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Draft of proposal to establish an independent corporation with exclusive

authority over St. Elizabeths Hospital...
HEW proposed bill (re transfer).
Discussion draft of proposed legislation by Alliance for Psychiatric




September 14, 1976.
September 15, 1976_

1 53


Alliance for Psychiatric Progress, Dr. Essex C. Noel III, president.-

94 Buffalo, N.Y., Erie County Department of Mental Health, David S. Reynolds, Ph. D., deputy commissioner..

30 Community Mental Health Centers A and B, Jonas Morris, accompanied

by Rev. Annie Woodridge, chairman, Area B Community Health
Center Advisory Board..--

68 Department of Health, Education and Welfare:

Brown Dr. Bertram S., Director, National Institute of Mental Health,
St. Elizabeths Hospital.--

Dickson, Dr. James F., III, Deputy Assistant for Health, HEW.. 76, 91
Peele, Dr. Roger, acting superintendent, St. Elizabeth Hospital.- 76
Sopper, Dale, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health Legislation,

76 Diggs, Hon. Charles C., Jr.

6, 53 District of Columbia Council, Polly Shackleton, Chairperson, Committee on Human Resources and Aging, accompanied by Lee Partridge, committee staff director..

38 District of Columbia Department of Human Resources, Joseph P. Yeldell

, Director, accompanied by Dr. Jefferson McAlpin, Administrator, Medical Administration.

54 District of Columbia Mental Health Association, Dr. Gottlieb Simon, Chairman, Public Affairs Committee.-

107 District of Columbia Psychological Association, Dr. Margaret Ives, past president.-

107, 110 Fauntroy, Hon. Walter E...,

9 Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals: Coldewey, George, associate director.

18 McAninch, Dr. Myrine, associate program director for psychiatric accreditation programs

18 Wolman, Dr. Walter, director, psychiatric facilities programs

18 Medical Society of St. Elizabeths Hospital, Dr. F. J. Pepper, past president.

107 MATERIAL SUBMITTED FOR THE RECORD Department of HEW, National Institute of Mental Health: Pruitt, Beatrice B., secretary, Office of Quality Assurance, letter dated August 30, 1976 to committee.

11 Report of Advisory Committee..

44 Thomas, Harold A., special assistant to the superintendent, letter

dated October 1, 1976 to committee, including “Analysis of Dis

crepancies in the JCAH Survey report of St. Elizabeths Hospital”. 84 Dizon, et al., plaintiffs v. Weinberger, et al., defendants..


Doran, William T., M.D., letter dated August 11, 1976 to Congressman Page Harris..-

10 Harris, Hon. Herbert E., II, letter dated August 27, 1976 to Chairman Diggs.

10 Joint Commission on Accredation of Hospitals, John D. Poterfield, M.D.,

director, letter to Earl W. Shelly, Administrator, St. Elizabeths Hospital, including recommendations and comments..

11 Mayo Clinic, Howard P. Rome, M.D., letter dated September 7, 1976 to Chairman Diggs ---

17 Research projects approved at St. Elizabeths Hospital between April 1975 and September 1976..

88 Washington Psychiatric Society, George J. McMahon, president, statement.-


31, 34

Amendments, legislative, proposed:
Alliance for Psychiatric Progress..

34, 95, 106 Community Mental Health Centers

69 D.C. Mental Health Association...

107-110 D.C. Psychological Association.-

110-111 Erie County (N. Y.) Department of Mental Health H.E.W...

79 Shackleton, Polly, D.C. Council.

39-42 St. Elizabeths Hospital..

79 Yeldell, Joseph P.

54-56 Accreditation.

7 Administration (H.E.W.) bill..

58,90 Advisory Committee to the Secretary of HEW, report on the transfer of St. Elizabeths Hospital from DHEW to the District of Columbia Gove

ernment---Amendments proposed by St. Elizabeths.-

79 Appeals on nonaccreditation.

87 Appropriations

88 Comments on draft legislation...

54 Community involvement..

66,75 Community mental health centers..

70 Community mental health programs.

62 Community role.--.

83 Community services -

31 Coordination of mental health services.

36 Department of Human Resources.

29 District Committee's function.

105 District Government action needed...

95 District Government's recommendations. District Government's jurisdiction.-

105 District of Columbia General Hospital.

42 District opposes draft legislation...

55 District organizational set-up

104 District's unique system.Draft legislation -

39,65 Dual authority on mental health.

