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Which was read and with the accompanying report and other papers, referred to the committee on Finance.

A bill entitled, “an aci respecting certain records in the clerks office of Columbia County," was read ine third ijme and pas sed : ordered that the title be as above siated.

The House then adjourned until to norrow morning at 11 o'clock.

Thursday, February 11. The House met pursuant to adjournment, a quorum being present the journal of yeste day's proceedings was read.

mr. Holloman from the majority mov da reconsideration of the vote g.ven on yesterday, rejecting the hill en itled, an act to amend an act to incorpora e The Central Bank of Florida" The yeas and nays being required on said mo.ion by messrs. Dennis and Wood, were Yeas messrs Berthelot, Blount, Brown of Columbia, Burril', Dennis, Downing, Kenon, Maconi, Morion, Rainsey and Wood—11. Nays mr. President, messrs. Brown of Jackson, Duval, Higginbotham, Holloman, Hunter, Johnson, M'Canis M'Neil, Smith, Tibor and Wallier-12 So said motion is lost.

mr. Burritt offered he following resolutions : Whereas it was the opinion of ihe Legislative Council of the Terriory of Florida, as expressed by its resolution of the fif.eenth of February 1834, that the couniy of Duval, was entitled to an additional iepresentative, in the Legislative Council. Which additional represen auve has not yet been allowed; and whereas the population of sa d cauty has since the adop:ion of that resolution, very considerably increased, and it has become highly desirable to the inhabitants of said coun y, and necessary to their interests that their rı presen'ation should be increased.

Be it thereto e resolv«d by this Legislative Council, That our Delegare in Cung.ess be respectiully requesied to procure the passage of a law, durirg the present session of Congress, giving 10 the county of Duval an additional representative in the Legislative Council öt ibis Territory.

Be it fur her resolved, Ti at the chief c!erk of this House be authorized and directed to forward this preamble and resolusion to our Delegate in Congress, so soon as the same shall be duly certified.

Which were red and laid on the table till to-morrow.

mr. Blount from the Judiciary committee, reported favourably on the following bills :

A bill entitled, "an act to repealihe 27th section of an act entitled an act, concerniny wills, letters testamentary and letters of administration, and the duties of executors, administrators and guardians."

A biil entitled, an act for the relief of Eliza M. Shaw," and

A bili entitled, an act concerning mortgages,” which report was cincurred in, and said bilis were again read and ordered for a third reading on to-morrow.

Also, from the same commni tee to whom was referred the petition of Thomas E. Randoiph and others, reporied that the commi tee deem Legilation on the subjeci ulinecessary; which report was concurrid in by the House.

mr. Berthelot from the committee on Enrolments, reported as correctly Enrol d, ihe following bills;

"An ac for the reliet of the militia and volunteers of Flɔrida, called into the service of the United States, during the present Indian war."

“Anaci to organize an addi ional regiment of militia in the counties of Madison and Hamiltun.”

An act to amend an act.regulating the mode of suing out writs

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of error and prosecuting appeals in the territory of Florida, pass. ed Feb. xth 183.."

"An acı 10 aller and change he terms of the superior courts of Middle Districi ot Florida

"An act to establish and organize a corps of military exemps in the city of St. Augustine."

" An act for llie re.iet of Albert G. Tomlinson."

"An act in addition to the several acis now in force regulating judicial p.oceedings."

“ An act to improve the capitol square in the city of Tallahassee and for other purposes."

An act respuciiug certain records in the clerk's office of Colambia county

"Anait to alter he charter of the life insurance and trust com. pany.”

“An act to amevd an act declaring Juniper creek, in Escambia coun y a navigacle stream.”

Au acı lo amend an acı entitled an act incorporating the town of Appa.achicola."

“Au ac to incorporale the St. Augustine and Picolata RailRoad company.”

“An aci io authorize the county court of Jackson couniy to levy a iax for the builuing a jail and for other purposes

An act to a ler and ux ihe :jme of holding the Spring term of the county court of Ljuval coun y."

An act to enable executors, administrators and guardians to se'l che real esiale of infants."

A resolution reques ing the Delegate in Congress to procure an appropriation for repairing ih United States inilitary road.

A resolu ion requesiing ihe Delegale in Congress to use his exerlions o obiain an api ropr.atio. tur the improvement of Econ. freno r.ver.

A resolu ion referring the memorials and accompanying map of R. B. Kerr to the D. legate in Congress.

A resou ion providing that all monies arising under the militia laws, shall be a propria ed as a fund for the relief of the orphan chi.drin whose laibers have fallen or may fail in the preseni Indan war.

mr. Duval from the committee on claims made the following report:

1 he commitee on claims beg leave to submit the following report on he claim of the Centrui Bauk of Ilorida, rese red ro i hem.

This claun is founded on two accounts which occurred at the sessiun of the Councii of 1831, a.lowed in the compensation law of tha year, and certified ly he executive under the law. Th.y amouni, in the aggregate to $.75, besides in erest.

