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XII. the boast of Barrifters, the kulto drow, ono mortive mifs'd him at the side-bar And all that judgement, all that wit calls icond dealt 30 no bod y TO Along Leith Walk; and near the reftless Await alike the uncertainty of Tawy fea, And litigirion leads bưe to the jaih 1 Antther came ; not at the writers is. baix isiq Vlonde

h all, Full many a Triply, drawn by writers Nor up the town, nor at the rolls was

.. he. *** 90731 31. Th' ynfathom'd shelves of this dark gar.

XIII, :-3 ret beari, o ro 39,

The next, with Stalies four, in pensive Full many a Bid, advis'd and pass'd un guise, 19 fecny s'abre 559

Slow to the Grey-Friars field we faw Here rots and moulders in the murky

and moulders in the murky him borne.
air V 1347,2 1:10 . Beneath a fod he now for ever lies,

There with the “mighty dead," for
Perhaps in this neglected spot arę, laid, gotten and forloện. ,
Some Answers, drawn by

it's power,
ful hand;

Some processes, where e's aide
Perplex'd his blackguard client's clear EDINBURGH, July 1. 1787. ?
de mand. ,

VIII. Yet ev'n this trash from cookmaids to M N O *protez

r, Some frail direction dangles in a noore, on the death of the late Sir 1. HUNTER And warns her oft her ravages to check;

Y BLAIR, Kt. Bt. # Nor seize their spoil's, to linge the christ

UUHY ineach Countenance, that later mas goosey


W ly spoke Beneath" Tame pye" the Condescendence

The Mind serene or tun'd to Imiling Joy,

Doth folemn Sorrow, with unerring Signs, Some printed casi Gillespie's Snuift te

Proclaim her awful Reign. The trouba

ftped Brow, Even from the trunk, the voice of

That gathers like a deep, o'erhanging

· Cloud, Evenat the huckster's livess: _'s fires. Th’involuntary Sigh, the starting Tear

Declare Calamity; And fuch, alas!
Each liberal Heart too surely feels there
For liberal BLAIR's no

:7 * relate;

:: O did the years 6. If chance by lonely contemplasian led Of those who croyd into the Span of Life "Some kindred Spirit mall inquire thy Each Virtue that can charm and bless

Mankind a


AM 4397 Uning

Extend to countless points of Time, of Haply fome hungry wřiter lad may such Oft have we seen him press with busy

Mankind wou'd deem the stay on Earth

too short."

But when uptimely falls the Man belovid, To meet L d Sam at the pinę- In Prime of Days cut off, though olą in

Up Foster's Wynd, ar Henderson's darke Grievaus the stroke indeed!

The Sisivat

murky aire in Chiama gli habitator del ombre eterno,

Talo on
**Beneath some pye the Condescênce liés.

E , I feat them with a load of books
: : Laßt Monday to the pastry caok's. 2) Swift.:0.

This appeared in a public paper very soon after the mournful event which occafioned it. Several corrections have since been given it. Mr Woods of the Theatre-Royal is named as the Author,

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The Mufe who know, From the approving public eye retird, And knowing, honour'd, wou'd record His Virtue itill pas active, and sustain'd his Worth:

The Scene of private Life with equal Wou'd pay a Tribute to th' illustrious Grace.

Dead, And Théw a bright Example to the Lic Long, long will those, a numerous ving.

Band of Friends, But now, alas! Thall the collect the Who in the calm domestic Hour, much Pow'rs

pleas'd, Scatter'din fad Amazement and Survrise. View'd him fulfilling every facred Duty: To form a verse besitting such a theme?

Who, at the social Board, have often In Fiction's winding Path with graceful

Shar'd Ease

with him the Converse gay, and free The skilful Poet moyes ; his chiefert


From Rudeness and Austerity: and those, Care How to adorn the Tale he has contriv'd :

the Tale he has contriy'd! Not least in Number, who have known Thus from the Fields of Fancy as he His Bounty, oft Atretch'd forth, to bear roves

them up He culls a Wreath of never-fading Against the Current of oʻcrwhelming Flowers.

