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Duties of Clerk

sessment roll.

other tract in such manner as they may deem expedient, or as to them may seem necessary, in order to describe such parts of the same as may be owned by different persons, and shall set to each lot or piece of land the value at which they shall appraise the same, and when said list of appraisement shall have been made oat and completed, the same shall be certified to the president and trustees as a true assessment roll as made by said assessors of the lots and lands ia said town, which shall be signed by one or more of said assessors, and deposited in the hands of the clerk to the board of trustees.

Sec. 10. That it shall be the duty of the clerk anoually upon on receiving As. receiving the assessment roll as aforesaid, to lay the same before

the president and trustees for their consideration, relative to the rate per centum of tax to be levied for the current year, and when the said president and trustees shall have determined the rate per centum to be taxed on the assessed value of property as contained in the assessment roll, as aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the clerk, in the month of June, in the year 1839, and in the month of March, annually thereafter, to make out in accordance with such determination, a schedule of all the property as contained in said assessment roll, annexing to each lot or other tract the amount of tax which will be chargeable on the same, agreeably to the assessment as returned, and the rate per centum of taxation as fixed by the president and trustees, which schedule shall be called the tax list, and shall be recorded by said clerk in a book to be by him kept for that purpose, and said tax list or the record thereof, shall either of them be conclusive evidence of the amount of corporation taxes assessed for the current year in which the same shall be made out and dated.

Sec. 11. That it shall be the duty of the said clerk to complete Bame subject. the 'tax-list as aforesaid, and deliver the same to the treasurer of

the corporation within the month of June, or the first week in July, in the year 1839, and annually thereafter in the month of March or the first week in April, and make a record of such delivery in the book where said list shall be recorded, or in the book containing the proceedings of the president and trustees, which record shall be conclusive evidence of such delivery, and the tax so assessed shall be a lien on the property so taxed, until the same shall be paid together with all penalties and costs which may accrue thereon, agreeably to the provisions of this act.

Sec. 12. That upon receipt of the tax-list as aforesaid, and within the month of July, in the year 1839, and in the month of


April annually after the year 1839, 'it, shall be the duty of the treasurer of said town to give public notice in a newspaper prinied Duties of trous in 'said town, or by posting up notices in three public places in said town, that such tax list has been committed to him for the purpose of collecting the tax thereon, and that he will receive payment for taxes at his office until the last day of August then ensuing, subject to a deduction of five per cent if paid before the said last day of August. Sec. 13. That in case the tax on any lot or other piece of land

Same subject shall be paid on or before the said last day of August, there shall be deducted from such tax, five per centum of the amount thereof, but in case the tax on any lot or other piece of land shall remain unpaid on the said last day of August, it shall be the duty of the treasurer of said town to advertise for sale any and all such lots or pieces of land, or so much thereof as will satisfy and pay all taxes which may be assessed thereon, together with all costs and other liabilities which shall accrue by advertisement and sale, agreeably to the provisions of this act. Said advertisement shall be published four successive weeks, commencing in the month of September, in some newspaper printed in said town, and shall embrace all lots or other pieces of land on which the taxes have not been paid, together with the amount of tax chargeable to each ; said Tots or 'pieces of land, and said advertisement shall also state the time and place when and where the sale will take place, for the disposal of said lots or lands as aforesaid: Provided, that in cases of assessment of taxes in gross upon any tract or lot of land, the Treasurer upon the application of any claimant or owner of a part thereof, either divided or undivided, shall receive a part of the taxes, interest and charges due thereon, proportionate to the quantity of such lot or tract so owned or claimed, and the balance of such taxes, interest and charges, shall be a lien only on the remainder of such lot or tract of land.

Sec. 14. That the time fixed by the said treasurer for the sale of lots or lands for taxes, shall be at some time which he may designate lots for taxes. within the month of December next ensuing the publication of the advertisement thereof, and on the day mentioned in the said notice, the treasurer shall commence the sale of the said lots and lands, and continue the same from day to day until so much thereof shall be sold as will pay the taxes, interest and charges due, assessed and charged thereon agreeably to this act, and the treasurer shall give to the purchaser or purchasers of any.such lots or lands a certificate, describing the lots or lands purchased, stating the sum paid therefor, and the time when the purchaser will be entitled to

or the balo of

a deed for the said lots or lands; and if the person claiming the title to the said lots or lands described in said certificate shall not within two years from the date thereof, pay to the treasurer for the use of the purchaser, his heirs or assigns, the sum mentioned in such certificate, 'ogether with interest thereon at the rate of twenty-five' per centum per annum, from the date of such certificate, the treasurer shall at the expiration of the said two years, execute to the purchaser, his heirs or assigns a conveyance of the lots or lands so sold, which conveyance shall vest in the person or persons to whom it shall be given, an absolute estate in fee simple, and the said conveyance shall be conclusive evidence that the sale was regular according to the provisions of this act, and every such conveyance to be executed by the treasurer under his hand and seal, in the name and on behalf of the town of Milwaukee, and the execution thereof witnessed and acknowledged as by law in other cases provided, may be given in evidence and recorded in the same manner and with like effect as a deed regularly acknowledged by the grantor may be given in evidence and recorded.

