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thereof shall be known by the name of the President and Trustees Name, duration of the town of Green Bay, and by that name they and their suc- the carppiațior. cessors shall have perpetual succession, and shall be capable of sueing and being sued, pleading and being impleaded; may have a : common seal and may change or alter the same at pleasure.

SEC. 2. That for the better government of said town the district comprised in the limits above described shall be divided -into two Bounds of warus. wards as follows: all that part of said district which he north of the line which divides Astor from Navarino, according to the respective plats on record, shall be known and called the North Ward ; and all that part of said district whick lies• south of said line shall be known and called the South Ward, and there shall be chosen by the qualified voters of each ward by separate election in each ward to be holden as is hereinafter directed, three persons Election of offi in each ward to serve as trustees, and they shall appoint a clerk, treasurer, and marshall, from among the qualified- voters of the town. The President of said board of trustees shall be elected by general ballot of the two wards.

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when held.

Sec. 3. That the first meeting for the election of trustees under First meeting this act shall be holden on the first Monday in May, in the year 1839 at the following places to wit: in the North Ward at the school house and in the South Ward at the town house, between the hours of ten and four o'clock, and the voters then present may pro

Organization ceed to elect by ballot or otherwise a moderator and clerk from thereof. among themselves, for the day, whose duty it shall be to receive, assort, and count the votes which may be given, and when the meeting shall be so organized, the moderator and clerk shall receive votes from the legal voters then present, for or against the adoption Voters niay vote of this act, and for a president and three trustees; and the three persons adopting act. in each or either ward, having received the highest number of yotes shall be declared by the moderator in such ward to be duly elected Election of presitrustees, and shall continue in office one year and until others shall be elected and duly qualified in their stead.

Sec. 4. The trustees elected in pursuance of the preceding section of this act, shall meet at the town house on the Thursday next after the election at the hour of twelve o'clock noon, and they or a majority of them, shall then and there proceed to canvass the votes given in each of said wards for and against the adoption of vass votes. this act; and if a majority of all the votes given in said town shall be against its adoption, then this act and all proceedings under it shall be null and void ; but if a majority be in favor of it: adoption, then the said Trustees shall proceed to canvass the votes given for President, and declare the person having the highest number of

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Vacancies how

votes to be duly elected, and shall proceed to organize said board of Trustees in accordance with the provisions of this act.

Sec. 5. That the said president and trustees shall (after the Annual election year 1839) be elected annually, on the first Monday in January by

a.che free white male inhabitants over the age of twenty-one years

who shall have resided in said town at least six months previous to Qualification of

the day Ql.election, and who are at the time inhabitants in the ward where they may offer to vote. Said president and trustees

shall be at least tiventy-one years of age, citizens of the United Who eligible to. States, residents in the ward in which they may be elected and

shall hold their offices. one year and until others shall [be] elected and qualified; and:id•case the election as provided in this section or in the preceding sections of this act shall for any reason not be

made at the time provided, it shall not be considered a sufficient be reason for arresting, suspending, or dissolving the said corporation

but such election may be held either for the adoption of this act or for the election of trustees at any time thereafter when a majority of the legal voters in either ward may determine, and any racancy which may happen in the board of trustees, shall be filled by the iemaining members of said board who were elected in the same ward as the member whose place shall have become vacant.

Seç. 6. That the president and trustees shall have power to Powers of prest: make, ordain and establish ordinances relative to markets and com

merce in the limits of said town; to streets, alleys and highways: to wharves, bridges, mill-races and canals; to trees - planted for shade, ornament or convenience: to the assize of bread, the weight and price; to the shooting of guns or other fire-arms; to suppressing disiurbances and riots; to removing nuisances and preserving the health of the inhabitants ; to the establishment of boards of health, and quarantine regulations; to the burial of the dead; to preserving said town from injuries by fire; to the mode of taxation ; to public lights and lamps; to procuring fire buckets and engines; to restraining horses, cattle, sheep, swine and geese, from going at large in said town, and to inflicting penalties for breaches of said ordinances. Provided, That such penalties shall in no case exceed the sum of fifty dollars, and five days imprisonment for any one offence and the said penalties shall be collected and paid into the treasury of said town, for which, execution may issue as in civil cases, and provided, also, that all ordinances made by the President and Trustees, shall be published in one or more of the newspapers printed in said town, at least two weeks before the same shall be in force, and the same shall not be repugnant to the constitution and laws of the United States and of this Territory.

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8ec. 7. That the president and trustecs shall have power anạ authority to lay out new highways, streets, alleys, and public walks Bame subject. and to vacate such highways, streets, alleys, and public walks, as in their opinion shall not be of public utility ; to regulate, grade, pave, and improve the streets, avenues, lanes, and alleys, and to extend, open, and widen the same within the limits of said town, makiog the person or persons injured thereby adequate compensation, to ascertain which, the board shall cause to be summoned twelve good and lawful freeholders, and inhabitants of said town, (nol directly interested) who being duly sworn for that purpose shall enquire into and take the same into consideration as well the benefits us the injury · which may accrue, and estimate and assess the damage which would be sustained by reason of the laying out, opening, extension, or widening of any street, avenue, lane, alley, or public walk as aforesaid, and shall moreover estimate the amount which other persons or property will be benefited thereby, all of which shall be returned to the board of trustees under their hands and seals. And the person or persons who shall be benefitted and 80 assessed, shall pay the same in such manner as shall be provided by the president and trustees, and the residue, if any, shall be paid out of the town treasury.