66 Effect of nonaccreditation..

28, 29, 81 Erie County (N. Y.) Department of Mental Health recommendations: Board

36 Coordination of mental health services.

36 Community centers.--

37 Legislative recommendations...

34 Separate Mental Health Authority.

38 Favors legislation proposed.Financing

108 Funding Funds for nonprofit corporation. HEX funding for St. Elizabeths. HEW legislation.--Hospital as independent authority

55, 62

43, 80,



Pago Hospital deficiencies.

26 Hospital size.

25 Independent mental health department.-

38, 43, 68, 78 Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals:

Accreditation process -
Accreditation program

19 Adverse accreditation recommendation..

23 Analysis of discrepancies.

85 Appeal panel..

23 Effect of noncertification..

28, 29 Hospital deficiencies..

26 Patient

27 Reasons for nonaccreditation..

23 Recommendations and comments

11 Survey findings and recommendations..

21 Survey of St. Elizabeths (1975).

22 Legislative alternatives.-

8 Nonaccreditation report...

84 Opposes independent corporation.

55, 77 Opposes transfer of St. Elizabeths.

108, 109, 112 Organizational structure..

97 Oversight hearings--

7 Personnel benefits-

90 Personnel protection.

61 Priorities at St. Elizabeths..

82 Priority setting

33 Problems at St. Elizabeths.

86, 105, 107 Public mental health services..

33 Public service management..

32 Purpose of mental health operations

33 Questions re draft legislation -

109 Reasons for nonaccreditation.--

23, 42 Recommend mental health system-

95 Recommendations re St. Elizabeths by Alliance for Psychiatric Prog

34, 95, 106 Research programs

88 Resource inventory

34 Resurvey request.-

87 Review of issues--

31 Separate corporation...

102 Separate entity required.

96 Separate mental health department.

38, 43, 56, 68, 78 Status of St. Elizabeths Hospital.

76 St. Elizabeths and NIMH...

62 St. Elizabeths Hospital Corporation Act-

8 St. Elizabeths present status-

39 Supports HEW legislation.

56 Transfer conditions.

90 Transfer plans for St. Elizabeths-

-67, 109


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Washington, D.C. The committee met, pursuant to notice, at 9:35 a.m., in room 1310, Longworth House Office Building, Hon. Charles C. Diggs, Jr. (chairman of the committee), presiding.

Present: Representative Diggs, Delegate Fauntroy, Representatives Mann, Mazzoli, Harris, and Whalen.

Also present: Ruby G. Martin, general counsel; James T. Clark, legislative counsel; Wilbur Hughes, staff assistant and Carol Thompson, minority legislative assistant. The CHAIRMAN. The committee will come to order.

Today the full Committee on the District of Columbia begins 2 days of hearings on a draft bill that would transfer authority for operating St. Elizabeths Hospital from the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare to a private corporation, and I emphasize that it is a draft proposal.

[The proposal and summary thereof referred to follow:]

(Revised Discussion Draft No. 2, July 16, 1976)

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94th Cong., 2d sess.) A BILL To establish an independent corporation with exclusive authority over Saint

Elizabeths Hospital Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


SECTION 1. This Act may be cited as the “Saint Elizabeths Hospital Corporation Act".

BAINT ELIZABETHS HOSPITAL CORPORATION SEC. 2. (a) (1) There is created an independent corporation to be known as the Saint Elizabeths Hospital Corporation (hereafter in this Act referred to as the "Corporation”). Sole management of the affairs of the Corporation is vested in a board of directors (hereafter in this Act referred to as the Board”) which shall have exclusive authority over Saint Elizabeths Hospital.

(2) Section 101 of the Government Corporation Control Act (31 U.S.C. 846) is amended by inserting "Saint Elizabeths Hospital Corporation;" immediately after “Tennessee Valley Authority;": (b) (1) The Board shall consist of five members appointed as follows:

(A) Three members shall be appointed, after consultation with the committees of the Congress having legislative jurisdiction with respect to Saint Elizabeths Hospital, by the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare

(i) at least one of whom shall be a psychiatrist, and

(ii) at least one of whom shall be experienced in administering mental health institutions.

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