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was, and is, having the power of comparison and separation, then he learns the resemblances and the differences of things, on the principle that “all thinking is differentiation,” and thus man thinks retrospectively, into the most original germs and impersonal principles from which his individuality was evolved. He learns that whatever was contained in the germs of his being is manifested in the matured parts and principles of his organization. He learns that, germinally, all crime is insanity ; and that, germinally, all insanity is disease. In the last result, he learns that the destruction of the roots of disease in the human constitution is practically cutting down all the trees of evil, the dire fruits whereof are manifold insanities and crimes. Science thus opens the battle with theology; it is but just begun; and it is to be fought out upon the fields of Nature; tracing the enemy to the very fountain-head of life, overcoming the (d)evils which ever and anon break the linked and golden chain that binds the spirit to the body; and thus inaugurating the era of health, justice, industry, abundance, and happiness. A condition of progress is that mankind shall build the foundation of their Health-Temple upon principles which all men of science and common sense acknowledge to be true, universal, and eternal. It must be a manifestation of the Temple of Akropanamede on earth.

"Before me rises in sublime
Repose that vast basilica, of all
Earthly piles, or fanes, or temples dreamt of,
The supreme; in the soft sunlight it stands
Solemn and imposing."

Behold, I show you a structure of love, wisdom, and universal good-will, builded upon the essential laws of Nature, which the storms of ages cannot disturb, which shall outshine the sun and the stars, which the monumental labors of future ages shall glorify, which shall be known as the House of God, filled with the happy members of human family of one blood, with all nations emancipated from ignorance and error, freed from diseases and insanities, elevated above vices and crimes, and saved with an everlasting salvation.

A. J. DAVIS. NEW YORK, October 30, 1871.

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WITH a slight explanation our symbolic frontispiece will be fully understood, and the expressive deline ons of the artist better appreciated. In the foreground is Mother Nature, with the form and visage of perennial Youth, holding, the scroll of Science in her left hand, and extending her right hand gently and gracefully, but with silent power, before which the hideous evils that afflict humanity flee away as the icy barriers of winter melt in the summer sunbeam. These evils, which theology names devils, are no fluttering airy sprites, but desperate and powerful influences, capable of levelling to the dust the strongest man or the loveliest woman. “Alcohol,” “ Passion,” “Mania,” and their horrible kindred, devastate and destroy whenever they are admitted to or take possession of the citadel of human personality, and it is only by obedience to the high behests of Nature that these evils can be exorcised, and soul and body be restored to the beauty and happiness of perfect health.

The stately Retreat in the background, which has been Society's best means of giving shelter to its unfortunates, and of securing safety to and from them, is yielding up its inmates, who are following Mother Nature into her peaceful fields, beneath her wide-waving trees and boundless sky. Some, from whom the demons of darkness have been already expelled, are walking “ clothed and in their right mind,” with the joy of restored youth, health, and reason beaming viii


from their faces. Others, still in bondage to the evil powers, are walking steadily forward to their deliverance. The reckless drunk. ard still clutches his bottle, and the miser his bag of gold; the maniae wields his club; the shriek of hysteria issues from the frenzied woman's parted lips; the dyspeptic drags between his slow crutches his pained and gouty feet; the desolate and despairing victim of passion covers her grief-worn face in pitiful anguish; but Nature, the beneficent Mother, tenderly awaits their approach, and when, weary and heavy laden, they shall have come to her, she will give them rest.



Man stands upon one universe, and carries another upon his shoulders.

He is placed physically and mentally midway between the animal and the angel; both natures meet and mingle within him; and each, in harmony with its own unchangeable laws, energetically labors to obtain supremacy.

He is immersed to his very chin in the life and pursuits of the animal kingdom, while the currents of the angel realm ebb and flow and come to speech through his superior attributes.

The animal mind is simply and only a vital consciousness of the world of things, educated to think more or less by the senses; but the human mind, while perfect in sensuous consciousness, is interiorly and constitutionally conscious of itself!

In the physical constitution, and in the vital forces which warm his blood and animate his material being, man and the animal are one and the same; but in brain organization, and in the spirit-energy which fills

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