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Allow for minor capital improvements as new roofs, new water service, replacement or coal-fired furnace with gas furnace whose costs

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The answer to adequate rental housing at fair rentals is to in

crease the supply.

The supply is diminishing and owners of properties

manage selling some for restoration and resale or borading them up.

Mr. Robert Blandford:


clarify section

paragraphs II & I.

Landlords operating expense increased 11/28 only.

Consider the rate of return on investment and the retaining of appreciation capital when establishing a reasonable rate of return.

Establish Housing Rent Commission with 3-3-3 composition.

Mr. Gerald Dunphy:


The possibility of coarded

up units

in the Adams-Morgan area or other low to moderate income areas is

not a threat but a real probability. Representative of Mr. Benito Biaz: (Building Organization Cortuunity

for the Adams-Morgan Units) Controls are being sabotaged by

landlords through flood of petitions and by the Mayor in not supplying

adequate staff.

Tenants, like himself, have suffered reduction in services, hikes

in rents, and housing code violations.

Many tenants are unaware of the law's existence.

Nor do they

have the resources at the disposal of landlorus in terms of legal ex

perts and the like.

Dr. Irenc Hyppes:


Regulations must continue.

The 1000

residents of the Van Ness Apartments have experienced a 30 to 404 in

crease in rent over the past 5 years.

When roll backs ensued, garage

parking fees went up.

Van Ness owns

one office building which must


convert from natural gas to oil heat but it plans to charge its three residential buildings with the price of the conversion.

Future regulations should detail procedures for parking space

and garage rentals, confine rent increase or decreases to the specific

building effect, require landlord to post notice that copies of the

regulation may be viewed in their offices, increases in operating costs should be horne half by management and half by affected tenants.

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should cover all rooming houses and boarding houses. Define explicitly the nature of the contract (oral or written) existing between tenant landlord rental agreenents in dormitory. Require written notice of eviction signed by the resident manager with proper notifications and time limit.

Bar landlords from refusing to rent space.
Ms Ginny LoJocomo/Ms Judy llolin: (Members, McLean Gardens Resident

Association) Two dormitory buildings house 300 elderly persons

at Mclean with no individual bathroom or kitchen facilities.


there are only 815 rooming houses in Doc., their inclusion under con

trols would constitute no great burden.

But buildings having less than

50 units may be exempted, thus requiring only 25 buildings to register.

Increases in costs to landlord of McLean Gardens included chari

table contributions, travel expenses, dues and membership fees, leasing fees for automobiles, repairs to high electrical wires damaged during

destruction of one of the dormitories.

Further, certain costs as

management salaries, corporate fees, and insurance policies are charged each project on the basis of how much that project profit

brings in which means that the more profitable the project is the more

60-419 0 - 75 - 30


severely is it penalized.

Should landlords be given a guarantee of increased profits in

these hard times?

Mr. Sidney Levy:

(President Apartment & Office Building Association

of Metro Washington and Vice President, forman Bernstein Manage


Mr. Levy presented testimony outlined decreasing and

negative cash flow resulting from property he manages.

Allow landlords reasonable rate of increase in rents to cover

general increases in operating costs, using 1973 as the base year.

All pass throughs for utilities.

Mr. Harry Reiss:

(Tenant, Lancashire House)

Mr. & Mrs. Reiss re

lated the landlords increase in rent $31.00 while reducing switchboard

service from 24 hrs, to 12 hours and no hours Saturday, Sunday, and

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pay the utilities and to those who heat by gas.

Controls are continuing

the injustice of different rents for identical quarters. Allow land

lords to raise rents for identical units or different rents between

buildings owned by the same landlord. Too many forms to fill out. Mr. Pat Ryan: (Landlord) Small landlords are discouraged from making

small improve ments,

Too many forms to fill out.

As an incentive charge no income tax profits on new building or

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Mr. llernando Caicedo:

(Member, D.C. City-wide Coalition)

Rent con

trols and condominium conversions controls have helped slow down evic

tion of low and moderate inccne tenants.

Empty buildings could be rehabilitated and put on the market for

low income.

Use some of the $42,000,000.00 of Community Housing and Develop

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access to buildings that are not providing decent housing by any

means necessary.

Governement is not enforcing the housing code.

Perhaps people

need to be brought down to council chambers to sleep when they cannot

be relocated.

Mr. Don Tuttle: ( Chief Legal Counsel, Metropolitan Legal Office, HUD) Plfty-two (52) projects or 9,000 units in D.C. are financially assisted by !!UD in the form of mortgage insurance and are subject to rent control regulation. Although there is no data on the impact of the laws

on these properties, landlords must seek HUD approval for rent increases.

No suggestions were made.

Mr. Weinfild Wiencke:


Related experiences of purchasing

a building where the rents hadn't been raised in 8 years and where fuel oil, electricity, trash collection, legal fees, ate up rental income requiring partners to chip in for mortgage payments. No reply on

hardship petition.

Expeditious hearings might help.

Mr. Howard Feldman:

(Lincoln Civic Association)

Establish a tenants

grievance board allowing bargining rights to tenant organizations, rules


for governing elections and procedures for certifying tenants and
monitoring negotiations between landlords and tenants.

Code violations copies should be posted in building as should the posting of forms. Roll back rents to 8% increase.

Strike "willfully"from paragraph B Section 13 and "knowingly"

from paragraph C.

Increase license fee and require $25.00 registration fee.

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plumbers have increased 12.2%, for carpenters, 14.28,

Plasterers 15.4%,

Painters 15.0%. electrician 20.2% within the past year.

Gas rates

35%, electricity 15% and fuel oil 100% increases since rent control

laws have gone into effect.

Mr. Sam Tavlor/!!r. Dick Cadet:

(Tenants, 403 Seward Square) Related

experiences with landlord which included an illegal 10% increase during wage and pride controls, deterioration of the building and services,


evictions, citations for code violations, the replacement

of evicted tenants with people who worked in landlord's restaurants,

the firing of those tenants who complained, illegal entrances. Mr. Arnold Levine: (Tenant & Landlord)Commission Staffers know little

about the law.

Small landlords are being hurt.

Mr. Levine related

his experiences as owner of four houses.

Law should distinguish bem

tween "professional" landlords, those having more than 10 houses or

20 units etc. from "amateur" landlords.

Ms Ruella Harrison:

(Tenant, McLean Gardens.)

Related experiences

with landlord who locked her out of her room for $82,00 she owed.

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