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His unkindness,

All shun the raging dog-star's sultry heat, That stript her froin his bencdiction, turned her And from the half-unpeopled town retreat. Id. To foreign casualties, gave her dear rights

It is part of the jaw of a shark or dog-fish. To his doghearted daughters. Id. King Leir.

Woodward. Such smiling rogues as these sooth every passion

The best instruments for dividing of herbs are inci. Renege, affirm, and turn their halcyon beaks

sor-teeth; for cracking of hard substances, as bones With every gale and vary of their masters,

and nuts, grinders or inill-tceth; for dividing of flesh, As knowing nought, like dogs, but following. Id.

sharp-pointed or dog-teeth. Arbuthnot on Aliments. France is a doghole, and it no more merits the tread

Hlad whole Colepeper's wealth been hops and boys, of a man's foot : to the wars.


Could be hijnself have sent it to the dogs ? Ρομε. .
Oh, master, master, I have watched so long,
That I'm dogweary.

I have been pursued, dogged and way-laid through
Id. Taming of the Shrew,
Sorrow dogging sin,
several nations, and even now scarce think myself

A Mictions sorted.

Herbert. I fear the dread events that dog them both,

Reverse your ornaments and hang them all Lest some ill-greeting touch

On some patched doghole eked with ends of wall. attempt the person

Id. Of our renowned sister.

Few miles on horseback had they jogged,

Hate dogs their rise, and insult mocks their fall. But fortune unto them turned doyged.

Johnson. Vanity of Human Wishes.

Hudibras. Dog, in zoology, an animal remarkable for its His only solace was, that now

natural docility, fidelity, and affection for its His dogbolt fortune was so low,

miaster; qualities which mankind are careful to That either it must quickly end,

improve for their own advantage. These useful Or turn about again, and mend.


creatures guard our houses, garders, and cattle, This said, they both advanced, and rode

with spirit and vigilance. By their help we are A dogtrot through the bawling crowd.


enabled to take not only beasts,but birds; and to Behold an Egyptian in the skin of an Hebrew! How dogged an answer doth Moses receive to so gentle ter. In some northern countries they draw sledges,

pursue game both over land, and through the waa reproof! Bp. Hall Contemplations.

and are also employed to carry burdens. In several Nor was it more in his power to be without promo- parts of Africa and China dogs are eaten, as well tion and titles, than for a healthy man to sit in the

as by the West Indian negroes, and accounted sun,

in the brightost dog-days, and remain without excellent food; and we have the testimony of warmth.

Clarendon. The dog-fisher is good against the falling sickness.

Mr. Forster, that dog's flesh in taste exactly reWalton.

sembles mutton. They were also used as food These spiritual joys are dogged by no sad sequels.

by the Romans, and long before them by the

Glanville. Greeks, as we learn from several treatises of The same ill taste of sense will serve to join Hippocrates. Dog foxes in the yoke, and sheer the swine.

From the structure of the teeth, it is evident

Dryden. that the dog is a carnivorous animal. He is But could you be content to bid adicu

possessed of such strong digestive powers, as to To the dear playhouse, and the players too, draw nourishment from the hardest bones. When Sweet country seats are purchased every where,

oppressed with sickness, to which he is very subWith land and gardens, at less price than here You hire a darksome doghole by the year.

ject, especially in the beginning of summer, and

before ill weather, in order to procure reachings,

Id. Juvenal. Good store of harlots, say you, and dogcheap. Id.

he eats the leaves of the quicken-grass, the A certain nobleman beginning with a dogkennel, bearded whcat-grass, or the rough cock's-foot never lived to finish the palace he had contrived. grass, which give him immediate relief. His

Id. drink is water, which he takes in small quantities His reverence bought of me the flower of all the at a time, by lapping with his tongue. His exmarket; these are but dogsmeat to 'em. Dryden.

crements are generally hard scybals, which, €5Learn better manners, or I shall serve you a dog- pecially after eating bones, are white, and were trick; I'll make


once in great repute as a drug; but are now Dryden's Don Sebastian. justly disregarded. Why should we not think a watch and pistol as dis The dog is an animal not only of quick motinct species one from another, as a horse and a dog? tion, but remarkable for travelling very long Of the rough or hairy excrescence, those on the journeys. Ile can easily keep up with his mas

ter either on foot or horseback for a whole day. briar, or dogrose, are a instance. ! Derham's Physico-Theology.

When fatigued, he does not sweat, but lolls out Thump-buckler Mars began,

his tongue. He lies generally on his breast, And at Minerva with a lance of brass he head-long with his head above his two fore feet. He

with his head turned to one side, and sometimes These vile words ushering his blows, Thou, sleeps little, and even that does not seem to be what's the cause

very quiet; for he often starts, and seems to hear Thou makest gods fight thus ? Chapman's Iliad. with more acuteness in sleep than when awake.

I am desired to recommend a dogkennel to any that He can trace his master by the smell of his feet shall want a pack.

Tatler. in a church, or in the streets of a populous city. Juvenal indeed mentions a drowsy husband, who This sensation is not equally strong in every raised an estate by snoring; but then he is represented kind. The hound can trace game, or his masto have slept what the common people call dog-sleep. ter's steps, twenty-four hours afterwards. He

Addison. barks more furiously the nearer te approaches

you know


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