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nerves, and informs his reason, man is constitutionally but “little lower than the angels."

The cerebellum and the medulla oblongata are the lever and fulcrum over which the vital principles lift the load, and push forward the functions of common life—the same in animals as in man; but the cerebrum and the corpus callosum, neither of which can be found in the animal organization, are the lever and fulcrum by which spiritual principles exalt man to a consciousness of the everlasting and Infinite.

Man's moral attributes, including his faculties of intelligence and volition, contain the sanitary laws of life and happiness; but these same divine laws, when transgressed, or deprived of their just conditions, bring into the world sorrows and insanities of every variety and potency.

As Reason exalts man above, so the lack of it degrades him beneath, the animal consciousness.

Sanity, in the human mental constitution, like health in the material body, rewards its possessor by lifting his sensations and thoughts superior to self; while the insane mind is punished with an unconquerable and obtrusive egotism, is supremely rapt in self-importance, even as a diseased body gives its proprietor no rest neither day nor night.

An insane man incessantly thinks of himself; a

sane mind, on the contrary, thinks for the benefit of others.

Society, with its intense antagonisms, and organized hatreds, develops insanity in individuals, by compelling each to be practically tyrannical and unceasingly selfish.

Obedience to the sanitary laws of the mental consti, tution would remove the individual from the vortex of conflicting interests ; he would choose the good and reject the evil; and thus he would become “insane,” in the opinion of all narrow and selfish minds, because he could no longer respect their assumed rights, nor harmonize with their diabolical methods.

Sanity in the human mind is celestial and harmonial health ; in exchange for which terrestrial riches are poverty and a crime.

The sane mind is instructed by the Past, thankful for the Present, hopeful for the Future ; but the insane man turns his back to the Future, quarrels with the Present, and sees the Past as a universal grave of hopes and longings.

To follow the laws of the Spirit exclusively, and to refuse to obey the laws of the world, is to be denounced by the world as "a fool and a madman."

The man who would attempt to set up the heavenly kingdom in this world must first go into training for the prison, cross, or gallows. The cross was the primitive plan of “curing the insane”; and devils were “ cast out in those days” by stoning the patient to death.

The soul of man was made to walk the skies,
Delightful outlet of her prison here !
There, disencumbered from her chains, the ties
Of toys terrestrial, she can rove at large;
There freely can respire, dilate, extend,
In full proportion let loose all her powers.”

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Spirit, the inmost and eternal, is the source of sanity and power. Force is animal, and is liable to exhaustion and insanity. The soul is composed of motion, life, sensation, and intelligence. In the animal but little; in the man, much.

That innate power which takes hold upon infinitude, which is allied to justice, and truth, and virtue, and with all that is pure, and noble, and sublime—that power, residing at the heart of your inmost life, is the coming Lord of all circumstances.

In the millions, this Inmost has not yet asserted its existence and supremacy; such do not, therefore, feel themselves to be even partial masters of their bodies and minds.

Man's battles are to be fought with power, not through force; although “force” is necessary. It is part of man's intelligence—is natural and legitimate to motion, life, and sensation. But there is invariably as large an amount of defeat as there is of victory in battles of mere vitalic force. Why? Because “ action and reaction are equal,” say the laws of mechanics. We must calculate for loss of power by reaction, by friction, in all mechanism. Now what is man? Is he not the most perfect, as well as the most fearful and wonderful, piece of machinery?

In theology, the devil, which is "evil” symbolized and personified, always has the upper hand; in fact and in truth, however, the devil is always under-in outer and in utter darkness.

Diseases, insanities, discord, force, the war element, finally yield to science and to real progress.

The animal world is beneath man; the angel world is above; higher universes roll over the angel-worldthe divine through and within them all; in all which the Supreme eventually conquers.

In this rudimental world, even, the man of war is not triumphant, nor is the earth itself a conqueror; but the sun, with its inconceivable opulence and abundance, is grandly greater and sovereign over all.

And yet, behold how silently the sun does all its omnipotent work! It does not publish a flaming programme: “I shall give you a very magnificent day tomorrow; I shall show you a worldful of fertilizing warmth; a great flood of many-colored lights will I pour over your habitations.” Nay, but with infinite quiet and tranquillity it rolls right on, and shines beneficently, and warms the fields, and brings mankind a wondrous wealth of golden harvests. The sun is the wisdom and “power” of affection, personified.

In like manner the time comes when, over and above all, a divine sanitary power is born and revealed froin within. The soul is the battle-ground. But forces, instead of powers, first prevail.

People become weary battling with intellectual error, and especially disheartened under the pressure of adverse circumstances. Fatigued, annoyed, exhausted, despairing, such minds grow disloyal to great principles. These luckless and hopeless ones, say, are

are “vanquished” and “demoralized.” Others, more enduring and energetic, go through all of life's battle; then they lie down at the end of the struggle ; finally, many such die raving maniacs from sheer mental exhaustion. And yet it is only “ force” that fails. Power never feels exhaustion, never desponds, never “gives up the ship,” never becomes insane. Force, through the organs of intelligence, plans the end. Power, however, will often conduct you to a very different result. You begin life with the impulsive and eccentric ambitions of “ force”—with many


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