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THE POSTAGE On the Eclectic will, hereafter, be about NINE CENTS, to any distance whatever, being a reduction of nearly one-half to all our subscribers over 100 miles. POST OFFICE LAW.-" On Magazines, 2 1-2 cents for the first ounce, and 1 cent for each successive ounce, not exceeding eight. Any thing over eight ounces is excluded from the mail."

NOTA BENE. After the 1st of July, our subscribers can remit to us, by paying their own postmaster, taking his receipt, and transmitting to us; which being presented to our postmaster here, entitles us to receive from him the amount receipted for. We are grateful to the Postmaster General for this accommodation, as it will enable us to receive our pay in a very convenient way.

We hope subscribers, in arrears, will embrace this easy mode of making payment-no one can now be justified in withholding what is due.

Postmasters can still frank notices of discontinuances: and we wish it understood that giving orders to a P. M. to return numbers is not a notice. We expect written or verbal information.


1. Subscribers who do not give express notice to the contrary, are considered as wishing to continue their subscription.

2. If subscribers order the discontinuance of their periodicals, the publisher may continue to send them till all arrearages are paid, and subscribers are responsible for all the numbers sent.

3. If subscribers neglect or refuse to take their periodicals from the office to which they are directed, they are held responsible till they have settled their bills, and ordered them discontinued.

4. If subscribers remove to other places without informing the publishers, and their periodicals are sent to their former direction, they are held responsible.

5. The Courts have decided that refusing to take a newspaper or periodical from the office, or removing and leaving it uncalled for, until all arrearages are paid, is prima facie evidence of intentional fraud.

TERMS.-Six Dollars a year; but if paid in ADVANCE, i. e., within the second month from the commencement of subscription, and at our own office, without expense to us, through private hands, or a post-master, FIVE Dollars will be received-otherwise Six, positively.

GOOD NEWS.-Hereafter we shall uniformly wait for the arrival of the Steamers, and make up the entire Number with fresh matter. The selections from the Quarterlies must, of course, run on through two or three months; but all the rest of the matter will be from the latest arrivals, and the Magazine ready in ten days thereafter. So that we shall publish between the first and fifth of each month. In this way we shall have an advantage even over "Weeklies," in getting out fresh


Don't forget to read page 3 of cover, "SOMETHING NEW," and show it to your friends. Each subscriber can easily get some friend to take so good and cheap a work. Do it, and oblige us.




1. It is the cheapest Periodical, in its price.

2. It is now the only Monthly of Foreign Literature.

3. Its Engravings, by SARTAIN, are exquisite, and superior to any others-worth the price of the work. 4. It is well established, and beyond all rivalry in its line.

5. It surveys the field of German and French, as well as English Periodical Literature, and selects from all. 6. It is elevated and dignified in its character.

7. It contains, for Five Dollars in advance, all the best articles from the four Quarterlies, together with choice matter from the Magazines and Papers.

8. It is printed on fair paper, and in type that will not injure the eyes.

9. It commends itself to all persons of taste, and is represented by good judges, to be "the best period-
ical in the world."

10. The public ought to support a work of this description, in order to supplant the trash of the day.
TERMS. Six Dollars a year; but if paid in ADVANCE, i. e., within the second month, and at our own office,
without expense to us, through private hands, or through a Postmaster, Five Dollars will be received-other-
wise Six positively.

We now issue promptly, between the FIRST and FIFTH day of every month, waiting for the arrival of
the steamers, which leave Liverpool on the 4th of each month, and bring us our Magazines. Thus we shall al-
ways furnish fresh matter, selecting for October 1st, from the September Magazines, and so on.

Again we request those in arrears for the Museum of 1843, and for the Magazine of 1844, to remit the amount promptly through a Postmaster.

The price, as on first page of Cover, is six dollars, but five dollars will be taken, if paid literally in advance, i. e: WITHIN THE FIRST OR SECOND MONTH, and without expense to us-i. e. sent to our Office by private hand, or through a Postmaster. Those, out of the city, who wait for a Collector to call, or postpone longer than the second month, will be positively charged six dollars. This is fair.

Our Collectors are out-J. T. DENT, in Mo.-E. S. JENNINGS, in Ill. and Mich.-M. MEEKER, in Ia.-C. W. JAMES, G. H. COMSTOCK, J. R. & T. G. SMITH, in Ohio.

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To my Daughter,-The Trust Reclaimed 563;-The Half Holiday,-Teresa Milanollo 564; -Birth-day Recollections,-A Stranger Minstrel, 565;-Charlton,-Hope 566.


Mount Vesuvius 508;-Decorative Art Society 562; French Antiquarian Intelligence,-Cardinal Fesch's Picture Sale,-British Association 567;-Greek Slave,--Sculpture,―The Rev. E. Sidney 568:-On Russia and the Ural Mountains 569,-Copyright 570;-Magnificent Vase,Scientific Mission into Siberia,-Light, Color, and their Effects,-Correggio's Fresco's, Parma,



SELECT LIST OF RECENT PUBLICATIONS: Great Britain, Germany, France 572.


Mr. HENRY M. LEWIS is collecting for us in Alabama, Tennessee, and part of

Mr. ISRAEL E. JAMES is collecting for us in the South and South Western States and Florida, assisted by James K. Whipple, Wm. H. Weld, O. H. P. Stem and Henry Platt.

Mr. C. W. JAMES is our agent for the Western States, Iowa and Wisconsin, assisted by Moses Meeker, James R. Smith, John T. Dent, Thos. G. Smith, G. H. Comstock and E. Y. Jenning.

James H. Stevenson and John F. Johnson are collecting for us in Kentucky and Missouri.

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