From the Rivers of Babylon to the Highlands of Judah: Collected Studies on the Restoration Period

Eisenbrauns, 2006 - 469 páginas
"Culled from various books, journals, and festschrifts, the most important essays by Sara Japhet on the biblical restoration period and the books of Ezra-Nehemiah and Chronicles appear in this accessible collection."--BOOK JACKET.

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The Supposed Common Authorship of Chronicles and EzraNehemiah Investigated Anew
Conquest and Settlement in Chronicles
Sheshbazzar and Zerubbabel against the Background of the Historical and Religious Tendencies of EzraNehemiah Part 1
Sheshbazzar and Zerubbabel against the Background of the Historical and Religious Tendencies of EzraNehemiah Part 2
People and Land in the Restoration Period
The Historical Reliability of Chronicles The History of the Problem and Its Place in Biblical Research
Law and The Law in EzraNehemiah
History and Literature in the Persian Period The Restoration of the Temple
The Distribution of the Priestly Gifts according to a Document of the Second Temple Period
Postexilic Historiography How and Why?
Exile and Restoration in the Book of Chronicles
Can the Persian Period Bear the Burden? Reflections on the Origins of Biblical History
Periodization between History and Ideology The NeoBabylonian Period in Biblical Historiography
Theodicy in EzraNehemiah and Chronicles
Chronicles A History
Periodization between History and Ideology II Chronology and Ideology in EzraNehemiah

The Relationship between Chronicles and EzraNehemiah
The Temple in the Restoration Period Reality and Ideology
The Israelite Legal and Social Reality as Reflected in Chronicles A Case Study
Composition and Chronology in the Book of EzraNehemiah
The Prohibition of the Habitation of Women The Temple Scrolls Attitude toward Sexual Impurity and Its Biblical Precedents
The Concept of the Remnant in the Restoration Period On the Vocabulary of SelfDefinition
Index of Scripture
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Página 62 - ... and I will make them one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel, and one king shall be king to them all : and they shall be no more two nations, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all...
Página 205 - Who is there among you of all his people? his God be with him, and let him go up to Jerusalem, which is in Judah, and build the house of the LORD God of Israel, (he is the God,) which is in Jerusalem.
Página 291 - And Azariah the chief priest of the house of Zadok answered him, and said, Since the people began to bring the...
Página 292 - Beer-sheba, and brake down the high places of the gates that were in the entering in of the gate of Joshua the governor of the city, which were on a man's left hand at the gate of the city. 9 Nevertheless the priests of the high places came not up to the altar of the LORD in Jerusalem, but they did eat of the unleavened bread among their brethren.
Página 145 - For they have taken of their daughters for themselves, and for their sons : so that the holy seed have mingled themselves with the people of those lands : yea, the hand of the princes and rulers hath been chief in this trespass.
Página 60 - And kept the feast of unleavened bread seven days with joy: for the LORD had made them joyful, and turned the heart of the king of Assyria unto them, to strengthen their hands in the work of the house of God, the God of Israel.
Página viii - JSOT Journal for the Study of the Old Testament JSOTSup Journal for the Study of the Old Testament — Supplement Series...
Página 209 - And the Lord stirred up the spirit of Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel, governor of Judah, and the spirit of Joshua the son of Jehozadak, the high priest, and the spirit of all the remnant of the people ; and they came and did work in the house of the Lord of hosts, their God...
Página 81 - For ye shall not go out with haste, nor go by flight : for the LORD will go before you; and the God of Israel will be your rereward.

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Sara Japhet is Yehezkel Kaufmann Professor of Bible at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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