Seç. 15. That all lots or lands the taxes on which shall not be paid before the last day of August, as aforesaid, and which shall be advertised for sale for non-payment of taxes, shall be subject to a charge of ten cents for each lot or piece of land so advertised 3 and for each lot or piece of land which shall be sold as aforesaid

it shall be lawful for the treasurer to demand and receive the Tees of treasurer following fees : for each certificate to be given to a pur

chaser åt such sale of any lot or piece of land, twelve and a half cents;

for certifying the sum necessary to redeem any lot or piece of land held for taxes, twelve and a half cents; and one dollar for each conveyance executed by him in pursvance of this act. The said fees to be paid by the person receiving such instrument of writing.

Sec. 16. That if any person who shall purchase' any lot or piece of land in pursuance of this act, shall pay any tax returned subsequent to such purchase on such lot or piece of land, the person who shall redeem such lot or piece of land shall pay the amount of such tax with interest at the rate of twenty-five per centum per annum for the benefit of such purchaser.

Sec. 17. That no tax shall be levied in either ward of said

town for any purpose whatever, without the assent and concurrence ied without the of at least three of the trustees who shall have been elected in said

ward ; and for any purpose of improvements which are local in their nature and pertains in one ward only, it shall be the duty of


On what terms owners may reJeem.

No tax to be lev.

concurrence of three trustees.

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on streets.

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the prosident and trustees to levy such tax as shall be determined
on by a majority of the trustees who shall have been elected by
the ward for the benefit of which such improvements are proposed
to be made, Provided always, that in no case shall the wholo
amount of tax in either of said wards in any one year exceed the
amount in this act limited for any and all purposes whatever,
except in the case of a special tax for side walks, agreeably to the
provisions contained in the eighth section of this act, which special
tax shall be returned by such officer as the president and trustees
may direct or appoint for that purpose to the clerk, who shall enter
the same and deliver a list thereof to the treasurer as in the case
of ordinary taxes, and the treasurer shall collect the same in the
same manner and at the same time as is provided by this act for
the collection of ordinary annual taxes.

Sec. 18. The president and trustees are hereby authorized to
require every male resident of said town over the age ot twenty-
one years, to labour at least three days in each and every year Labor to be done
upon the streets and alleys of said town within the limits of the
ward in which such resident' may reside, at such time and in such
manner as the street commissioner or other officer appointed for

shall direct; but any person may at his option pay at the rate of one dollar for every day he shall be so bound to labor, therefor. and in default of the payment of such .money or the performance of such labor, the said president and trustees may sue for and collect such money by action of debt with twenty-five per cent damages on the same, together with all the costs of suit before any justice of the peace in said town. And there shall be no stay of execution upon any judgment rendered on such suit nor shall any property of the defendant be exempt from being taken to satisfy such judgment and costs. Stc. 19. That the marshal of said town within the limits





Powers and priv. thereof shall have the same powers, authority and privileges ileges of Mar. and be liable to the same penalties for neglect of duty in any case as constables by law are to all intents and purposes, and be may execute all precepts to him directed within the limits of said corporation. Sec. 20. That the clerk, treasurer and marshal before they

Who to give enter upon the duties of their several offices, shall give bonds bonds. with sureties to the president and trustees (to their satisfaction) and their successors in office, conditioned for the faithful performance of the duties of their respective offices; and the trbasurer shall pay over all'monies by him received for the use of


Powers of trus tees to grant licenses.

said town to the order of the president agreeably to such regulations as shall be adopted by the president and trustees, and shall when by them required, submit his books and vouchers for their inspection.

Sec. 21. That the president and trustees shall have the sole right of licensing and regulating groceries and victualing-houses, and of licensing and regulating shows, public exhibitions, and theatrical or other entertainments within said town, and the money arising from said licenses shall be paid into the treasury for the use of said town; and to provide for the erection of drains and sewers, and regulate the measuring of boards, plank, timber and

lumber of every kind; to regulate the measuring of fire-wood, Other powers. and the weighing of hay; to regulate the storage of gunpowder

and other combustible materials; to erect pumps and wells in the streets for the convenience of the inhabitants; to lease for one or more years the foot of any street running into the Milwaukee river; and to appoint all officers not enumerated in this act decessary to carry the ordinances of said town into effect.

Sec. 22. That all the officers appointed under the provisions of Oath of others.

this act, shall be sworn or affirmed by, the president, or by one of the trustees, or clerk, to a faithful performance [of] their duty, which qualification shall be recorded by the clerk of the board; and when any action or suit shall be commenced against said town, the

service thereof may be made by leaving a copy of the process menced against attested by the proper officer with the clerk, or in his absence, at

his usual place of abode, with some person of discretion, and it shall be the duty of the clerk forthwith to inform the president and trustees thereof; it shall also be the duty of said clerk to make a true record of all the votes and proceedings of said president and trustees, and the record so made by the clerk shall at all times be open to the inspection of any person who may wish to examine the same.

Sec. 23. That the fees to the clerk, treasurer, marshal and Peeg of officers.

other officers of said town shall be fixed and established by the president and trustees, a majority of whom shall constitute à quorum for the transaction of business; Provided that no compënsation shall be received by the president'and trustees unless by a vote of a majority of the electors at a regular meeting, and provided further that no rule or ordinance shall be passed affecting the local interest of, either ward of said town, unless it receive the sanction of at least three of the trustees elected by the ward so to be affected.

Sec. 24. That the president and trustees may at any time remove

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Duties of clerk.

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