St.Andrews Medical Graduates' Association.Transactions,1871

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Página 111 - Assume a virtue, if you have it not. That monster, custom, who all sense doth eat Of hahit's devil, is angel yet in this; That to the use of actions fair and good He likewise gives a frock, or livery, That aptly is put on : Refrain to-night ; And that shall lend a kind of easiness To the next abstinence : the next more easy : For use almost can change the stamp of nature, And either curb the devil, or throw him out With wondrous potency.
Página 16 - Does arbitrate the event, my nature is That I incline to hope rather than fear, And gladly banish squint suspicion. My sister is not so defenceless left, As you imagine ; she has a hidden strength, Which you remember not.
Página 237 - This name has been given to an inflammation of the glottis, larynx, or upper part of the trachea, whether it affect the membranes of these parts, or the muscles adjoining. It may arise first in these parts, and continue to subsist in them alone; or it may come to affect these parts, from the cynanche tonsillaris or maligna spreading into them.
Página 169 - I can see no weighty objection to that operation , as the membrane can be so easily got at, and is very loose. Many a more hazardous operation is daily performed. I would propose however, that it should be first tried on a dead subject, that we may proceed with all manner of contained assistance. But something ought to be tried in their dangerous situation.
Página 101 - ... intemperate, and had other children subsequently born. In such cases, it is a matter of notoriety, that the younger children have become addicted to the practice of intoxication much more frequently than the elder — in the proportion of five to one.
Página 104 - Immorality, depravity, alcoholic excesses, and great moral degradation in great-grandfather, who was killed in a tavern brawl. Second Generation. — Hereditary drunkenness, maniacal attacks ending in general paralysis in the grandfather. Third Generation. — Sobriety, but hypochondriacal tendencies, delusions of persecution, and homicidal tendencies in the father. Fourth Generation. — Defective intelligence. First attack of mania at sixteen years of age ; stupidity and transition to complete...
Página 102 - T is this, that no man keep company with his wife for issue sake, but when he is sober — as not having before either drunk any wine, or, at least, not to such a quantity as to distemper him ; for they usually prove wine-bibbers and drunkards whose parents begot them when they were drunk : wherefore...
Página 237 - ... glottis, larynx, or upper part of the trachea whether it affect the membranes of these parts, or the muscles adjoining. It may arise first in these parts, and continue to subsist in them alone ; or it may come to affect these parts from the Cynanche tonsillaris or maligna spreading into them. 319.] In either way it has been a rare occurrence, and few instances of it have been marked and recorded by physicians.
Página 101 - By habits of intemperance, they not only degrade and ruin themselves, but transmit the elements of like degradation and ruin to their posterity. This is no visionary conjecture, the fruit of a favourite and long-cherished theory; it is a settled belief, resulting from observation — an inference derived from innumerable facts. In hundreds and thousands of instances, parents having had children born to thorn while their habits were temperate, have become afterwards intemperate, and had other children...
Página 32 - Did twist together with its whiskers, And twine so close, that Time should never, In life or death, their fortunes sever, But with his rusty sickle mow Both down together at a blow. So learned Taliacotius, from The brawny part of porter's bum, Cut supplemental noses, which Would last as long as parent breech ; But when the date of Nock was out, Off dropp'd the sympathetic snout.

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