Fortune ; But when a real Ill befalls himself, And every génerous, feeling Heart, to In simple, artless strains his Grief breaks Whom forth.

Public .or Private Virtue can be dear : The plaints he utters issue from the 0! long shall they lainent the Stroke Heart

that tore Such is the Verse, spontaneous and lin- A ready Prop from Merit; from the Poor cere,

A careful Guardian; from his weeping The humbleft Bard in all Apollo's traia Family Now dedicates to him, whose Worth he. A lov'd and tender Father; from his knew,

Country Whofe Memory be reveres.

A zealous Patriot-from the World a

. Elaborate Praise
Tocelebrate his much-distinguish'd Name
Were but fuperfluous. His PUBLIC

Epitapha on the late Duke of QUEENS That, independent, fcorn'd all felfish BERRY, written at Dumfries in the Views,

year 1779, on hearing that the Magi. And breath'd no wish but for his Coun firates intended to crect a Monument' try's Good:

to the Duke. His Plans, that mark'd the mind enlarg'd, and aim'd

STRANGER! for only Atrangers have T'improve and to adorn his favourite to learn

". The worth of him whose ashes fill this'

. The Seat of Science and of liberal Art;

Urn, His Candour and Integrity, display'd

dilblay'd' If led by chance, or by some guide less

blind, In the most arduous magisterial office : 'These, with the Eloquence of heav'n

in Thou seek'st this great man's Epitaph

to find, born Truth, Far as his Name is heard, declare his Thy scarch is vainno Epitaph is here, Worth,

For none need praifes, but who Malice On each reflective Mind, impress the


*** Yet is there one which, tho' not here, Loss A grateful Country mourns.

is carv'd,

Is write'n, where it will longer be pre..

Nor yet alone, ferv'd; When lab'ring carnest for the general is writt'n, where Time can never bring Weal

decay, His Merits shone conspicuous; from the Read thou wilt find it in the works of the Senate,



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Edinburgh Magazine,



With a view of L' o CH MA BEN CASTLE.

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Register of the Weather, . 46 Germans, in a Letter to the
Remarks on Dr Johnson's Opic - Publisher of a German Peri.

nion concerning the Imitationi odical Work. . . 78 of Spencer.

47 On the different fpecies of PhoLetter from the late King of bia, in a Letter to the Editor

Prufia to the Gountess de Saó of an American Journal, Said mas,

· 52 · to be written by Dr Franklin, 83 A Journey to the Isle of Bass. In On the different species of Mac

scribed to William Cochran of nia ; by the fame, - 86 Gulane, Esq; .

Description of White-washing ;
On the Culture and economical in a Letter from a Gentle-

Uses of the Spanish Broom. man in America to his friend
By M. Broussonet. · 56 in England, .

of On the state of the Arts and Sci-' Defence of Women and White.' ences in Syria, and the Ignor., Washing; . .

96 rance of the People.-By M. An account of the Progress of Volney.


Population, Agriculture, ManConsiderations by the late Dř” ners, and Government in

Samuel Johnson, on the case Pennsyloània, . . . 99 of Dr Trapp's Sermons, abrid. Modern Learning exemplified,

ged by Mr Gade, 1739, : 63 by a Specimen of Collegiate Account of the Life of John' examination,

104 Napier of Merchistor, - 66 Metaphysics; - ibid. Characters, observations, &c. * *Logic. --Natural Philosophy, 105

By Sir George Mackenzie of “Mathematics,

69 Anatomy, -Surgery,. 107 On the Conductof King James VI. ib. Chemniftry,.

108 -- King Charles I. 72 Letters to the Author of Olla . - Marquis of Ha- Podrida;

.. 109 milton, 74 On News-Papers,

ITO F. Earl of Argyle, ib. Picture of Egypt, ... 112

- Marquis of Mona. Review of Miss Greville; : 115 trofe, :

ib. Literary Intelligence, •' ibid. Army of the Co. The pretended Martin Guerre ; venanters, . . 75 a true Story;

116 Character of the French and Poetry,

VOL. VI. N° 32.


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