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NO. 29.

AN ACT to incorporate the Beloit Manufacturing Company.


Section 1. Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin, That Tyler H. Moore, Horace White, Caleb Blodget, Lucius G. Fisher, Alfred L. Field; Charles F. H. Goodhue, Charles Johnson, Philip J. Carney and such other persons as may be associated with them their successors and assigns be and they are hereby declared to be a body corporate by the name' and style of the “Beloit Manufacturing Com-Style of Compa. pany,” and as such may sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded in all places and courts whatsoever, and may have a common seal and may alter the same at pleasure. Sec. 2. The capital stock of said company shall consist of not

Capital stock. more than two hundred thousand dollars, and shall be divided into shares of two hundred dollars each, which shall be deemed to be personal property, and may be transferred in such manner as the Company shall by their by-laws direct.

Sec. 3. Said Corporation shall have power to manufacture Flour General powers. from Wheat and other Grain, to manufacture Cotton and Woolen Goods and Machinery, may manufacture any product of this Territory into commodities for consumption or for the market, may construct Dams, Canals or Water ways and reservoirs on lands which are now or may hereafter be owned by said Company, or on land owned by any person with the consent of the owner thereof; Provided, the said Corporation shall not obstruct the navigation of Rock River or of any navigable stream, and may purchase, possess and convey lands, hereditaments, goods and chattels necessary for the purpose of carrying on their business aforesaid, and may enacti such by-laws and regulations, as they shall judge proper, for managing the concerns of said Corporation, provided such bye-laws, rules and regulations are not repugnant to the Constitution and Laws of the United States or the Laws of this Territory. Said Company shall confine their manufacturing operations to the present 'limits of the township of Rock.

Sec. 4. The Stockholders in said corporation shall be entitled to one vote for every share owned in the same respectively, up to the number of ten shares, and to one vote for every five shares respectively over the number of ten shares.

Sec. 5. The property, affairs and concerns of said corporation Affairs of Comshall be conducted and managed by a board of five Directors, (one aged.

pany how man

rectors when buld.:

liable for debis.

bold lands.

of whom shall be President of said corporation) who shall hold

their offices for one year and until others are chosen. Said Election of Di. Directors shall be chosen by ballot. The first election shall be

holden at the house of David J. Bunda in the village of Beloit on the first Monday of May next, and aonually afterwards on the first Monday of May at the office of said Corporation.

SEC 6. Said Directors shall be individually responsible for all Directors when debts that they may contract above the amount of stock actually

paid in. In case any of the said directors shall have opposed incurring said debt in any meeting of the Directors, or were absent from the meeting of the Directors when it was voted to incur said debt, they shall not be so liable, and shall have power to collect by action of debt in the name of the Company any instalment due and payable according to the by-laws of said Corporation on any subscription of stock.

Sec. 7. Said corporation may hold and possess and convey any dion may real estate the title to which shall vest in them in consequence of

any judgments or decree of any Court of Law or Equity in their favor, Provided the whole amount they shall so own at any one time over and above what may be necessary for the purpose uf carrying on their business, shall not exceed in value twenty per centum of thcir capital siock.

Sec. 8. The Books, affairs and concerns of said Corporation Powers reserver may at all times be inspected by the Legislature of this Territory,

or a committee of çither Branch thereof. And this charter may ac any time on abusc oi the same, or whenever the interests of this Territory shall so requirę, be altered, imendcd cr repealed ly 15e Legislature of this Territory, Prorided, that no such action shall be taken thereon, without due notice to the President or some one. of the Directors of said corporation.

Sec. 9. This charter shall noi be so construed as to give Banking powers or privileges.

Sec. 10. This act shall take effect from its passage.
Approved, February 20, 1839.

to toe Legisla. ture.

NO. 30.

AN ACT to authorize the President and Trustees of the town of Milwaukee

on the west side of the river to levy and collect a school tax.

to be collected

Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representalives of the Territory of Wisconsin,

SECTION 1. That the President and Trustees of the town of Milwaukee on the west side of the river, be, and they are hereby authorized to levy and collect a tax in the same manner and at the School tax when same time that the corporation tax is now by law leried and col. lected; which said tax shall be sufficient with the other funds provided for the support of common schools within said town, to pay for building onc school house, and for cducating in a common school, for at least six months in erery year, all the children within said town, between the ages of fire and sixteen years. Provided, that said tax, for the purpose above specified, shall not esceed one half of one per centum. Sec. 2. That the money so collected, shall be expended by the

By whom to bio said Trustees, or by such other person or persoas as they shall expended." designate for the purpoze3 contemplate:: in tbis act and for no other. Sac. 3. That said toin slall constilute onc school district,

Town to consd. and as such shall be entitled to its just proportion of all public tute one school

district school funds which shall be paid on the order of said President and Trustees.