Sec. 8. That upon application of two thirds of the inhabitants, resident on any street or part of a street, or on the application of the owners of two thirds of the property on any such street or part of a street, it shall be lawful for the board of trustees to levy and Special tax, when collect a special tax on the owners of the lots on the said street or pose to be colo part of a street according to their respective fronts en such street, for the purpose of grading and paving the side walks thereof, in addition to the ordinary tax authorized by this act, to be levied for general purposes.

Sec. 9. That the president and trustees shall have power to levy and collect andually, a tax on the ical estate in said town not Annual tas how

expended. exceeding one dollar on every one hundred dollars of the assesment valuation thereof; and the taxes which may be assessed and collected on the real estate situate in each of the wards in this act mentioned, (except so much thereof as shall be applied to defray expenses common to both wards) shall be expended in making such improvements, or for other purposes in the ward from which the same was collected as shall be determined by the trustees elected by such ward ; Provided, always, that in making valuation of property, the assessors shall fix such value to any lot or piece of land as they consider such lot or piece of land to be worth in offset for, or in payment of a just debt, without taking into

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considération the value of any building or other. improrezi thereon.

Sec. 10. That the president and trustees shalomalý appoihi Derries of Asses three assessors whose duly it shall be to make out in the month of

May, io ihe vaar 1839, and in the north of 'anuary ảnd February of each year (after the year 1839) a list of all real estate within the respective wards, keeping the list of each ward separate, which fisi sküll set forth the descriprion of each lor or piece of land as the same may be laid out and recorded; or if any tract shall Hot have been subdivided into tcwn jöts, and a plat thereof made and recorded, the same shall be described as represented on the township plats in he United States Land Office; and in mies where tivo or more persons may be interested in any lot or traset, the assessors may at their opticu subdivile any such town: lot or other tract in sich manner as they may deen expedient, or as ro them may seem necessary, in order to describe such parts of the same as may be owned by citerent persons, and shall set to each lot or piece of land the value at which they shall appraise the same, and when said list of appraisement shall have been made out and completed, the same shall be certified to the president and trustees as a true assessment roll as made by said assessor; oi the Ines and lands in said town, which shall be signed by one or mose of said assessors, and deposited in the hands of the clerk -*? the board of Trustees.

Sec. 11 That it shall be the duty of the clerk annually uma: Dities of Clerk receiving the assessment roll as aforesait, to say the same before on receivings:

the president and trustees for their consideration, relative to the rate per centum of tax to be levied for the current year," and when the said president'and trustees shall have determined the rate per cen!um to be taxed or the assessed value of properiy ascertaimed in the assessment roll, as aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the clerk, in the month of June, in the year 1839, and in the month of March, lennually thereafter, to make out in accordance with such: determination, a scheduiz of all the property as contained in said assessment rc!l, annexing to each lot or other tract the amount of tax wbich will be chargeable on the same, 'agreeably to the assessment as returned, and the rate per centum of taza!ion as fixed by the president and trustees, with [which] schedule shall be called the tax list, and shall be recorded by said clerk in a book to be by'hini kept for that purpose, and said tax list or the record thereof, shalt either of them be conclusive evidence of the amount of corporation taxes assessed for the current year in which the same shall be made 0:18 and dated

sessment rot

-Duties of treas til'ei', and of ne

SBC, 12. That it shall be the duty of the said clerk to complete, Sare subject. the, tax.list as aforesaid, and deliver the same to the treasurer of ibe corporation within the month of June, or the first week in Julv, in the year 1839, aod annually thereafier in the month of March or the first week in April, and make a record of such delivery in the book where said list. shall be recorded, or in the book containing the proceedings of the president and trustees, which record shall be conclusive evidence of such delivery, and the tax so assessed shall be a lien on the property so taxed, unula the same shall be paid and fully discharged, together with all penalties and costs which may accrue thereon, agreeably to the provisions of this act.

Seo: 13. That upon receipt of the tax-list as aforesaid, and within the month of July, in the year 1939, and in the month of April annually after the year 1839. it shall be the duty of the, treasurer. of said town to give public notice in a newspaper printed ir said town, or by posting up notices in three public places in said collection of taxtown, that such tax list has been cornmitted to him for the purpose of collecting the tax thereon, and that he will receive payment for taxes at his office until the last day of August then çnsuing, sabjecí to a deduction of five per cent if paid before the said last day of August.

Sec. 14. That in case the tax na any lot or other piece of land. shall be paid on or before the said last day of August, there shail Eame subject. be deducted from such tax; five per centum of the amount thereof; but in case the tax on any lot or other piece of land shall remain unpaid on the said last day of August, it shall be the duty of the treasurer of said town to adveriise for sale any and all such lots of pieces of land, or so much thoreof as will satisfy and pay all tares which may be assessed thereon, logether with all costs arid offer liabilities which shall accrue by areticenient and sale, agreeably to the provisions of this act. Saiu advertisement shall be published four successive we ks, commencing in the month of September, in some newspaper printed in said town, and shall embrace all lots or other pieces of land on which the taxes have not been paid; together with the amount of tax chargeable to each of said lots or pieces of land, and said advertisement shall also state the time and place when and where the sale will take place, for the disposal of -said lots or lands as aforesaid.

Sec. 15. That the time fixed by the said treasurer for the sale of lots or lagds for taxes, shall be at some time which he may designate within the month of December next ensuing the publication of

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