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ADDISON, Joseph, his defence of Sir Thomas More, 20.

memoir and anecdotes of, 354.

Pope's ill-treatment of, 444.
Akenside, Dr., instance of bis vanity, 322.
Albion and Albanius, an opera, account of, 299.
Almanack, women compared to an, 315,
Alphonsus of Arragon, a saying of, 205.
Andrews, bishop, character and anecdote of, 35.
Anne, queen, anecdotes of, 328.

account of the death of, 340.
Apparitionis, instances of, 319, 248.
Arbuthnots, Dr. epigram on the Kit-Kat Club, 358.
Assembly of Divines, account of, 110.
Astrology, remarkable instance of faith in, 307.
Atterbury, bishop, his opinion of the Tale of a Tub, 471.
Ayscough, Samuel, related to Newton, 400.

Bacon, Sir Nicholas, anecdotes of, 25.

Sir Francis, account of, ib.
Barnes, Josline, anecdote of, 91.
BARROW, Isaac, memoirs of, 254.
Bathurst, Dr., anecdote of, 323.
Betterton, the player, anecdote of, 338.
Biography, on the abuse of, 228.
Bishops sent to the Tower, 166.

Waller's speech in favour of, 286.
Blackstone, judge, his defence of Addison, 374.
Bolingbroke, lord, his conversation with Dryden, 303.

his present to Booth, 363,

Pope's treatment of, 451.
Bolton, the antiquary, his letter to Camden, 121.
Bourcher, Sir H., bis account of Camden's funeral, 123.
Buckingham, duke of, his conduct to Butler, 282,
Burgess, Daniel, anecdote of, 158.
Burleigh, ford, his treatment of Spenser, 62.
Burlington, earl of, anecdote of, 483.
BUTLER, Samuel, memoir of, 279.

CAMDEN, William, character of, 113.
Caroline, queen, her love of learning, 412.
Carteret, lord, his fine reply to Swift, 475.



Case, Dr., account of, 347.
Cato, character of the tragedy of, 364.
Charles the first, anecdotes of, 38, 147.

the second, anecdotes of, 223, 239, 291.
Church, on reformation of the, 34.
Churches, on burying in, 173.
Chevreau, anecdotes by, 313.
Cicero, his education, 2.
Clarendon, lord, anecdotes of, 238, 270.

Clement VIII, his opinion of Hooker, 35.
- Clarke, Dr. S., anecdote of, 411.
Coke, Sir Edward, memoirs of, 125.

anecdotes of, 32, 34,
Collier, Jeremy, his attack on the immorality of the stage, 303.
Combe, John, Shakspeare's epitaph on, 97.
-CONGREVE, William, memoirs of, 420.

--, his pun on Rowe, 353.
Coram, Thomas, humility of, 189.
Covenant, account of the solemn league and, 255.
Crashaw, the poet, a latin verse by, 293.
Cromwell, Oliver, anedotes of, 151, 237.

D'Avenant, Sir W., anecdotes of, 93, 218.
Devil Tavern, account of the, 138.
Dorset, earl of, anecdotes of, 282, 311.

patronizes Prior, 385.
Dort, account of the synod of, 184.
Dream, a remarkable, 319.
DRYDEN, John, memoir of, 293.

his opinion of Congreve, 421.

his saying to Swift, 467.
D'Urfey, Thomas, character of, 314.

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Eachard, Dr., character of, 271.
Egerton, chancellor, remarkable origin of, 29.
Elizabeth, queen, 'anecdotes of, 44, 50, 74, 95.
Elliot, Sir Gilbert, patronizes Thomson, 496.
Elwares, Sir Gervas, his remarkable vow and end, 130,
Engagement, a fanatical oath, account of, 256.
Epitapk, origin of Prior's, 397.

paraphrase on, 485.
Erasmus, anecdotes of, 12..
Eugene, prince, entertained by Dr. Radcliffe, 347.
Examiner, account of the paper called, 390.
Extemporaneous preaching, observations on, 155.

Falstaff, origin of the character of, 96.
Farquhar, his account of Dryden's funeral, 306.
Faulkner, George, anecdote of, 490.


Fenton, his connection with Pope, 415.
Fisher, bishop, his treatment, 17.
Fitzsymonds, the jesuit, his conference with Usher, 141.
Flusions, history of the invention of, 403.
Fuller, the historian, character of, 64.

Galileo, imprisoned for asserting the earth's motion, 20+.
Garat, mi., his character of Bacon, 41.
GARRICK, David, Anecdotes of, 529.
Garth, Dr., his oration at Dryden's funeral, 306.
Gibbons, Dr., nicknamed by Radcliffe, 323, 332.
Gip-room, meaning of, 386.
Glanville, serjeant, his generosity to his brother, 231.
Glasgow, remarkable preservation of the cathedral of, 171.
George of Denmark, prince, account of the death of, 337.
Godwin, bishop, remarkable letter of, 122.
GOLDSMITH, memoirs and anecdotes of, 513.
Gondamor, count, anecdote of, 33.
Grevil, Fulke, account of the death of, 72.
Guardian, account of the publication of the, 263.
Guinea, alteration in the value of the, 409.