The general Loverom nt has lelused to pay them : the officers of the ireasur say Congress has onnuled part of the compensation law of 1834, ailuwi.ig tiiose accounts, and the D. legate says in a leter hereto annexed, hai it is a sore subject 10 Cung ess, and he cannot get thein 10 touch either one ut those accounts." Your committee deem the wiiliholding the payment of ihese demands as an act of capitions in ust ce, not founded in any rea on or propriety. The Bank casbed ihe accuun s several mon hs before the ailed ged anpulment of the law; the servi es weie rendered by she payees of the accounts, hey had been allowed previuus years, the annount certifi d was rea-onab e, und ihe excuses set up for abrogating the law, and without righi in reasun, and one of liiem, viz: ihat J. S. Segui, was c.erk in he excutive offi:e, not proved by the account. The Bink which cashed the accouni on the faith of ihe law should be paid, and as Congress will not do it, he territory must, and renew the demand for repayment till paid. The commilee iherefore report a bill enii led, 1. an ac: for the relief of ibe Central Bank of Florida," and also the foMowing resolution :

Resolved, That the governor be requested to write to the chairman of the committee on erritories in both Hoss of Congress, and urge the injustice and impropriety of witv.holding payment of these and other just claims under the same law.



Chairman Which was concurred in; and a bill therewith reserred, was again read and ordered for a third reading to-morrow.

mr. Duval from the commitee on militia, lo whom was referred the communication of His Excellency the Governor, of the 10th inst. made the following report :

The committee to whom was referred the communication of His Excellency the Governor, dated the 10th instanı, and the bill entitled, "an act amendatory and explinat ry of the militia laws now in force in this territory."

Beg leave to report, that having had the saine under consideration they refer the communica ion to the House for jis acıion, and that as to said hill, they are fully satisfied that the provision of the act of the 15th January, which this bill proposes io repeal, should be repealed, or the fin : imposed made certain, and its i position and collection as summary and defini e as pos:ibl. The committee observe that by ihe phrase logy of the act of the 15th January, captains are not subjecied to he penalties imposed cu others for disobedience to the requisisions of ina acı. ihs is suppos: d to have been uninten ional, and should be correcied The committee beg leave to add, that ihe necessary cost cuin of this ma ier, and the repeal proposed by the bill under consi eration, on the modification of the law imposing mili ary fines, and any additional enactments that may be deemed necessary on accouu: of said communication from the governor, may wel be effected by additional sections, to the proposed ac', providin: for the more essec ual dofence of this territory. But the commiit ee resp cufully submit the whole matier to the wisdom of the House, and big to be discha g. ed from the further consideration of the-e mailers


Chairinan. Which was read and concurred in by the House.

mr. Wood from the commitee on Dank lo whom was rere red a bill entitled, an act to incorporate the Bark of St. Jo eph," & a bill entitled, “ an act to incorporate the St Jis ph i surance company,” reported said bills to h: House withoui amendment, which report was concu red in, and said bills iead again, and ordered for a third reading lo-morrow; and twenty-five printed copies are ordered.

Also, from the same committee. reported with amendments a bill entitled, an ac supp'em n al to the several acts rela ing to the Bank of Wes: Florida," ani A bill entitled,

an ac!. tu incorporale the Fast Florida Silk company,” which roport was concu red 'n and said bilis icad again and ordered for a hird reading to morrow

mr. Morton froin he commitiee on the State of the Territory, to whom had been r«ferrcii sundry preseniments of grand jories, reported that the commitee deemed legi lation on the subjects therein refer.ed to unn-cessary, and asked hat ihe commimee be discharg-d fram he further consideration of the same, which report wis concurred in.

mr. Wood from the select committee appointed under a resolution to examine a full length portrait of George Washington, now exhibiting at the Masonic Hall in Tallaliassee, made a report accompanied by sundry resolutions, which report was concurred in and said resolutions were read, and placed among the orders for

A bill entitled, " an act respecting the escheated estate of Wil


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liam Pritchard, deceased," was read the third time: the yeas and nays beinrequired on its passage by messrs. Morion and Duval, were Yeas messrs. Brown of Jackson, Dennis, Duval, Hunter, Johnson, Macon, M'Neil, Morion, Ramsev, Tabor, Walker and Wood-12. Nays mr. President, messrs. Berthelot, Blount, Brown of Columbia, Dorning, Higginbotham, Holloman, Kenan, M?Cants and Smi h-10. So said bill is passed; ordered that the title be as above staled.

The House resolved i'self into a committee of the whole, on a bill enti led, an act to amend an act concerning depositions, passed, Nov. 17th 1821," after some time spent therein, the committee rose, mr. Blouni therefrom reported said bill as amended : which report was concurred in: and said bill was real the second and third times (the rule being waived): the yeas and nays being required on its possage by messrs. Smith anıl Mirian, were Yes messrs, Berthelot, Blount, Rrown of Columbia, Brown of Jackson, Burritt, Dennis, Downing. Kenan, Macon, Norton, Ramsey, Tabor, Wa ker and Wood 14. Nays mr. President, messrs. Duval, Higginbotham, Hunter, Johnson, M'Cants. M'Neil and Smith-8. So said bill is passed : ordered hat the title be as above sated.

