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P. SER M. II. Rom. V. 19.
- As by one man's disobedience many were made finners,
so by the obedience of one fball many be made righ-
teous .-



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* SER M. v. Acts xx. 21.

Testifying both to the Jews and also to tbe Greeks,

repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord



H SER M. VI. ..

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Genesis i. 26. And God said let us make man in our image

after our likeness.

T R ÖM the Scriptures we learn, and by

K: faith we understand, that the worlds were A framed by the word of God; * for whose pleasure they are and were created : upon him therefore, who gave Being to the worlds and all that is therein, muft every creature necessarily, and continually depend, and that for all things.

In the preceding verses is a short, but sublime Description of the creation of the heavens and the earth with all their hosts by the word, and spirit of JEHOV A H. ----He spake and it was done, be .commanded and they were created t. C ode : B. .

GOD .. . Heb. xi. d. + Plal. clxviü. 5.


God having thus maile the world, and richly fur. nished it with every creature, wherein the lory of his wisdom, goodnefs, and power, might be fecn; he finithed this great defign, by creating man in bis own imare ; whom lot fitted for, and deputed to be his retrojerialre, and thirgerout in the carth; for which honourable stasiun and government, man was pxcularly qualified, being as to his body formed out of the dust in common with other terreftrial animals; when his immortal foul which JH HOVAH breathed into him, wis of a nobler fubfince.

By this di pinolien of nitere in ene per in, man was fitted to rule over every creature with fynipathetic regard, and enjoy the blettings of an earthly paradise; whilst at the Latre time bus rational foul contextuled, and heil communion with God and his holy angels. Being tiwus fear fairy and comfuiy madalas ducru place on earth, and his converlation in hexven;) he was by nature forrred, and tavbe of Go!, bock to govern, and obey: whilk lontaf ali bencash, he was ti.tract to the Gal thuac is ab , who create u man in his own image, & Weihintoimi, is tus ex; rudeli tud God deá k bude v is buat image! er rar asemja.

Frist, IC:all end-TAIT to explain the words.

Ser.'ND:Y, Prives 20 m:n os malle in the im... of (ital. Aso LASTLY, cx.imwibiable inicrences:


LET us make, or rather according to the Hebrew*, we will make man ; thus fignifying, that the time of man's creation before determined, was then fully come; as if God had said, there remains nothing to be created in all the earth as settled in the counsels heaven,except man; whom we decreed to make in of our own image: therefore we will now make man.

The words by no means intimate, that a counsel was then held between the divine persons in the Godhead concerning man's creation ; for the counsels..of God were finished before his work began; creation being only the effect of God's eternal purpose, who worketh all things after the counfél öf bis own will t; but he then began to execute his glorious purpose, when he laid the foundations of the earth, and built bis stories in the heavens ; finishing his fix days work with man's creation : thus God performed in time, what he had planned in eternity

THERE is not an atom in nature, nor an incident in life to the smallest infect, but God fore

knew in' his infinite understanding, and settled by làn immutable decree before ever the world was

The very hairs of your head are all numberedt, there is no fuch thing as casualty or chance with JEHOVAH our God : for known unto God, are all bis works from the beginning of the world g.

iiiB2 . *wys. + Eph. i. ll. 1 Matt. X. 30. Acts xv. 18.


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