Sec. 4. That all laws and parts of laws that contravene the provisions of iais act, be, and they are hereby repealed. •

Sec. 5. This act shall be in force from and after its passage.
Approved, February 21, 1839.

NO. 31.

AN ACT to incoporate thr: Southport Academy in thc County of Racino.

SECTION 1. Be il enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the Terrilory of Wisconsin, That there be established in the village of Southport, in the county of Racine, a sentinary of learning for the instruction of young persons of either sex, in science style and powere and literature, by the name and style of the “Southport Academy," he corpora


and that William Seymour, junr. M. O. Bennett, Samuel Ressegue, Samuel Hale, junr. George Bennett, Hollis Whitney, Warters Towsley, Reuben H. Denning, William Bullen, Francis Quarles, and Jared Lake, are hereby created a body politic and corporate by. the name and style [of] "The Trustees of the Southport Academy," by which name they and their successors shall forever be known and declared, and shall have perpetual succession and power to acquire, purchase, receive, possess, hold, retain and enjoy indeed and in law, to themselves and their successors, property, real, personal and mixed, and the same to sell grant and convey, rent, or otherwise lawfully dispose of at pleasure, for purposes of education and no other. And ihey shall have power under said corporate name, to contract and be contracted with, sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, defend and be defended, in all courts and places in all actions, suits, complaints, and causes whatever, and they shall have a common seal and may alter the same at pleasure.

Sec. 2. The stock of said Academy shall consist of shares of

twenty dollars each, which shall be deemed personal property, and Shares transfer. shall be transferrable on the books of said corporation in such manner

as may be directed by the board of Trustees of said Academy.

Provided, that the annual income of said corporation shall never Income limited.

exceed the sum of five thousand dollars and that its funds, privileges and immunities shall be used exclusively for purposes of education.

Sec. 3. The corporate concerns of said Academy shall be Concerns man. managed by a board of Trustees consisting of nine members, a aged by nine Trustees. majority of whom shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of How elected business ; they shall be elected annually on the first Monday of

September by the stockholders of said Academy, and shall hold their offices for the term of one year, and until their successors are elected. The election of trustees shall be by ballot and each stockholder shall be entitled to one vote for every share by him owned to the amount of ten shares, and then to one vote for every five shares over and above that amount. Any person may vote in person or by proxy; the said board of Trustees shall elect one of their number to be president of said board, and they shall have power to fill all vacancies in their own body, if any election shall not be made on the day fixed upon by this act. Such election may be held at any other day, Provided, a notice of the time and place of holding such election, signed by at least three of the stockholders, be first published for two successive weeks in some newspaper printed in said county or an adjoining county.

Powers of trug. tees.

Sec. 4. The trustees of said Academy shall have power, 1st. To elect by ballot their president annually.

20. Upon death, removal out of this Territory, or other vacancy in the said office of president or trustee, to elect others in their places by a majority of the trustees present at any regular meeting of said board.

3d. To declare vacant the seat of any trustee who shall absent himself for three successive meetings of said board without leave of the president.

4th. To take and hold by gift, grant or devise, any real or personal property, the yearly income of which shall not exceed the value of five thousand dollars.

5th. To sell, mortgage, let or otherwise use and dispose of such property in such manner as they shall deem most conducive to the interests of said Academy.

6th. To direct and prescribe the course of study and discipline to be observed in said Academy.

7th. To appoint a treasurer, clerk, principal tutors, and such other officers of said Academy as they shall deem necessary, who shall hold their offices during the pleasure of the trustees.

8th. To ascertain and fix the salaries of all the officers of the Academy, and to remove or suspend from office (any officer employed under special contract) for incapacity, immoral conduct, or misbehavior in office, and to appoint another in place of such person or officer so removed or suspended.

9th. To make all ordinances and by-laws necessary and proper to carry into effect the preceding powers not inconsistent with the constitution of the United States and the laws of this Territory. Sec. 5. No religious qualification or test shall be required from No religious test

required for adany trustee, principal or other officer of said Academy as a condition migliore for admission to any privilege in the same, and no principal of said Academy, who shall be a trustee, shall have a vote in any case relating to his own salary or emoluments.

Sec. 6. This act may be amended or repealed by the Legislative Assembly.

Approved, February 22, 1839.

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