The House went inio commitee of the whole on a bill cn'itled, an act amenda ory of the several acts relating to the sobuollands in the Territory of Florida," af er some time spent therein the committee rose. and mr. Smith threrefrom reported said bill 10 'he House amended : which report was concurred in and said bills read the second and third times (le rule being waived) and passed : ordered that the title be as above siated.

A bill entilled, "an actio grant a lease of two sections of the school lands to J. A. S Norman for the purposes of education,” was on motion referred to a select committee: messrs, M Cants, Berthelot and Johnson, were appointed on that committee.

The House tien took a recess until three o'clock.

At three o'clock the House again convened and proceeded to business,

The Uonse in committee of the whole tock under consideration a bill entitled, an act to amend an act 'o regulate proceelings in chancery, approved Nov. 7th 1828,” after some time spep! Therein the commiitee rose, and mr. Mennis theresr m reported said bill to the House amended, which repori was concurred in, and said bill was again read the second time, and ordered for a ibird reading on to-morrow.

The House again went. in'o committee of the whole, on a hill en'iled, an act to amend an act to inc rporate a company called the St. Andrews and Chipola canal company, pased the ihird day of February, 1832,” after some time spint iheren the commi tee ros”, and mr. Mor on therefrom reported progres and asked leave to sit again : which repurt was concurred in: and thirty copies of said bill are ordered to be printed.

The House again went into committee of the whole on a bill entitled, an act to regulate he pa rols of the Territory of Florida," after some time spent ther'in ihe committee rose, and mr. Blount therefrom repor el said bill to ihe House, and asked to be discharged from the further consideration thereof: which report was concurred in : 'when on morion of mr. Berthelot said bill was referred to a select commitle: messrs. Bertheiot, Dennis and Smith. were appointed on said committee.

A bill enti led, an act amendatory and explanatory of the mi litia laws now in force in this Territory," was read the third time and passed : ordered that the tile be as above stated.

A bill enti led, an act to repeal an act to establish a ferry over the Wauculla river, at St. Marks," was read a third time and passed : ordered that the title be as before stated.

The House then adjourned until to morrow at eleven o'clock.


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Friday, February 18. The House met pursuant to adjournment, a quorum being present the journal of yesterday's proceedings was read.

mr Morton offered the following preamble and resolutions :

Resolved, That our Delegale in Congress be requested to use his best exertions to have the provisions of the third section of tho act of Congress, entitled," an act to authorize the citizens of the Territory of Arkansas and Florida, to elect their officers and for other purposes," approved January 21st 1829, extended to Florida, by which it is made obligatory upon the executive to return all bills to the legislative council, which he does not approve within three days after their presentment to him.

Resolved, That the foregoing resolution be signed by the President, countersigned by the clerk of this House and forwarded to the Honourable Joseph M. White.

Which were read and (the rule being waived) placed among the orders for a second reading on to-day.

mr. Blount from the Finance coinmittee to whom the same had been referred, reported a bill entitled, an act to amend an act to provide for the more effectual collection of the revenue, and for other purposes,", amended: which report was concurred in and said bill was read and ordered for a second reading on to-day:

Also, from the same committee, to whom was referred a bill en: titled, án act to amend an act to raise a revenue for the Territory of Florida, passed February 10th 1832, and for other purposes," reported that the committee deemed legislatiou on the subject inexpedient, which report was concurred in.

mr. Blount from the Finance committee, made the following ree port:

The committee on Finance to whom was referred the annual re. ports of the auditor and treasurer, also the report of the commis. sioner of the city of Tallahassee, and the message of the execu. tive of the 4th instant, with the accompanying report of the auditor, showing the present situation of the Tallahassee Fund-RE PORT:

That they have had the same under consideration and have examined the accounts of the auditor and treasurer, and find that they are all properly sustained by vouchers, and that the fisica! concerns of the territory so far as those officers are concerned, have been conducted with fidelity. By reference to the account current of the treasurer, it will appear that the disbursements on account of the territory for the fiscal year ending on the 30th November last,, amounted to $9,305 28, and the receipis into the treasury for the same period amounted to $9,312 011, leaving a balance of $6 734, in the treasury on that day,

The committee from an examination of the reports, perceive that but few of the tax collectors have settled their accounts for the last year, and that there is still a large amount remaining in their hands. From some of the counties there has been no return of the assessors. This want of punctuality on the part of that class of officers calls koudly for correction. The citizens of the terri. tory pay their taxes and the amount is frequently retained in the hands of the collectors for their own private purposes, and there it has been permitted to remain, without any attempt on the part of those whose duty it is to see that the laws are properly executed, to make them account.

The committee reiterate but the opinions of former committees of the council, when they say, that ihe system of territorial taxa tion ought never to have been resorted to. Situated as the people of this territory were at that time, there was no necessity for its adoption=With all the expenses of the execntive, legislative and judicial departments of the government, paid by the United States

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