HALE, Sir Matthew, memoir of, 229.
Hales, John, account of, 182.

his opinion of Shakspeare, 96.
Halifar, lord, patronizes Addison, 359.

anecdote of, 307.

rise of, 389.
Hall, bishop, memoirs of, 161.

character of his satires, 177.
Halley, Dr. anecdote of, 415.
Hannes, Sir Edward, stratagem of, 329.
Handel, anecdote of, 476,
HARRINGTON, Sir John, anecdotes of, 73.
Harvey, Gabriel, letter of, 58.
Hayward's Henry the fourth, anecdote concerning, 31.
Henry VIII., anecdotes of, 5, 16.
Henry, prince of Wales, a saying of, 51.
Hoadley, bishop, his political connexions, 431,
HOBBES, Thomas, his opinion of Milton, 214.

memoirs of, 269.
Holland, Dr., anecdote of, 115.
Holt, chief justice, remarkable anecdote concerning, 337.
Hooker, Richard, his character, 80.
Hopital, M. de, his opinion of Newton, 408.
Horne, bishop, anecdote by, 417.
Hourglasses in churches, account of, 158.
Howell's Letters, character of, 39.

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Hudibras, character of, 283.
Hutchinson, his opposition to the Newtonian system, 417.

Indians, simplicity of the, 49.
Irisk rebellion, prophecy concerning the, 143.
James I. anecdotes of, 32, 40, 76, 128, 145.

his antipathy to tobacco, 49.

II. anecdotes of, 224, 291.
Jenkin, Dr., anecdote of, 396.
JENKINS, David, bis character, 192,

capt. imposture of, 196.
Jewell, bishop, anecdote of, 82.
JOHNSON, Dr., memoir of, 538.

on the fortune of physicians, 322.
his opinion of Swift, 472.

his character of Foote, 545.
Johnson, Ben. his illiberality to Shakspeare, 96.

account of his club, 138.
Jortin, Dr., his connection with Pope, 447.

Kilcolman, the seat of Spenser in Ireland described, 60.
Kit-Kat, club, account of the, 357.
Kneller, Sir Godfrey, his reply to Radcliffe, 346.

- Laud, archbishop, anecdote of, 184.

Leibnitz, his dispute with Newton, 412.
Leyden, university of, correspondence with Pitcairne, 320.
Liverpool, earl of, on the coins of the realm, 408.
Lucy, Sir T., Shakspeare's ballads on, 89, 91.

Mandeville, Bernard, account of, 375.
Munso, bis distich on Milton, 204.
Marlborough, duchess of, the original of Pope's Atossa, 454.
Marsiluis, his appearance after death, 319.
MARVELL, Andrew, character of, 247.
Mallett, David, anecdote of, 463.
Milton, Joho, memoirs of, 197.

Dryden's conversation with, 296.

Addison's generosity to his daughter, 382.
Montague, lady M. W. Pope's ill-treatment of, 453.
Montagn's Essays, Addison's character of, 381.
More, Sir Thomas, memoirs of, 1.

Sir John, anecdote of, 6.
MORLEY, bishop, anecdote of, 285.
Morris, an obscene poet, anecdote of, 455.
Mulberry-gardens, situation of the, 315

Newton, Sir Isaac, memoirs of, 400.

remarks on Pope's epitaph on, 455.


Nomwich cathedral, devastation of, 170.
Noi, attorney-general, account of, 232.

Overbury, Sir Thomas, murder of, 127.
Oxford, earl of, his treatment of Rowe, 351.

anecdote of him and Swift, 484.

Patriotism, observations on, 108.
Paul's St., cathedral, defaced in the rebellion, 171.
Perjury, a remarkable instance of, 131.
Physicians, on the fortune of, 322.
Pitcairne, Dr. A. account of, 317.
Poets-laureat, account of, 62,
Pope, Alexander, memoir of, 441.
Preaching, observations on, 155.
PRIDE AUX, Dr. John, account of, 178.
PRIOR, Matthew, memoir of, 385.

on the epitaph of, 397.
Puritans, intolerant spirit of the, 171, 187.

Quin, James, anecdotes of,

RADCLIFFE, Dr., memoir and anecdotes of, 322.
RALEIGH, Sir Walter, memoir of, 43.

his friendship for Spenser, 61.
RANDOLPH, Thomas, account of, 136.
Reed, Isaac, character of, 37.
Rock, Dr., anecdote of, 343.
Rowe, Nicholas, account of, 350.
Rupert, prince, anecdote of, 251.

Salmasius, his defence of Charles I., 213.

anecdote of, 2 15.
Savage, Richard, anecdote of, 433.
Savile, Sir H. his letter to Cotton, 182.
Saunierson, professor, anecdote of, 227.
SELDEN, John, character of, 108.

anecdote of his death, 273.
Sermons, account of long, 157, 263.
Shaftesbury, prosecution of the earl of, 297.
SHAKSPEARE, memoir and anecdotes of, 87.
Sheridan, Dr., account of, 486.
SIDNEY, Sir Philip, character of, 68.
Smectymnuus, account of, 169, 198.
Smith, Ray, anecdote of, 382.
Smoking, anecdotes concerning, 48, 228, 267, 275.
Spectator, account of the publication of the, 362.
Spenser, Edmund, account of, 58.
Stair, anecdotes of the earl of, 393.



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