of this second part of our Text : I shall

1. CONSIDER the person obeying; who, and what , he was ini .

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: *, I shall endeavour to faew what bis obedience i iii. 3. FOR,

* Matt. i. 21.


3. For whom it was performed. *** 4. How we are made righteous by another's obe.., dience. ... 'i... "Prvi .

5. By whom, and when, it is imputed to us.... 6. How the blessing of God attends its imputa

tion, with the most powerful and saving influ

ences. Lastly, Conclude with an Application.

First; by the person obeying, is meant our LORD, Jesus CHRIST, as is evident from the context : wherein he is manifestly opposed to the first Adam ; his righteousness to Adam's unrighteous ness; and the grace of God to màn thro' CHRIST, to the curse which came upon him thro' Adam.

But the constitution of this person is wonderful; : he is called, the LORD from heaven*,the Son of Mant; and also the Son; of God $: whence it appears that in Christ are united two diftinet natures, the one divine, the other buman.-The Word which was with God, and was God, was also made fef 1]: he united himself unto, and was manifested in, the human naturę: thus God was in CHRIST reconciling

. Cor. xv. 47. y John i. 14,

+ John iži. 13.

John X. 36

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