The Mexican War and Its Heroes: Being a Complete History of the Mexican War, Embracing All the Operations Under Generals Taylor and Scott, with a Biography of the Officers. Also, an Account of the Conquests of California and New Mexico ... Illustrated with Accurate Portraits and Other Beautiful Engravings

Lippincott, Grambo, 1850 - 487 páginas

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Página 237 - On motion, resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting be signed by the chairman and secretary, and delivered to Dr. DODS, and that they be published in the newspapers of the city. " JOHN P. HULBERT, Chairman.
Página 132 - This species infests a great variety of plants, and is to be found throughout our country from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico and from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
Página 66 - Quitman might have been anticipated by Worth, but for my express orders, halting the latter at the head of the Alameda, (a green park,) within three squares of that goal of general ambition. The capital, however, was not taken by any one or two corps, but by the talent, the science, the gallantry, the prowess of this entire army.
Página 68 - ... Bragg, who had just arrived from the left, was ordered at once into battery. Without any infantry to support him, and at the imminent risk of losing his guns, this officer came rapidly into action, the Mexican line being but a few yards from the muzzle of his pieces. The first discharge of canister caused the enemy to hesitate, the second and third drove him back in disorder, and saved the day.
Página 167 - Wool my obligations are especially due. The high state of discipline and instruction of several of the volunteer regiments was attained under his command, and to his vigilance and arduous service before the action, and his gallantry and activity on the field, a large share of our success may justly be attributed.
Página 66 - At the termination of the interview with the city deputation, I communicated, about daylight, orders to Worth and Quitman to advance slowly and cautiously (to guard against treachery) towards the heart of the city, and to occupy its stronger and more commanding points, Quitman proceeded to the great plaza or square, planted guards, and hoisted the colours of the United States on the national palace — containing the halls of Congress and executive departments of federal Mexico.
Página 221 - There were no orders given ; things went on too fast, and the Colonel had men with him that didn't need to be told their duty. The Colonel and I, Maxwell, Owens, Godey, and Stepp, jumped together, we six, and ran to the assistance of our Delawares. I don't know who fired and who didn't ; but I think it was Stepp's shot that killed the Tlamath chief; for it was at the crack of Stepp's gun that he fell. He had an English...

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