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Agreeably to the provisions of the Constitution, the Senate of Vermont convened, at the State House, in Montpelier, on the second Thursday of October, being the thirteenth day of the month, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and forty-two. The Senate was called to order by the President, when the following Senators ansv/ered to their names, and were sworn:

Bennington County, Windham County,

Rutland County, . ,

Windsor County,

Addison County, .
Orange County,

Chittenden County,

Washington County,

Caledonia Connty,

Franklin County,

Orleans County, , Lamoille County, Essex County, . Grand hie County,

Henry Sheldon,
Josiah Wright.

John Barrett,
Sanford Plumb,
Calvin Townsley.
Alanson Allen,
Elisha Allen,
Ebenezer N. Briggs.

Jampden Cutts,
Salmon F. Dctton,
Abner Field,
John Porter.
Peter Starr,
Harvey Munsill.

Calvin Blodgett,
Royal Hatch,
Tappan Stevens. -

David French, David A. Smalley.

Paul Dillingham, Jr.
Wooster Spraoue.

Daniel VV. Aiken,
Thus. Bartlett, Jr.

William Green,
Homer E. Hubbell.

David M. Camp,

Orion W. Butler.

Warner Bingham.

William L. Sowles.

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