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September 11. Heritable jurisdictions, Insular life. The




Laird of M'Cleod

September 12. Sail to Portree. Dr. Johnson's discourse on
death. Letters from Lord Elibank to Dr. Johnson and
the authour. Dr. Johnson's answer. Ride to Kings-
burgh. Flora M'Donald

September 13. Distresses and escape of the grandson of

King James II. Arrive at Dunvegan




September 14. Importance of the chastity of women. Dr.

Cadogan. Whether the Practice of authours is neces-

sary to enforce their Doctrines.

Good humour ac-

... 206



September 15. Sir George M'Kenzie. Mr. Burke's wit,

knowledge and eloquence



September 16. Dr. Johnson's hereditary melancholy. His
minute knowledge in various arts. Apology for the
authour's ardour in his pursuits. Dr. Johnson's imagi-
nary seraglio. Polygamy
September 17. Cunning. Whether great abilities are
necessary to be wicked. Temple of the Goddess
Anaitis. Family portraits. Records not consulted
by old English historians. Mr. Pennant's Tours

September 18. Ancient residence of a Highland Chief.

Languages the pedigree of nations. Laird of the

Isle of Muck ...



September 19. Choice of a wife. Women an over-match
for men. Lady Grange in St. Kilda. Poetry of
savages. French Literati. Prize-fighting.
and English soldiers. Duelling..

September 20. Change of London manners.


.. 227


censured. Landed and traded interest compared.
Gratitude considered



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September 30. Mr. Burke the first man every where.

Very moderate talents requisite to make a figure in

the House of Commons. Dr. Young. Dr. Dod-

dridge. Increase of the infidel writings since the ac-

cession of the Hanover family. Gradual impression

made by Dr. Johnson. Particular minutes to be

kept of our studies

.... 275

October 1. Dr. Johnson not answerable for all the words

in his Dictionary. Attacks on authours useful to them.

Return to Armidale....



.... 281


ple. His curious appearance on a sheltie.

October 2. Old manners of great families in Wales.

German courts. Goldsmith's love of talk. Emi-

gration. Curious story of the people of Saint


October 3. Epictetus on the voyage of death. Sail for

Mull. A storm. Driven into Col......

October 4. Dr. Johnson's mode of living in the Tem-


of sea-sickness. Burnet's History of his own Times.

Difference between dedications and histories...... 291

October 5. People may come to do any thing by talking

of it. The Reverend Mr. Hector Maclean. Bayle.

Leibnitz and Clarke. Survey of Col. Insular

life. Arrive at Breacacha. Dr. Johnson's power of


October 6. Heritable jurisdictions. The opinion of phi-

losophers concerning happiness in a cottage, considered.

Advice to landlords....


October 7. Books the best solace in a state of confine-



October 8. Pretended brother of Dr. Johnson. No re-
dress for a man's name being affixed to a foolish
work. Lady Sidney Beauclerk. Carte's Life of the Duke
Letters of the great

of Ormond. Col's cabinet.

Montrose. Present state of the island of Col.... ib.

October 9. Dr. Johnson's avidity for a variety of books.

Improbability of a Highland tradition. Dr. Johnson's

delicacy of feeling


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